Success! Dangerous Auto Legislation Derailed

The auto insurance industry saw an opportunity to take advantage of consumers by slashing their coverage when it comes to safe, reliable and quality car repairs. At the very last minute, insurance companies attempted to oust consumer protections by changing a law that has stood by insured drivers for 20 years.

With the support of Care2 members, insured drivers are protected from the unsafe car parts that threaten vehicle safety and value.

The Consumer Federation of California (CFC) succeeded in blocking any last-minute changes to the vital insurance law. Insurance companies were set on cutting corners when it comes to vehicle part-replacement in attempt to pay the lower price that comes with a lower quality part.

After a traumatic car accident, the last thing a driver needs is to receive a cheap and faulty part that could cause another crash or slip-up on the road. Insurance companies are still responsible for insuring that the replacement parts a driver receives are legitimate and dependable. Even in the face of dangerous last minute amendments to decades-old consumer protection legislation, the consumer, CFC, and Care2 won!

Thank you Care2 members for helping the CFC protect consumers from the insurance industry’s tricks!

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