Sen. Vitter Supports Birther Lawsuits

Embattled Louisiana Senator David Vitter (R) went on record this week as backing lawsuits that challenge President Obama’s citizenship in court.  Vitter acknowledged that as Senator he lacked the standing to bring any such “birther” suits.  Vitter continued “[b]ut I support conservative legal organizations and others who would bring that to court.  I that that is the valid and most possibly effective grounds to do it”.

Now Vitter is not known for being a voice of reason in the Senate, and despite the bumps along his re-election bid he’s certainly got the hard right vote locked up.  So why the need to pander to the birther fringe?

Perhaps Sen. Vitter is hoping to take attention away from a string of bad-news stories that show Vitter as anything but the moral beacon he holds himself out to be.  For starters there’s Brent Furer, an aide to Senator Vitter who recently resigned after he had been arrested for attacking his ex-girlfriend with a knife.  Vitter knew about the arrest and kept him on staff until ABC News broke the story.  Amazingly, Furer had been posted in Vitter’s Washington office to handle “women’s issues” for the Senator.

Vitter also faced a federal complaint from the non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics which accused the Senator of accepting illegal campaign contributions from a California dry cleaning company that wanted stimulus funds.  According to the complaint, the company reimbursed four of its employees and their spouses for $38,400 in contributions.  At least one employee has admitted to making the contributions and being reimbursed for them.

Or perhaps Vitter is seeking to further distance himself from all those diapers and prostitutes allegations.

But more likely Vitter is swinging even harder to the right because of a serious and last minute primary challenge in the form of Chet Traylor.  Traylor is a former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice and well-connected in Republican political and business circles.  Not only can Traylor challenge Vitter on his pro-business platform, but he can challenge Vitter on his moral-majority platform as well.  Traylor was first elected to the court based in large part from the strength of support from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and many expect them to back Traylor over Vitter.

Traylor is also known as a very conservative judge who once wrote an opinion upholding a Louisiana sodomy law which makes him a force to be dealt with considering all of Vitter’s sex scandals and his insistence on running hard with a religious-right platform despite those scandals.  Given the timing of the challenge and the substance of the challenger, I’d say Vitter is a little nervous.

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Patricia S.
Pat S.6 years ago

Hooray for David Vitter!

Jewels S.
Jewels S.6 years ago

These birther people need to take a step back and take a look at themselves. Anyone seen the movie "how to lose a guy in 10 days" They have a great game in it that the family plays called "" When they think someone is lying they yell it. Well when ever one of these people talk that is what I think of BS!

Ed G.
Ed G.6 years ago

This so called "birther issue" is a thinly disguised racial item hiding under the guise of a law that is so antiquated as to the point of being ridiculous. Its essentially irrelevant whether he was born in the US or not. This is the 21st century (20th when he was born) there are so few people today that do not even remotely live close to where they were born that they are a microscopic minority.
The idea that he might be born in a foreign country is a non issue that people are hoping that somehow this would disqualify him. There was a time in the country's history that no one was born in the US (at least as far as europeans are concerned).
Try coming up with a provable argument as you have lost the birth issue.

Walter G.
Walter G.6 years ago

We have two similar pieces of work here. Vitter should, according to what I read above, not hold office. he should not even be sweeping up anyone else's office. Then we come to this Obama birth location thing. Don't you think that our CIA and FBI vetted him? Do you think any organization which gave Bush the wrong information on weapons of mass destruction, and the other, which has consistently been beaten in court by insufficient evidence or unqualified witnesses can be trusted? what puzzles me is that OB himself, hearing the constant background growl about his qualified right to ruin the country will not bring about an impartial investigation voluntarily. The longer he waits, the more rumors will surface to be accepted as facts, waiting to corrupt his try at a second term, if it appears to some that he has not done that already. Why not clear the air, OB, say it and other accusations aren't so in a legal process of trial. Speeches are out, too many of those already, no substance, just oratory.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

One IS ON LINE. It has been certified by the State of HI by Republican officials.

