Sea Otter Poop May Help Save the Species (VIDEO)

Sea otters are an endangered species, thanks in large part to the fur trade. 


But scientists at the Seattle Aquarium, who have been working on The Otter Project, have found a way to gain vital information about sea otter genetics in a non-invasive way — by studying their poop. This will also help to determine stress levels and conditions for pregnancy.

From what they are learning, scientists hope to soon develop an easy pregnancy test, somewhat like the ones used for humans. This will provide vital information on what their reproductive cycle is, and how often they cycle.


Photo credit: Donnaphoto 


LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

C. B.
Connie B.4 years ago

Meanwhile it's apparently, the poop from all of our beloved cats that is also endangering the sea otters. If you have cats (like I do), avoid flushing their poop down the toilet. The parasite it contains that is harmful to pregnant women is also harmful to otters & is killing them. :(

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers5 years ago

Otters are returning to U.K. rivers!

Trudie Diamond
Rudie D.5 years ago

Deborah W: The use of any animal fur or feathers is NOT "ok"
The animals used for the fur & feather trade are raised in barbaric & cruel confinement & are killed either by crushing their windpipe or anal electrocution, both to preserve the quality & amount of useable fur. Just because rabbits are prolific breeders doesn't justify cruel treatment.
Animals feel the same pain we do.

Deborah W.
deborah w.5 years ago

Sea otters need to be protected from hunters and predators. they can't become extinct. It would be sinful. we don't need to wear fur to keep warm. It has become fashionable to wear fur but it's not an ethical decision. How can people wear fur when those animals are near extinction? Perhaps, rabbit fur is ok because they breed so well and will never be in extinction. It is just as warm as any other. I would never wear fur to keep warm. Down-filled coats are good enough for me and neither are they cruel

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.5 years ago

signed...This was very interesting. Maybe they will be able to bring the numbers back. They are so much fun to watch. I viewed them in the ocean by Port Moody, B.C., and they stay in this location. I saw on TV about the sea lions leaving Pier 36?, San Fransico ...none to be found. Later they were found around the coast of Seattle and they determined that the fish etc they feed on had moved because of El Ninna. Mysteriously two days before they all left their was a #4 earthquake...could that also have been a reason. Days later there they were on the piers of LA.

Tricia H.
Tricia Hamilton5 years ago

Our country had used more of our tax dollars destroying life than saving all we have to lose which is alot. Shame on them!!!

Tanwi S.
Tanwi S.6 years ago

Zo een lieve diertjes er moet echt meer gedaan worden om feze lieve dieren te redden.