Another Syrian Official Flees The Country

Syria’s ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf Fares, has defected to the opposition and is now in Qatar. Fares is the first senior member of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime to defect. Through Al Jazeera, he has issued a statement urging the Syrian military to join the revolution and calling on Syrians to join together in the face of the regime’s attempts to divide them:

“I urge all honest members of this party to follow my path because the regime has turned it [the party] to an instrument to kill people and their aspiration to freedom.”

Syria has responded by firing Fares, saying that he “has been relieved of his duties.”

Fares had held senior positions under Assad’s father, the late president Hafez al-Assad, and is from Deir al-Zour, an eastern city that has been heavily bombarded by Assad’s forces. According to the BBC, Fares is also the chief of a Sunni tribe on Syria’s eastern border with Iraq. His defection is a serious blow to Assad’s regime and, along with the defection last week of Manaf Tlas, a Syrian general and friend of Assad’s, a sign of “people losing confidence” in the regime.

However, nearly a week after his defection, Tlas has yet to be seen in public and has not yet contacted the opposition, leaving in question whether the initial reports of his defection were “exaggerated.”

Western Powers Issue 10-day Sanctions Ultimatum

Western nations are now putting pressure on the United Nations to threaten Syria with sanctions even while the UN is deliberating about extending the mandate for its observer mission to Syria, which is set to expire on July 20.

Invoking Chapter 7 of the UN charter, Britain, France, the US and Germany want a ten-day ultimatum to be part of a Security Council resolution. Under its terms, Syria would be hit with sanctions if it does not withdraw troops from towns and cities and cease to use heavy weapons.

The UN observer mission had been given ninety days to monitor a truce negotiated by special envoy Kofi Annan. But while a ceasefire was called for, fighting has continued, with violence only increasing. Russia had requested a “simple rollover” of the 90-day mission but Western powers have demanded that compliance with the ceasefire be mandatory.

From leaked minutes of Annan’s meeting with Assad, Annan has confirmed that the topic of a transitional government has been discussed with Assad. As a possible mediator, Assad has suggested Dr. Ali Haidar, the minister of state for national reconciliation affairs. But Syrian activists have indicated that they will be demonstrating against Annan’s initiative in this Friday’s protests, calling Annan the “servant of Assad and Iran.”

Government forces have reportedly shelled an area of DamascusHuman Rights Watch says that cluster bombs, which are widely banned, may be in use in Syria based on evidence from videos showing remnants of the devices.

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Photo of rebels in Deir al-Zour by Freedom House


Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Robin Rae Swanson
Robin Rae S.4 years ago

Kristina Chew continues to ONLY cite sources such as BBC and Al Jazeera ... BOTH of which have been caught purposely fabricating information, photos, and even STAGING phoney video footage (Al Jazeera) to make it appear as if the Syrian army had committed the attacks. I have seen video interviews of former Al Jazeera station managers and program producers who admitted this and detailed how the staged videos were made, also paying Syrian citizens to take part in the videos.

Ms. Chew: PLEASE STOP being a troll for the media lie machines! Learn how to be an ETHICAL journalist!!! At the very least, investigate ALL sides of the story, using many DIVERSE sources, and use your COMMON SENSE before you publish such extremely important information. Be part of the solution, NOT part of the problem ... you are currently being the biggest part of the problem ... CORRUPTED MEDIA LIES!!!

Robin Rae Swanson
Robin Rae S.4 years ago

You are so right, Michael C.!! Thanks for trying to help inform the brainwashed. Most people here are trusting their CNN, Faux News, and other government-controlled media sources. Those sources are spewing the lies manufactured by the corporate government spin machine!

WAKE UP PEOPLE ... tick ... tick ... tick ...

sheila h.
sheila haigh4 years ago

@Michael C.

Your last post was so garbled that, frankly, I cannot understand what on earth you are saying.

Except you seem to be saying that the great mass of the Syrian people loved Bashar Al-Assad and his regime so much, but were too stupid to think for themselves so they allowed themselves to become pawns in a US/CIA/Mossad plot by which 25,000 of them (by UN figures) now lay dead, and they haven't got the wit to pack up and go home to the beloved Bashar. Is that right? Hmmmm......

