Rush Limbaugh Wonders if Environmentalists Blew Up Louisiana Oil Rig

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh hinted that environmentalists, with the help of the Obama Administration, blew up the oil rig in Louisiana to cause what will be this country’s worst oil spill in order to improved the chances of passing carbon cap and trade legislation. 

From the transcript:

“I want to get back to the timing of the blowing up, the explosion out there in the Gulf of Mexico of this oil rig….Now, lest we forget, ladies and gentlemen, the carbon tax bill, cap and trade that was scheduled to be announced on Earth Day. I remember that. And then it was postponed for a couple of days later after Earth Day, and then of course immigration has now moved in front of it. But this bill, the cap-and-trade bill, was strongly criticized by hardcore environmentalist wackos because it supposedly allowed more offshore drilling and nuclear plants, nuclear plant investment. So, since they’re sending SWAT teams down there, folks, since they’re sending SWAT teams to inspect the other rigs, what better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I’m just noting the timing here.”

Ezra Klein asks if Limbaugh is an oil-spill truther but more importantly asks if there’s anything Limbaugh won’t say?  To suppose that the U.S. government would risk destroying hundreds of miles of ocean, lush coastline and the economic stability of Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas, as well as those of eastern Mexico and possibly other countries, all to make it easier to pass reasonable environmental regulation is beyond absurd.  It’s the ranting of a delusional man, but a man who is a leading pundit for this country’s conservatives.


Danuta W
Danuta W5 months ago

Thank you for sharing

Rosanne Ferreri-Feske

Rush doesn't make people think; he takes people who rarely read a book, think at the 6th grade level, and ratchets up their emotions until they grab a pitch fork or gun. He is the king of terrorists and he needs to be removed from the airways.

Paul Diamond
Paul Diamond7 years ago

Typical, blame the victim. Blame those who dedicate themselves to preserving the health of our world.

Lynn D.
Lynn D7 years ago

I believe the government will do what ever they want when they want ---- just watch the history channels programs on things de-classified, and at least Rush is making people thing!

Anne Hodge
Anne H7 years ago

Unfortunately, the people who listen to Rush, or commentators like him, don't bother to get the facts. It's fear mongering, and has people actually believing everything that comes out of his mouth. Sad and very scary.

Marilyn Newman
Marilyn Newman7 years ago

Exactly Jonathan Y., He made more sense when he was on drugs,
I really don't know why he's still on the air, there's always going to be those dumb asses that will still listen to his crap!!!

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y7 years ago

It's not crazy, it's a Rushroast. We're just doing what he likes to do every day.

We all know the giant banks and corporations have the politicians in their pockets, liberal or conservative. The only place true independence of mind exists is in crazy back-and-forths like this. It certainly no longer exists in the electoral system.

America is no longer a democracy, it merely has the window-dressing. It is painfully evident that it has become a plutocracy, with socialism for the super-rich. None of these corporations pay even close to the tax rate we do. They stash their wealth in bonds, swiss banks, and impoverished islands. Individuals, my foot!

Wendy O.
Wendy O.7 years ago

This discussion is crazy--people are digging their heels in and picking sides on a political basis instead of honest discussion. Can we meet in the middle and discuss the facts? I am BOTH conservative and deeply concerned about our ecology. Why are we arguing for the sake of arguing? I believe that big business has done amazing things for this country and for our world--consider the incredible medical technology that is saving lives, researched, developed, and produced by big business (my preemie nieces are alive today because of big business). But I also believe the big business is responsible for some of the most egregious sins of our modern age (pollution, marketing that encourages wasteful living, rewarding greed among their senior execs instead of rewarding ethical but difficult choices, etc.). BP's record of safety is atrocious--the industry knows this. Remember the "leaning tower of BP" in 2005? Clearly there should have been much more regulation in the Gulf such as exists in the North Sea.

Can we stop lumping these discussions into broad political categories, and start talking about the solutions?

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

The fact that only 91% voted "yes" on the question, ... tells me there are more crazy people out there, than Rush -- but his lies and sly "what ifs" influence people to fear and conspiracy theories. It is so sad to me, that people won't think straight, and are always looking for someone else to blame. There IS someone to blame, and they're called BP, and the Congress that allowed loopholes, and the agencies that did not demand straight factual reports on their "safety" equipment. So I don't blame just Rush -- he's making his bucks and doesn't care about the truth -- but the gullibles who don't think, well ... I fear for my country.

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

I thought Rush said he was going to leave the country if Health Care Reform passed.So why
isn't he gone? Oh I know: He likes to hear himself talk.He should use all that hot air to fill up a balloon and get out of here.