Success! Gina McCarthy Confirmed As Head Of EPA

After a five-month long stalemate between Democrats and Republicans, the U.S. Senate finally took action on July 18 and confirmed Gina McCarthy as head of the EPA.

President Obama announced McCarthy as his pick for head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency back in early 2013. However, despite years of experience with the EPA and a proven track record of bipartisan leadership, Republicans worked to block McCarthy’s nomination. All eight Republicans on the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works boycotted a scheduled vote on McCarthy’s confirmation after a request to delay the meeting was turned down.

The reason? They were “completely unsatisfied” with answers provided by Gina McCarthy on several topics. (Just FYI, they submitted over 1,000 questions on everything from the EPA’s email policies to its approach to economic analysis). But we all know the real reason: it’s a GOP policy to oppose anything President Obama suggests.

Take the case of former Ohio attorney general Richard Cordray: In 2011, President Obama nominated him for the crucial role of head of the then-new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. At that time, Republicans ganged up against Cordray (despite his glowing qualifications), filibustering the vote. It two nearly two years to overcome this obstruction, with Cordray finally being appointed just last week.

The other reason for trying to block McCarthy is that Republicans have a not-so-secret dream of shuttering the EPA forever.

But, like in Cordray’s case, they were ultimately unsuccessful. McCarthy’s appointment is a huge victory for the millions of Americans who made it known that they want the EPA to put an end to the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from our power plants — the single largest source of airborne toxins in America and a leading contributor to the acceleration of climate change.

The path ahead for Ms. McCarthy won’t be easy: there will obstruction at nearly every turn, and industry lobbyists will seek to buy and discredit her. But thanks to the thousands of Care2 members who signed this petition supporting her appointment, she’ll have at least four years to stand up for American interests and reign in the polluters who put our health and environment at risk.

Congratulations, Gina!

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Official EPA portrait via Wikimedia Commons


Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a month ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

John Loughton
John Loughton2 years ago

Pt 2.... @Paul B Just as the battle was just won in 2 Texas schools against the RFID's there are many battles that lay ahead that many will come know of & stand up against.

John Loughton
John Loughton2 years ago

@ Paul B yes so true exactly. Of 911 of what i remember up till some years ago it was said 2 be around 50,000 or so who have died at that time from all that 911 deadly smoke clouds due to all the asbestos in those buildings. I bet by now is probably double or triple that figure now. But everything is so wrong in this world to the way that we live to what most of us eat but something huge is coming down the track very soon & only time will reveal exactly just what that is. I often say to myself , put me in charge of all things & i will make things right but realistically if that could happen i too would end up just like JFK as so many others including Martin Luther King. Ghandi is the true inspiration that succeeded & can shine a light for us all to beleive we can win. Just the Gulf Oil Spill incident alone with them putting the doomsday bug in the Corexit so many whistleblowers had seen around 50 to 60 of them murdered or so they say mysteriously accidentlly like (BS). I have no respect for the hate mongering Jews , Ash-kenazis, Zionist, Pedophile Club Catholics or whitemans fork tongue that play their parts in crime, murder, greed, plotting & conspiring against innocent people of humanity & the destruction of the enviroment. I stand for Constitution & Freedom in a world of just.I am Edward Snowdon, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning & all of any other real heros that have the courage to speak out & lay it all on the line. Just as the battle was j

Walter Botteldoorne



Benoeming McCarthy's is een enorme overwinning voor de miljoenen Amerikanen die willen de EPA aan koolstof vervuiling snijden - de grootste bron van de lucht toxines. McCarthy heeft een jarenlange ervaring met de EPA en een bewezen track record van tweeledige leiderschap, dus hoop is hoog ze zal inluiden in een tijdperk van zowel de samenwerking en milieu en gezondheid.

Paul B.
Paul Barbara2 years ago

At last there are some clued-up people commmenting on this site! Well don, John L and Dorothy N!
Yep, she should cut her teeth on the issues of Chemtrails and Fracking.
Remember 9/11? The EPA said 'The air is safe to breathe'; some cleanup workers were ordered not to wear protective breathing equiptment, in case it spooked the public, who the 'Evildoers' (sorry, Government) wanted to get back to work and make more money for the 'Evildoers' friends, the Banksters, without delay.

John Loughton
John Loughton2 years ago

Oh yer, another thing Mc Carthy is there a plan for you to do something about that other pollution we know as Monsanto & a few other doomsday companies same as them. You know the compay that has resulted from if not hundreds of thouands but millions of people & bees dead. Is Glyphosate & GMO not a catastrophic premeditated asault on humanity & the enviroment. Why is this NOT also an OH & S issue? & why does the EPA allow the toxic dumping of deadly radioactive waste out into the sea that washes up on beaches & i'm not just talking about Fukushima either? So sick of your lies & coverups you traitors should be in prison.

John Loughton
John Loughton2 years ago

Pt 2 I have some words most sheeples know nothing of ,Thorium, Cold Fusion, Tesla, Stanley Meyers, Rick Simpson, now go research & Wake Up.

John Loughton
John Loughton2 years ago

Bravo Bravo Gina McCarthy , quick quick get a move on to start kulling those people populations for after all think of all those sheeples right now just emitting that horrible carbon pollution they are breathing out expleting the whats left oxygen there is. Must get that master plan Agenda 21 rolled out to make things right after all.Even i know the lies that the EPA spew out it's just another revenue raising authoritiarian arm of the system as far as i'm concerned. I hope Carbon levels go over the current 387 PPM to hit 2,000 PPM, oh but that would result in plant vegetation flourishing in abundance, ohh no. Gee whats that Vegetable they made illegal mid 1900's called again , arr Cannabis , you know the one that sucks up 5 times more Carbon than any other plant on earth & cures cancer that would save the world cause it can be used for everything else, But no instead you's have gotta do Geo Engineering we know as Chemtrail us to block out the sun just so stop that nasty little Vitamin thats called D3. After all we musn't get those poisonous Vitamins cause Codex Alimentarius says so, so it must be true "NOT", If your so intent 2 kill of people for this cause then how about starting with yourself Mc Carthy & throw yourself under a bus, for the truth is , if you's were gonna do the right thing , you's would have done it long ago for you's will always string us along as you's always have.I have some words most sheeples know nothing of ,Thorium, Cold Fusion, Tesla, Stanle

Fernando H. D.

Congratulations Mrs. Gina McCarthy,
We believe that this is one of a kind opportunity, that it is a very heavy and hardworking job that requires an intelligent person to understand the differences between economy hidden factors versus a long term WW wealth.
The challenge is to recognize the urgent results required and to be proud, committed and persistent in changing the most high ranked business men, that does not want to change the pollution working philosophy syndrome in the USA, you will be engaged to compromise where time limit action expired and the responsible person has not done any improvement nor comply to the demand and prefer to pay for not complying.
In some of the industry sectors such as the advance technology the pollution processes are under developments, primary the use of chemical products that releases gases and other substances in the air and affects the World Temperature, destroy the ozone protection; but are being allowed during many years in the pasted and up to date.
There is need for an “American Iron Women”, and we hope that you can fit this special requirement to confront the change off between human wealth and balanced economy progress.
Best regards.