Organics Under Attack: Say No To Monsanto’s GMO Alfalfa!

Despite the fact that several scientific studies have linked GMO consumption to organ damage and multiple consumer alert organizations have petitioned the USDA to give the American people control over the food they eat, food manufactures in the United States still aren’t required to declare the presence of GMOs on product labels.

Thanks to this glaring lack of transparency, GMO (genetically modified organisms or bio-engineered foods) foods are becoming widely spread in our food system, and newer, more unnatural strains are being developed every day.

Earlier this year, Monsanto made efforts to market and sell its genetically modified (GMO) Roundup Ready (TM) alfalfa, a crop that was banned pending an environmental impact assessment, and could threaten export and domestic markets and organic meat and dairy products.

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From the Center for Food Safety:

CFS has begun analyzing the Environmental Impact Statement (released in 2009) and it is clear that the USDA has not taken the concerns of non-GE alfalfa farmers, organic dairies, or consumers seriously. USDA’s preliminary determination is to once again deregulate GE alfalfa without any limitations or protections for farmers or the environment. USDA is claiming that there is no evidence that consumers care about such GE contamination of organic!

USDA also claims that consumers will not reject GE contamination of organic alfalfa if the contamination is unintentional or if the transgenic material is not transmitted to the end milk or meat product, despite the fact that more than 75% of consumers believe that they are purchasing products without GE ingredients when they buy organic.

Well? Do you care if organic foods, which you purchase to reduce the amount of toxic pesticides your family ingests, are carelessly contaminated with genetically modified alfalfa? Do you care that, although the USDA predicts the approval of GE alfalfa will damage family farms and organic markets, it hasn’t considered a single limitation or protection against this scenario??

Time is running out: Tell USDA That You DO Care About GE Contamination of Organic Crops and Food!

Care2 has joined forces with CREDO Action to fight to make sure our political representatives know we want them to maintain the ban on GMO alfalfa in order to protect farmers, the environment and the organic industry…

But we only have until Wednesday, June 16!

Sign the petition to Stop Monsanto’s GMO Alfalfa

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Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

Signed this petition.

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

also check out

Food for Thought---and Action

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

Support organic agriculture, support organic groups, learn more!

Arthur K.
Arthur Killings5 years ago

I hate GMO'S !!!

Isabel C.
Isabel C.6 years ago

In England, we had activists who sabataged "experimental" fields of GM crops, many times.

I believe the government is still allowing this abomination in our Countryside but have not heard recently if any have been destroyed.

Why are our governments SO keen to force this frankenstein food on us? Surely there are no backhanders going on?

pat B.
pat B.6 years ago

Please read ingredients and if something says modified do not buy it .It is most likely a GMO.

pat B.
pat B.6 years ago

Why isn't the fDA on the side of the citizens? Why do they kowtow to Monsanto which is an evil company ?

john pierce
John Pierce6 years ago

Thank you!

Sakura l.
Yu L.6 years ago

very interesting

Kathryn Howard
Kathryn Howard6 years ago

I have the idea of growing my own veggies and fruit for quite a while now. Also working on getting the roommate and neighbors to agree to my having my own chicken and rooster.
Ppl don't see that the inhanced chicken breast they're eating are full of hormones,etc. Just look at our kids--they're all much taller,bigger than my generation ever was???? What's up with that?