Schools Banning I Love Boobies Bracelets

Rubber bracelets promoting breast cancer-awareness are being banned in schools across the country. Why? Printed on the bracelets is “I love boobies.”

Wristbands of varying colors are popular ways to support causes and charities, and many teens wear several of them. But school principals in at least five states, including Florida, California, South Dakota, Colorado and Wisconsin have either banned these bracelets entirely, or forced students to turn them inside-out during school time.

“When we had an assembly the first day of school, I basically told the students we were not insensitive to the cause,” Jim Aisenbrey, principal of Baltic High School in South Dakota, told USA Today. “I think everyone in the gym, including myself, has had a family member or relative or friend who has dealt with this issue. I do think there are more proper ways to bring this plight to the attention of people, and I don’t think this is a proper way.”

Not surprisingly, Shaney Jo Darden, founder and executive director of Keep A Breast Foundation, the California-based not-for-profit group that created the $4 wristbands, disagrees. “That’s the whole idea, it’s getting people to talk about breast cancer, it’s getting people to share their feelings about how this disease has impacted their life,”says Darden. “The bracelet is doing what it’s meant to do – it’s making people talk.”

The Keep A Breast Foundation says its mission is to “help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support.” Its website declares that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in young women under the age of 40, but that despite these facts, many women mistakenly believe that breast cancer is only a problem for women over 40 years old. Hence, the need to educate. That sounds wonderful to me.

All schools have some kind of dress code. Students need to wear appropriate clothing; in general, clothing that offends others or interferes with the educational process is considered inappropriate. T-shirts carrying messages related to smoking, drugs and alcohol fall into this category, as does gang-related attire, and anything that is considered sexually suggestive.

The school where I currently teach requires the following: “Inappropriate dress includes any clothing, hairstyle, make-up, tattoos or an accessory that calls negative attention to the student. The only body piercing allowed is a small post or stud in the nose or pierced earrings. Clothing that is indecent or suggestive, or that endorses alcohol or drugs, is inappropriate and unacceptable.”

Many schools today are wrestling with huge issues like cyberbullying that can lead to suicide, anorexia that might put a child in hospital, and drastic fund slashing that is resulting in cutbacks and overcrowding, and yet they worry about a bracelet?

Really, how much of a problem can these wristbands be? It’s just a bracelet. It’s true that it says, “I love boobies,” but it’s for breast cancer. Yes, they’ll be some giggles, but really, isn’t that worth it for the long-term effect of getting people more aware of breast cancer? Somebody will always be offended but please, school administrators, get your priorities straight.

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Alexis D.
Alexis D.4 years ago

They shouldn't be banning these. The people that made these up want you to wear them. I think it's a good idea for people to be making stuff like shirts,pencil,bracelets and others because they are making stuff instead of just asking for money.

Melanie N.
Melanie N.4 years ago

This is terrible!!!! Not only does it spark people to talk about Breast Cancer but it matures younger minds. I've researches the company and they only want to spread awareness. IT HAS!!! Yes, some students that arent mature enfough to handle the slogan but most of them are. I AM NOT AGINST THESE BRACELETS

Carlie T.
Carlie T.4 years ago

I Go to a school where they also banned the bracelets.
My teacher said to our class while explaining why the bracelets were banned (This is exact, I wrote down what she said, as I was so shocked)
"Girls, Why do you feel so comfortable wearing these bracelets? By wearing them, you are sexually exploiting your breasts and prostituting yourselves. You are only wearing them because they say boobies"
I find this very offensive, and I wore a Pink ribbon before the bracelets, i'm not just wearing them because they say boobies.

colleen p.
colleen p.5 years ago

Ghkf V. they starve the cells right? or was it do something that makes the cancer attack it's self.

it's a shit thing if they can fix it, then the "medical field wants your money, they care not for you"
although I don't think hemp seeds will do what astmah medication does for me.

Lisa M.
Lisa M.5 years ago

My question is this....How many of you that are now wearing these I LOVE BOOBIES bracelets were wearing a pink ribbon bracelet before these bracelets came out? If you were, then great. My guess is, is that 90% of these students were not wearing pink ribbon bracelets before. Just because these students are wearing these bracelets does not mean they are supporting breast cancer. Young boys are wearing them for the attention they receive for wearing I love boobies on their wrist. You are a fool if you think they are promoting the awareness. Not to mention that barely any of the monies goes towards research!!!!!!! Wake up and stop allowing our children to rule the world....they need boundaries and we adults need to set them and keep them. We create our own issues in this world by putting so much responsibility into young kids hands when they are not mature enough to handle them....these bracelets, facebook, world wide web, ipods, computers, cell phones...we adults have created this.

Ghkf V.
Ghkf V.5 years ago

Lmao all of you are idiots. Btw there is already a cure for cancer. They don't tell you it because if they tell you they have the cure, they won't get anymore free donations.

Margaret Paddock
Margaret Paddock5 years ago

Elijah sometimes you need to think for yourself. Just because others do something does not make it right. Plus maybe it's just a typo but you need to check your spelling. That's always important.

Elijah L.
Elijah L.5 years ago

In my school everyone wheres thes braclets and i do too so i think everyone should be able to where theas!!!

Randall S.
Randy Stein5 years ago

"Many schools today are wrestling with huge issues like cyberbullying that can lead to suicide, anorexia that might put a child in hospital, and drastic fund slashing that is resulting in cutbacks and overcrowding, and yet they worry about a bracelet?"

"DON'T TALK ABOUT IT" That seems to be the mentality of our school systems anymore. Don't say boobies, look the other way to suicides and bullying, don't say "gay", don't discuss sex (especially not homosexuality) because if you dare discuss it then more kids will have sex or become gay!!!! God forbid we actually educate our kids about the facts of life---sexual and otherwise. Or worse, offend some closed minded parent who prefers their child remain deaf, dumb, blind, and suicidal.