Sexual Cleansing In Iraq Progresses To Horrific Anal Torture

Captured, mutilated with a glue applied to seal the buttocks and then fed a powerful laxative. The result: a horrible way to die. According to what have been called unconfirmed but credible reports, this horrific form of torture is being used on Iraqi lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people as the fatwa against them gathers momentum and militias, ignited by their hatred of the West, wage a blood-curdling “moral” assault on a perceived corruption seeping into their country.

Reports Corroborated But Not Confirmed On Gay Iraqi Clamp-Down
It’s important to be honest. Honesty, of course, requires a base-line of understanding, a pulse of facts, and if a base-line isn’t known, honesty becomes in and of itself, useless. Getting facts, real, granite hard, verifiable facts, from a place like Iraq is nigh-on-impossible. But these are the facts [sic] as we know them. Over the last several weeks, reports have emerged of gay Iraqis being found dead in Shiite slums, and last week we reported on flyers being distributed warning that a wipe-out of LGBTs was imminent.

And now, the stain of blood leaking across continental borders has once again reached us, and it brings to us news of barbaric acts, of this unspeakable “anal glue” torture in the form of an article via the United Arab Emirates’ media network Al-Arabiya. The network said:

“Iraqi militias have deployed an unprecedented form of torture against homosexuals by using a very strong glue that will close their anus … an Iranian-manufactured glue that if applied to the skin, sticks to it and can only be removed by surgery. After they glue the anuses of homosexuals, they give them a drink that causes diarrhea. Since the anus is closed, the diarrhea causes death.”  Original source.  Translation from IGLHRC.

Further to this, Al-Arabiya reported that videos of this callous torture have been captured and distributed throughout Iraq on mobile phones. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Council (IGLHRC) has said that it has been unable to verify all of these claims, but released a statement that this was “consistent” with what they knew and understood of events in the region.

According to the London based group Iraqi-LGBT, 63 of its number have been tortured. Hassan, a member of Iraqi-LGBT confirmed the use of the glue, called “Iranian Gum”, in some torture proceedings, and also said that, those that survived the anal glue torture were often denied treatment in hospital, presumably because this identified them as homosexuals. The Iraqi administration deny that people are being killed because they are homosexual, saying, rather, that the cause is not known and are blaming these murders on rebel factions of the old administration that are acting against the “perversion” of homosexuality.

Situation for Iraqi LGBTs Still Not Getting Media Attention
It’s baffling to me that this has not made wider news. Baffling but not unbelievable. The fact is this transcends gay rights, doesn’t it? This is a question of humanity, and that a specific bracket of the human contingent are being quietly, calmly, maybe even soundlessly, attacked. And whilst no, no one is OK with it, no one is onboard with it, and certainly no one is condoning it, there’s hardly a peep from the mainstream media against it. Which, to this writer, is a crime, and I mean in the deepest, heart ravaging sense of the word.

The odd article in the New York Times, one Governor trying to do what he can to highlight the cause, and a vague itinerant of gay rights branches rehashing the same old reports – this is what we have to show as a reaction against reports that there are death squads marching down Iraqi streets and taking people’s sons and people’s daughters and shooting them dead because they’re gay.

Of a culture of denunciation in Iraq being fostered like some lethal germ, where gay people must survive by sublimating themselves, by putting their sexuality in a straightjacket to suit a broken country’s code of morality. A country that America and the United Kingdom helped to break in the hope that dissolution might mean a better reformation. A future free of tyranny. Is admitting there is a problem on such an epic scale as this too big a failure to own? Is that why this message about LGBT Iraqis being tortured, killed, living in fear and facing day after day of waking up wondering if it’s going to be their last isn’t getting through?

Did you know, there’s a new war being waged in Iraq, and Iraqi LGBTs are loosing? Send them aid, sign this Care2 petition. Also, contact your member of Congress, point them to this article, any article, make them aware.

Live outside the USA? – Take just a few moments from your day and email your MP or Representative. Use that power, that democratic power that you have and that people in Iraq do not, and help a gay man or transgender woman in Iraq now, before it’s too late.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to Publik15.


Ray P.
Mary P.7 years ago

Nikolas K - for your information there is no corrupt version of the Koran and the deeds of a handful should not reflect either on THE Koran (correctly spelt Quran)or on Muslims in general. Also please do not be so ignorant to think only muslims perpetrate such deeds. Wake up from your slumber and u will note its happening in all religions and all countries and amongst all peoples of this world, maybe even in your own family. Please in future do not be so quick to point fingers at a particular religion or its followers before doing proper research and educating yourself with true facts of incidents happening around the world.

Nikolas Karman
Nikolas K.7 years ago

The Muslims are being taught a corrupted version of the Koran and things like this torture are a result.
Man has no right to judge what another man thinks.
The teacher was asked what is the sin of the world, he replied there is no sin.
It is you who make sin exist when you act according to the habits of your corrupt nature.
This is where sin lies.

