Spanish Greyhounds Deserve Protection

At Care2 we’re all about taking action. So here in Trailblazers we’re profiling one activist opportunity per week. Here’s one story you should know about.

Some consider dog to be “man’s best friend.” Unfortunately, several greyhounds in Spain are not feeling the love. 

All too often, Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds–also known as galgos–are used for their hunting services for just one season, then they’re abandoned or killed, often in gruesome ways. It is not uncommon for their bodies to be found mutilated. 

An English charity, Greyhounds in Need, has created a petition to stop the cruelty toward Spanish greyhounds. The petition targets the Spanish Government, asking them to enforce legislation that protects galgos. 

Greyhounds make ideal family companions for any dog lover, which makes it hard to understand why nothing is being done to give them an opportunity at survival and a happy life. Whether a greyhound ends up in a home or animal shelter, it is a better alternative than this current pattern of neglect and torture. Action needs to be taken now to stop people from harming these precious animals.

People around the world have taken notice and several Care2 members have already signed to help these greyhounds. Have you? 

Sign the petition to protect Spanish greyhounds today!



Suwano Suwarno
Suwano Suwarno5 years ago


bob m.
bob m.6 years ago

Eileen ; there's a bit too much of this spice in the soup
of behavior in spain to try and defend it on the old "not everyone" level.
The virulence of sadistic pomposity ,mixed with hot blooded moronic bull baiting, by idiots running with the bulls and the pretty,arrogant spectical of bull fighting in all its' bloody, culturally, in your face pride is quite enough to at least venture a small bit into Walters point without putting on our PC slippers.
The folks in spain are not exactly at the barricades over it either.
If the shoe fits?

bob m.
bob m.6 years ago

There is a particular strain in Spain isn't there Walter.
Its a kinda viagra thing methinks.

Monica M.
Past Member 6 years ago

Of course the major question is why? Why would any individual or government condone the hideous abuse and death of an innocent creature? It is well known that Greyhounds are gentle dogs and make wonderful companion animals. This abuse is unthinkable and must be stopped. Any civilized nation should know this.

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Foo J.
Foo J.6 years ago

Any dog has proved to be Indeed Man's best friend But to these Poor Grey Hound, Man indeed is their Worst enemy.Why?!!! Such a Love creature,where is one concience?!!I hope with the petition.These poor dog could be Save
Those who the authority Can they do Something?!!

April P.
April P.6 years ago


Eileen Brophy
Eileen B.6 years ago

Meritxell R. I agree with you, there are so many out there who know NOTHING about their own country´s cruelty and they judge others so easily!!

Eileen Brophy
Eileen B.6 years ago

Don´t generalise please Walter not ALL Spanish are violent or want violence, this is like saying all Americans love Bush!!!

Eli Is Here
Past Member 6 years ago

Already signed the petition. Thanks Megan!!

Meritxell R.
Meritxell R.6 years ago

Walter G., I think you are an ignorant.