Tell Nike: Dump Michael Vick

Michael Vick is in the news again.  After almost four years, Nike has again signed Michael Vick to a lucrative endorsement deal. How does that make you feel?

As an American I am ashamed to admit the culture of celebrity-worship in this country is growing.  I understand sports are a big thing to a lot of people.  Sports stars are paid an inordinate amount of money to play games.  Children and grown-ups alike are awed by them, admire and worship them and pay good money to watch them play those games.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Vick’s history with dog fighting is well known.  In 2007 he pleaded guilty to racketeering charges for bankrolling his infamous Bad Newz Kennels.  Because he pled guilty to those charges he served no time for animal cruelty due to his actual participation in the beating, drowning and electrocution of under-performing pit bull dogs.  He served 18 months of a 23 month sentence and shortly thereafter was welcomed  back into the NFL (National Football League) when he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as a third string quarterback in August, 2009.

Over the past couple of years Vick continues to be in the news.  In December, 2009 The Philadelphia Eagles players voted Vick the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award.  Call me callous, but I still think that was a public relations ploy put in place by the Eagles’ administration. Recently Vick received the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Award for Subway Sportsman of the Year.  Many were not pleased.  Here is a Care2 petition asking BET to retract the award.

Sure, he has worked with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in their End Dogfighting Campaign by talking with kids at schools about the evils of dog fighting.  Many animal advocates were horrified by the teaming of an organization like HSUS — that speaks out against the depraved dog fighting culture — with one of that culture’s most well known participants.  Have Vick’s efforts convinced any children to avoid the dog fighting life?  Who knows for sure?

The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Nike spokesman Derek Kent.  “We have re-signed Michael Vick as a Nike athlete, Michael acknowledges his past mistakes. We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.”

Let’s face it; money talks. And professional football is all about the money.  But isn’t a dog’s life more important than money?

If you are appalled by Nike’s endorsement of Michael Vick consider letting your feelings be known.  Sign the Care2 petition. But more importantly, pledge to boycott Nike until they dump Vick.  There is a Facebook campaign going to boycott Nike.

A comment on that Facebook page by Donna Orsinski-Meanquale sums up the feelings of many animal lovers:  “I would walk barefoot in the heat of the day before I would ever put shoes on that Michael Vick promoted!  He is a worthless human being!”

Where do you come down on this?  Please comment..

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Photo credit: Flickr: Peter Schinkel


Mark K.
Mark K.about a year ago

I don't by Nike products because they pay that idiot Michael Vick to wear their products.

Mark K.
Mark K.about a year ago

I don't by Nike products because they pay that idiot Michael Vick to wear their products.

Chris C.
Chris C.about a year ago

I will buy nothing from Nike and will tell everyone I know not to buy Nike and the very graphic reasons way!

Amy L.
Amy L.about a year ago

I've never been an animal murderer or abuser. I need a decent paying job. I could represent Nike 100% more effectively and honorably. You guys should write Nike and tell them they should hire me instead of Mike Vick.

Sherri S.
Sherri S.about a year ago

Vick is an evil scum bag that just happened to get caught fighting, torturing and killing dogs. Sad to think that the NFL and some famous companies are willing to turn a blind eye to what he has done. Too bad so many people support him and make excuses for him, especially the black community and sports lovers. PATHETIC! This guy should never have been allowed back to fame after what he did!

H M.
H M.about a year ago

I stopped buying Nike decades ago because of Nike's shit. I never bought any shit directly associated with Vick.

Maggie W.
Maggie D.about a year ago

Don't bother with the petition it's closed. 918 signatures short of its goal.

Maggie W.
Maggie D.about a year ago

I'm not a football fan so I never had to worry about approving of his heinous acts by supporting teams that have no morals. I wear New Balance but I'm letting everyone I know about this obscene endorsement. This torturer of dogs being given awards is like giving the Nazi's awards for human compassion.

Sara Bostic
Sara Bosticabout a year ago

I don't think a person like this who was capable of doing what he did to these dogs could change as he claims he has. When you think of a man that can slam a puppy to the concrete ground in the blink of an eye, you think pure evil and you would be right. That is who he is. If he was capable of it then, he's capable of it now. The only thing this monster regrets is getting caught. I never say or write his name because the very thought of him and what he did to those dogs makes me sick to my stomach. I'm hoping that he will at some point in time truly pay the price for what he did.

Pinke A.
Pinke A.about a year ago

Ever since that Vick scandal,I have never bought or used any item from Nike! Never will! Yet we have used before,quite a lot.Also our daughters and adult grandchildren,I never buy any Nike products for them,ever more. Before Nike will drop this disgusting scumbag .
Shame on Nike!