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Success! Ayla Can Keep Her Rooster, Dallas!

Success! Ayla Can Keep Her Rooster, Dallas!

To help a little girl named Ayla keep her beloved pet rooster, Dallas, more than 35,000 Care2 members signed a petition — and now it’s a success!

It was back in June of 2012 that 5-year-old Ayla bought Dallas with her own money, with the intention of showing him at 4-H this summer. Ayla’s family were careful to do their research and found that Dufur did not have any ordinances prohibiting residents from keeping roosters.

Ayla took great care of Dallas, carrying him, sneaking him special treats and getting him ready for 4-H.

Then, last year, Dufur passed an ordinance against roosters.

At first, it looked like things were going to be all right. An August 2013 letter from the city of Dufur said that Dallas would be grandfathered in as Ayla had gotten him before the ordinance was created. But then came another letter saying that Dallas was creating a noise disturbance and that he’d have to go.

Ayla’s mother, Jill Macnab, decided to take action. She started a Care2 petition that instantly got lots of support from people around the world. Quite a few reporters picked up the story and hundreds of people started following updates about Dallas’ fate on a Facebook page.

On March 7, the Mayor of Dufur said that Dallas was still considered a nuisance under the current ordinances. But he also put a “stay” on the order to ban Dallas. Ayla’s parents stepped up their efforts and requested a public hearing about Dallas. They were able to get on the agenda for an April city council meeting.

As Ayla’s mother, Jill, emphasized (with neighbors’ testimony backing her up) Dallas was not a nuisance at all. In preparation for the city council meeting, she described how their campaign to save Dallas was about some even larger issues:

*This is really truly no longer just about Dallas. We are asking the council to drop the specific mention of rooster in the nuisance (337.a2) ordinance, and make any rooster complaints simply “noise” complaints. (Like they used to be…it doesn’t ban roosters but if you have a loud one, your neighbor can still complain: but they are not banned outright.)

Jill called on “anyone in the city limits of Dufur with a rooster” and, indeed, “anyone who SUPPORTS having roosters” to attend the public hearing. As she pointed out, “dropping this specific mention of roosters means that 4-hers can have their show animals, and that people can have roosters in their flocks” — that people would recognize the importance of keeping roosters in teaching children and others about the responsibilities involved in caring for animals.

All of this hard work paid off. On April 8, the city of Dufur voted to modify the ordinance about roosters being a nuisance and dropped the provision. Now Ayla doesn’t have to worry about losing Dallas and can concentrate on getting him ready for 4-H (which will happen in just a few months!).

The efforts to save Ayla’s rooster show how, through perseverance and good effort, we can make a difference, by starting a petition and by speaking up to local officials. As Jill wrote, “I really truly don’t think we could have done this without the overwhelming support of each and every one of you! Thank you thank you from the bottom of this mama’s heart.”

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Photo via Jill Macnab

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9:04PM PDT on Jul 13, 2014

And people who assume chickens are food as "the natural order of things", make me want to herd them into a chicken factory dressed up as nice plump chickens. Chickens in their wild state have a million times more sense and intelligence than humans and don't breed like the virus that humans are.

9:00PM PDT on Jul 13, 2014

Politicians are the vermin that need to be banned. from towns, cities, states and federal buildings.. permanently.

11:14AM PDT on Jul 9, 2014

I feel the rooster should have been grandfathered in.

4:41PM PDT on Jul 2, 2014

Oh and by the way, Deb. What this Ayla hasl raised is a Silkie. An ornamental bird. A bird that is for show. So I doubt she will be eating her Roo.

4:15PM PDT on Jul 2, 2014

Deb H. I get it.. You are a vegan. You hate the thought that any one.. ANYONE. Can eat something that they have raised.. Tough... As that is some how offensive to your high and mighty vegan sense.. I say scroll on sister, on by. Scroll on past. Cause I am not changing because a few asshates can not take care of their business. Or ever give up eating meat, dairy, fruits, or vegetables.. Considering the amount of GMO that are present in a lot of veggies and fruits today. It sounds like to me you have a lot more to worry about than I do... Just saying.