Ray P.
Mary P.7 years ago

Ryan S -As far as my knowledge serves me, none of the major religions, teach or require the burning of animal carcasses.

In terms of practicality/survival, the slaughter of animals for consumption is an acceptable practice, and is natural.

Now we add to this natural phenomenon of survival the word sacrifice and it becomes the area of contention and controversy. Why? A lack of understanding and ignorance!

Put simply, it is a means by which a person is thought humility. In sacrificing, for the sake of the Supreme being, man is humbled and feels a sense of connection with His Maker.

Further as the rituals of slaughter in Islam require the carcass is divided into three equal parts. One part is given to feed friends and relatives,one part is used to feed the poor and the 3rd part is kept for use for oneself, the promotion of caring, sharing, family values, awareness, gratitude etc.

So in view of the above I urge your re-think into this matter, ‘Ponder on creation, for in it there are signs, of the existence of the ‘intangible being’

Ray P.
Mary P.7 years ago

Ryan S - "your words All religions have basis in cult stylings.... Burning of carcasses"

These so called cult stylings you so freely refer to are the back bone and foundation of all that is good as we know it. The basis of all those liturgical practices and role models, in spiritual leaders is the same, to promote and instill goodness and to forsake evil and bad.

It is through these cult styling, religions and their teachings, that a balance is achieved in this world, which has prevented the world from being over taken by the evil of some power hungry ‘Hitler’ wanting to claim God Hood and rule the world, to the eventual destruction of all concerned.

The signs of the Supreme being are all eminent, and so clearly visible to any soul that is free from an egoic cloud of ignorance surrounding it and it is through this Supreme being that all these religions are linked.

The morals, virtues and humanitarian values thought by all religions are structured in a manner, to reward the devotee, with a good and fulfilling life, of peace and contentment, which would’ve been achieved by the ‘Larger-than life spiritual leaders’ who have followed the recommended practices and teachings. They serve as a reminder, and as proof of the success of this formular.

As far as my knowledge serves me, none of the major religions, teach or require the burning of animal carcasses.

In terms of practicality/survival, the slaughter of animals for consumption

Ryan S.
Ryan S.7 years ago

@ Sarah D.: Don't invoke Godwin if it can be avoided.

@ Ray L.: All religions have basis in cult stylings. The traditional definition of the word defined much of the liturgical practices of religions in general, but even given today's connotation of the word, it still applies. Mysticism, secret rites, and a larger-than-life spiritual leader tend to be key components of many of the major religions these days. Today's Charles Manson was yesteryear's Mithras.

And there's a far cry between killing and burning an animal's carcass to pay to an intangible being that is assumed to exist but never known... and attempting to fix supper. Red herrings and strawmen are weak arguments to support.

Sarah D.
Sarah D.7 years ago

There's a second Holocaust going on overseas and no one is making any steps to stop it.

Sarah D.
Sarah D.7 years ago

Aveyah - Jesus is the only way!

If by Jesus being the only way you mean people forcing Jesus and God on people, or using Jesus as a way to cure homosexuality, then you're a little lost.

Ray L.
Mary P.7 years ago

Melissa C "people within the cult of islam regularly make animal sacrifices to appease their duties to their beliefs, is this not murder?? but yet no one is up in arms about this.."

There u go targeting Islam. Islam by the way is Not a cult but it is ONE of the Religions of God Almighty as is Christianity and Judaism.

In reference to your above statement i would like to ask you if you call the slaughter of all animals at the abbatoirs providing food to the people of the world as "MURDERS" too. I cant hear u making a noise about "Those Murders" and the people that eat the flesh as sum crazy "CULT Followers." And if u do consider the slaughter of animals at abbatoirs as Murder then i would please advice u to take them to the courts of this world and have them persecuted.

Ray L.
Mary P.7 years ago

Aveyah B and Melissa, I do not hate man or animal and if i wish to be saved i ask THE CREATOR of ALL MANKIND to save me. I was just trying to clear the misconception some people on care2 have towards ISLAM and ALL its followers. Please do not judge ISLAM for the acts carried out by a few crazy zealots for all Religions have their own share of crazy zealots and u find them NOT ONLY in middle eastern countries but ALSO in western countries.

Ray L.
Mary P.7 years ago

Aveyah B and Melissa C, i do not find hate within myself towards man or animal but if i need to be saved i ask THE CREATOR of all mankind to save me from such lurking diseases. I am just trying to clear misconceptions some people on care2 have towards ISLAM and ALL its followers for the acts carried out by a few crazy zealots. Please DO NOT judge ISLAM according to what a few of its followers practice for all Religions have its own share of crazy zealots and u find them not only in middle eastern countries but in western countries too.