I will say to you what I said to someone else last night. President Obama's birth certificate was on line for viewing throughout the primaries. Both Hillary Clinton's camp & McCain's camp looked at it. The controversy came up even then. Both Clinton & McCain wanted to be President - by calling attention to his legality, they could have. Even Miss "I'm so hungry for power" Sarah Palin never called Obama on this. IF YOU THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT ANY OF THESE PEOPLE THOUGHT THERE WAS A SHRED OF PROOF THAT OBAMA WAS NOT A LEGAL US CITIZEN THEY WOULDN'T HAVE FALLEN ALL OVER THEMSELVES TO PROVE IT & EXPLOIT IT FOR ALL IT WAS WORTH, THEN YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN.
Stand down, damnit? Wow. You think a lot of yourself, don't you?
Also not sure what poll figures you are citing. I always look at the source of the figures and try to find out what spin they hope to get out of it. Follow the money trail ... works every time.

Geir S.
Geir S.6 years ago

Glenna the majority is not on your side now. 61 % believe Obama is not American by a recent poll.
Also 15 % believe he's the Antichrist (50 million)

Geir S.
Geir S.6 years ago

Glenna, we don't want 15 BIRTH CERTIFICATES we want 1
Now stand down
damn it !

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

Geir S - WRONG. I don't feel the least bit intimidated by you - but if that is what it takes to float your boat (thinking you intimidate people) more power to you. I guess if I really believed in hell, I might be afraid of the number 666 - but as a former Methodist, we didn't talk much about end times prophecy. As a U U now, we don't talk much about end times prophecy. I believe that human beings can dream of tortures and atrocities that even demons wouldn't condone. Some people feel like they have to create HELL on Earth in order to make Heaven more appealing.
You spout philosophies that only YOU believe. You repeat things from non-credible sources over & over - I guess in the mistaken belief that if you repeat it enough someone will believe you. You don't do a hell of a lot of critical thinking, because if you did, you would wonder where the money trail was with this so called official in HI. Again, this is your right. You can believe that Satan is on earth waving his pitchfork & a cattle brand with 666 on it; hell you can believe in Mutant Ninja Turtles for all I and anyone else cares. But don't act so surprised when the majority tell you that they think you are full of BS.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

Carole T - Again, you are sadly mistaken. President Obama HAS BLOCKED NOTHING. His birth certificate IS online. Has been for ages.
The McCain camp looked into it - don't you think Sarah Palin would have at least mentioned it if she thought for one second that Pres. Obama was this Barry Sotero? Hillary Clinton? Or was there some deal struck between McCain & Obama (I'll throw it so you can win?) Were Clinton, McCain, Palin, and all the other candidates for President hiding a document that proved Pres Obama was not who he said he was???? GET REAL. McCain & Hillary wanted the Presidency & this would have been a way to get it & knock Obama out for good. They didn't bite - didn't even mention it. Checked it out thoroughly & decided it was a bunch of baloney and they never even felt it was worth mentioning....
President Obama could solve the energy crisis, he could put through legislation that would create millions of jobs, pull out all of our troops & create peace in the Middle East & the birthers would miss it all because they are still grabbing at straws.
If you all put half as much energy into trying to solve problems as you do in bringing lawsuits or trying to prove that Pres Obama IS not a US citizen; the world might be a better place. But you won't because your hatred blinds you to any real possibilities of the good YOU could create.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

I learned a long time ago that when someone makes a big stink about something - like the Birthers & their quest to oust Obama (not sure what they think would happen - Biden, President? Pelosi VP????) it is usually because they really don't want you to look at what they are doing or what is going on that would REALLY cause you harm. It is called a red herring.
The Birthers NEED to believe that Obama is Barry Sotero and they will use every trick to keep on believing that Obama was not born in the USA.
They listen to nothing that does not fit their scenario. If Jesus Christ came back & told them to cease & desist that Obama was in fact born in HI some of them would loose their faith and claim a disbelief in God/Jesus. They would claim that Satan had brainwashed Jesus!
They are a lot of sound and fury - they signify nothing. With all the stuff going on in the world - they choose to concentrate on one man. You could string 15 birth certificates in LARGE PRINT - before them & they would never believe they were real.
WHY? What is their motivation? Who do they think would be in charge.