Oh and 4-H is still a great organization. Just because it doesn't conform to your vegan ideology is both meaningless and funny. Meaningless because 4-H is doing what is needed for young children. Funny because so often I hear from people that kids have it easy and or at least have it soft. 4-H toughens up a kid.. Well maybe, At the very least introduce children and teens to the realities of farm life.

If that inspires a boy or girl to understand that along with raising an animal can mean to see it to the end. I say great. Kids should be toughened up for the rigors of life. Coddling a child all his or her days. Leaves an adult ill prepared for life trouble and tribulations.
As to what I will do with my birds. That is my business.

You poor vegan.. Do you realize that the only thing that you have accomplished is that I am happier than ever to be an omnivore.

2:42PM PDT on Jul 2, 2014

...If not, I suggest you go start educating yourself. If you do know, and still condone such heinousness, I have no interest in hearing your cold-hearted opinions anyway.

If you or anyone else can't see everything that's wrong with this big picture, you're going to continue to kill this world until there's nothing left for anyone, human OR nonhuman.

2:40PM PDT on Jul 2, 2014

...Oh yah, that will really help our world recover from the mess it's in.

I've read local articles that stomped all over having or showing an ounce of compassion, and which were written directly about interviewed, 4H parents who worked tirelessly and wholly insensitively, to "toughen up" and desensitize their own young children (who clearly knew better BEFORE being likewise programmed; many only toddlers) to the realities of the whole "meat" industry and the shocking truth of what was to happen to these childrens' beloved "pets," through 4H. The methods of drumming this callousness into their children until they finally squashed their natural inclinations (to keep for a REAL lifetime, LOVE, and care for these animals) were nothing short of disgusting. Yet these parents took great, but very twisted, PRIDE in them.

Conversely, I've also read accounts from some FORMER "hen raisers" with brains and more heart, who ran into all the common problems (as stated in the above link), did some research into it, learned from their foolishness, and hence gave up the notion of using hens for their female secretions ( know, like a *woman's* monthly egg-shedding?) once they stopped laying, to keep the hens strictly as "family members" - saved, loved, cared for.

What are you going to do with YOURS? Betray them by murdering, then eating them? How 'noble.'

Know what happens to most male chicks, TOO, who are used in both this industry AND in backyard hen operations? If no

2:37PM PDT on Jul 2, 2014

The realities on "backyard chickens," Dennis, is this:

"Such new back yard farmers" are the direct CAUSE of the huge influx of abandoned and/or neglected/abused hens. This whole, stupid idea is just another offshoot of the rest of the industry, which itself is simply a holocaust beyond description -- all because of the incessant brainwashing BY these very industries and the evil cabals who began them all, which are heavily invested in keeping populaces "dumbed-down" and doing their bidding. But clearly, judging from your narrow, little perspective, you know nothing of any of this, nor have you connected all the dots that comprise this global tragedy. In short, "back yard farmers." 4H, are a huge part of the problem, rather than the evolutionary and necessary part of the solution(s). Those of us more aware of and educated in the multitudinous issues all species face in this world, are certainly not so easily duped or controlled.

Answer how 4H's propaganda, as stated BY them, of "making and building lifelong commitments and deep relationships with animals" is in any way true, when these animals all end up killed LONG before their natural life spans are over. Hint: that's NOT a "lifelong commitment," but a bald-faced lie. So 4H are also liars, which they are then teaching children to become as well. Fellow liars and brainless followers, that's what they WANT. Oh ya

5:40AM PDT on Jul 2, 2014

Congratulations to Ayla and Dallas! Good luck at the 4 H.

12:43AM PDT on Jun 4, 2014

Very glad to read the update on this.

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