Success! Fifth UK Animal Race Canceled After 60,000 Sign Care2 Petition

What do you do when you have already succeeded in getting three†cruel animal races canceled in the U.K.?

For Samantha Francis, the answer was obvious: fired up by her victories, she decided to create another Care2 petition aimed at†ending the practice of racing animals for “entertainment.”

This time she fixed her attention on the Llandovery sheep festival in Wales on September 23 and 24, where naturally timid sheep were going to be forced to race against each other. Francis says that racing in front of noisy crowds is “extremely frightening and stressful for [sheep].”

And as she wrote on her petition:†“Through the pressure put on organizers by Care2 members signing petitions like this one, two other sheep races have recently been cancelled in the UK: in Wooditton and Moffat. So we know we can win!”

In addition, both the sheep race at the Bellingham Country Show in Northumberland and a pig racing event in Great Bradfield, Essex, were canceled after Care2 petitions were started. (Francis also started the petition asking the pig racing event to be canceled.)†

In only a few days,†Francis’†petition for the Llandovery sheep festival had gathered over 60,000 signatures, with comments like:†

“These are living, feeling beings and they deserve better than to be traumatized for human amusement,” and “Why would anyone want to do this to the poor animals?”

Fifth Animal Race Canceled!

Francis was delighted when she heard that live sheep would not be used in the Llandovery sheep festival. She said the festival organizers listened to people’s concerns and handled the situation “with grace.”†As a result of her efforts, she was able to post this update on the petition:

“Wow! After this petition showed organisers the level of opposition to sheep racing, Llandovery Sheep Festival have told us that they have decided not to use real live sheep in their ‘sheep race’ this year, citing animal welfare concerns. They have some other plans afoot which sound like fun, so please show your appreciation on their Facebook Page and if you’re local, do attend their event on 23-24 September. Keep signing petitions – they work!”

Samantha Francis’s success†caught the attention of the BBC, who noted that the organizers have instead decided to have an event where “teams race fake sheep on wheels through the town.”


Francis has now demonstrated three times that Care2 petitions do work. So why not follow her example and start a Care2 petition about an issue thats important to you? These guidelines will show you how to get started on the path to a successful petition, and pretty soon youll be thrilled to see Care2 members signing up to support you.


Photo Credit: Danilla


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This is proof that petitions can and do make a difference. So gratifying! Thanks for posting

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Thank you for getting this cancelled now let's get people to stop eating them.

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It's not okay to be stressing out sheep, but the hypocrisy is unbelievable. What could be more stressful than being tortured and slaughtered by psycho human monkeys in a factory farm setting? The human race doesn't deserve to exist.

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... and PLEASE sign & share Ban the Sale of Raccoon Dogs as Pets and Stop an Ecological Disaster. Thank you...