Skeletal Dog Now Runs Free Across 10 Gorgeous Acres

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite. It was originally published on February 8, 2012. Enjoy!

Written by Dogs Deserve Better Georgia Representative Holly Bell

Titus was my first chained dog rescue. I drove by him unaware for three years, but one day God turned my head to see him chained in a backyard, through thick woods. When I found the house, Titus and I locked eyes and he started barking. I wanted to go to the door but my nerves got the best of me.

I could not stop thinking of him, and so I prepared brochures and dog treats and went to the door to offer my assistance for what I thought would be fence repair. But to my surprise, they wanted to surrender him!

Turns out that Titus was a house dog for the first year of his life, but when twins were born three years prior, they no longer had time for him. He hated being alone and separated from his family. Not understanding why they did that to him, he began to escape and then life got worse as he endured day after day on a chain. The family allowed me to meet him and commented “he is small, but we feed him.” He was so thirsty that he picked up his bowl and began pacing with it. I watched heartbroken as he drank two huge pans of water.

After getting a surrender form signed, former Dogs Deserve Better Rep. Pam Cheatham agreed to foster him. Titus enjoyed his freedom on Pam’s farm and learned many tricks very quickly. His blood test revealed heartworm and severe malnutrition, but he gained 12 pounds in 10 days under Pam’s care and found his forever home with a fantastic couple who recently lost their elderly shepherd. Titus, renamed Reagan, now lives inside with his family and enjoys 10 acres of freedom to run and play. Finally, the life he deserves!

Three Great Ways To Help Chained Dogs

1.  Volunteer: Dogs Deserver Better is seeking people to provide foster care, to adopt  and to investigate reports of neglect. Find out about volunteer opportunities.

2. Intervene for a Dog Near You: If you know of a dog in need, you may be his only hope and there are so many different ways to save a life.  Read 20 Ways to Help a Chained Dog

3. Donate: Dogs Deserve Better is a partner of the Harmony Fund and we’re raising money to carry out rescues and to push forward with an array of campaigns to ban round-the-clock chaining in several states.  There’s an old saying that “nothing is for free in this world” but we’d like to see a day when all dogs are ‘free.’

This dog is on the verge of rescue. We truly need help in the form of foster homes and donations for so many dogs.

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Lise van den Broek
Lise van den Broek6 months ago

I hope that all dogs will be saved, and will get a new home.

Lise van den Broek
Lise van den Broek6 months ago

I hope that all dogs will be saved, and will get a new home.

Patty L.
Patty L.6 months ago

great story! ty!

Ivana D.
Ivana D.6 months ago


Ivana D.
Ivana D.6 months ago

Beautiful story and a doggie...

Maggie W.
Maggie D.10 months ago

Getting a dog and training it is a wonderful way to learn responsibility for another life and how to raise a child with positive reinforcement. Getting a dog and throwing it out of the house when your child is born seriously questions a person's ability to be a parent.

Karen Ryan
Karen Ryan11 months ago

What a long three years that must have seemed to that poor dog.

Amy Thompson
Amy Thompsonabout a year ago

What a happy ending for this gorgeous dog:). I wish they all ended as well....

Yola S.
.about a year ago

A heartwarming story.If only all dogs could be so lucky.

Alberta Gentleman
Alberta Gentlemanabout a year ago

Wonderful story.