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Sheila H, In the beginning, Syria was something like your Occupy Movement, that's right most American's could not get involved, they are too afraid of what Washington would do. How they would respond. What would we loose?

Take a look on WikiLeaks for the CIA and Embassy traffic into Syria leading up to this American financed "uprising." Then look at the redacted E-mails to Tel Aviv and what must be to the Mossad. Yes, it started with few up-starts, then again you that since you are so well versed with your own history and the Revolutionary Uprising, which culminated into a War.
I suppose that you also know that there were few followers in the beginning and most colonists were against it. But you knew this, right!

Lastly, Ask yourself two questions
#1 What would Obummer and Washington do under the same circumstances? God knows there are more than plenty of your fellow citizens that are plenty pissed off at the state of this country under Obummer.
#2 Has the last years of your countries occupation by dictatorial Presidencies scared you so much that you have accepted the role as party disinformation officer?

Carl O, Is that the song that which is tuning up for America's demise as a World Tormentor, or is it the one that points to the Pending Economic Collapse of the US. They are both coming, to a home near you.

We are no better than Al Assad, after all, when is the last time you heard Assad say that he, "Carries a big Stick." That was a recent reference out of th

Carl Oerke
Carl O.4 years ago

I wonder if we are beginning to see the long overdue collapse of the Bashar al-Assad regime. I remember many years ago wathcing ABC's Monday Night Football when the game was a blow out and time was short the late "Dandy" Don Meredith used to sing a song. "Turn out the lights. The party's over." Hopefully Bashar's party is coming to a long overdue an well deserved end.

sheila h.
sheila haigh4 years ago


. Peaceful protests were met with excessive force and brutality, and the escalation was set in place, until finally we are where we are. Now, how would you react if your 10-year old child had been arrested and tortured? Would your protest make you a thug? I don’t think so.

sheila h.
sheila haigh4 years ago

@Michael C.
This did not begin with “a few thugs”. There had been a few protests in Syria in support of the rebels in Libya against Ghaddafi, which the government forces had put down rather brutally. On March 6, 2011, in Dera’a, a group of 15 schoolboys aged 10-15 wrote some graffiti on a wall, copying the slogans they had seen in Cairo and Tunis – “The people want to topple the regime”. They were arrested and imprisoned. Not knowing what had happened to their children, the families tried to get information from the authorities without effect. The parents and families made a peaceful protest to the Governor’s house to locate their children. They were attacked by overwhelming security forces who opened fire on them and then the authorities denied access for ambulances wanting to treat the injured. This sparked bigger protests during which 4 demonstrators were killed. When the funerals took place, the security forces fired on those too. Each time the security forces re-acted so brutally, not only to peaceful protests, but to funeral processions too, this angered more and more people and sparked more and more protests. When the children were eventually released it was clear that they had been tortured, beaten, bloodied, finger nails pulled out, and that is what galvanised the protests throughout the country. Peaceful protests were met with excessive force and brutality, and the escalation was set in place, until finally we are where

Ness Watson
vanessa W.4 years ago

On the UK news last night it showed him going on to say something along the lines that this government is killing it's people and he doesn't support that. (I can't remember what it was exactly but he mentioned how they are currently killing people and it is wrong)

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

It seems that no one has chosen or dared to ask the right questions about the internal disruptions in Syria.

In the beginning, there was but a hand full of thugs leading the struggle, fast forward a full year and their struggle had not grown so much. I believe that it is then that they, these up-starts, took their struggle to the suburbs in a bid to create a clash between themselves and the Government but to place the general population in harms way.

No where have I seen nor heard that the media looking into the CIA connection as to having a hand in all of this. In the past, it has been the pattern that the CIA always follows, i.e. Egypt, Libya. This allows for the creation of a media headline and then begin to secretly contacting select individuals in the Government of the target country to defect or in the end, stand trial.

Such has become obvious in the tenor of the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West, you know her as Hillary Clinton.

Doubt that this is true, go to Middle East Partnership Initiative, a 5 year, 7 nation plan of destabilization, or if you like...regime change.

America is quickly becoming the most vile nation on this planet, is it that we have a desire, which we have secreted away, one that would prefer to destroy what we cannot possess.

In the end, take a good hard look at each of these nations. What group is now running these nations, the military or the Arab Brotherhood. Not exactly what we envisioned or is it...
Bring in the Drones.