Tampa Bay Strip Club Hires Sarah Palin Impersonator For GOP Convention


With the Republican convention around the corner a Tampa Bay strip club figured it would cater to the influx of conservatives by hiring a new batch of dancers including a Sarah Palin lookalike to headline. Of course.

Jezebel offers some of the details on the hire. The Palin impersonator is adult film star Lisa Ann who played Sarah Palin in several pornographic movies about Palin. In addition to the new hire, Tampa Bay strip clubs are upping capacity, setting up online chat rooms to that potential convention attendees can browse ahead of the convention and see the women they might want to watch dance in a month.

Of course the hire, and the dancer, is not directly affiliated with the convention. And really, hiring a Palin lookalike to dance for a bunch of Republican delegates and operatives is nothing if not a savvy business decision.

But the reason it’s a savvy business decision is because of the extent that Republicans, including Palin herself, objectify the former vice presidential nominee. The Palin impostor hire only works if her subject is seen as something less than an autonomous person, which about sums up conservatives views on women to start.

Plus, there’s something just so true about the image of a bunch of old white guys shoving money in the thong of a topless dancer who looks exactly like one of the “leaders” of the women in the conservative movement. I mean, really. Could we find a more perfect metaphor?

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Photo from DonkeyHotey via flickr.


Michael P.
Michael P.3 years ago

For her mouthings in support of animal cruelty Palin should be made to wear full burka with face covering and mouth gag 24/7 and banished to live in a Palin storage facility called a Palindrome.

Michael P.
Michael P.3 years ago

For her mouthings in support of animal cruelty Palin should be made to wear full burka with face covering and mouth gag 24/7 and banished to live in a Palin storage facility called a Palindrome.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese3 years ago

And the DNC has been trying to make the Republican's sexist with their lies, just look at the leering, oversexed people that call themselves Democratic on this site that have no respect for their fellow human beings. Really sad that they cannot keep either their lib or pants zipped.

David Abraham
David Abraham3 years ago

Christopher B-

Just because Palin is an ignorant airhead is no argument that she is not a beauty and sexy. I'd love to see her slithering around a pole!

Christopher B.
Christopher B.3 years ago

I'm just letting you know that Palin is an idiot, and should never be labeled as, "The Beautiful Palin."

Bill Reese
Bill Reese3 years ago

This entire article is a completely fabricated story, and there is no facts that it will be Democrats, Republicans, Wigs, Green's, or Communist that will visit a strip joint with an idiot that dresses like the beautiful Palin. Palin's looks are far and above all most of the female Democratic operatives today. Jessica tries to make believe the owner hired the impersonator just to attract the Republicans from the convention. If that is his source he will go broke, as the Republicans will be busy putting together a Platform for the upcoming election. So who did the owner hire the imposter to attract? It had to be the Democratic operatives that are dying to learn what is going on at the convention. The Liberal news media as they love their male to male encounters and their liberal ideas of what is cute or enjoyable. That is just as wild a suggestion as what the author of this story made. Both her comments and mine are pure bull as well as all the liberal bull stuff comments on this site.

Karen Friedman
karen Friedmn3 years ago

The party of the religious right, this is so funny, when you think about it. Maybe they will all be born again after the show.

Mitchell D.
Mitchell D.3 years ago

I think Donna and Brian are on the money.

Robert K.
Robert K.3 years ago

"David D
“But I want to thank you for not letting me down. You just use this atrocious example as a means to slam all republicans.”

No David, just the hypocritical ones."

No Carole, he got it right. Think about it. Is there any Republican politician who isn't a hypocrite? But you're right too, most Republican voters aren't necessarily hypocrites, mostly they're just ignorant or stupid.

Karen Howard
Karen H.3 years ago

Ironic that the conservatives (i.e., Religious Right) frequent strip clubs. Talk about hypocracy!