Texas Halloween “Hell House” To “Lure People To Jesus”

Often, religious groups oppose Halloween, declaring it a day that people embrace the occult or supernatural, rather than God and heaven.

But one Christian church in Houston, Texas has embraced the day as a chance to terrify people into being saved.

The church paints its display as just another haunted house, although it does warn its patrons of violent themes.  But once you are inside, instead of the usual ghosts and goblins, customers are subject to a variety of sinful acts ranging from abortion to suicide, and the grisly and gruesome consequences of their actions.

And if, once inside, you discover that the depictions and proselytizing aren’t to you’re liking — too bad.  There’s no turning back in Hell House (for safety reasons, of course).

Potters House Christian Fellowship Church in Pasadena, who put together the Texas church haunted house, makes no excuses about their intentions to frighten kids and teens into accepting Christ as their Savior. “‘The material we are using to scare people is reality,’ [Pastor Lamont] Melrose said. ‘We want to give people the horror of what it is to go through an abortion. We want to give people the horror of what it is to deal with a rebellious son that commits suicide.’…He says the mission of Hell House is to lure people to Jesus by the end of the show.”

Hopefully the kids at least get a little candy once they are through.


Photo credit: wikimedia commons


Crystal W.
Crystal W.4 years ago

i loved hell house i went with my church and it was amazing i cryed so bad but it did shine a light on a few things i thank them for doing it when u walk in it is almost just like the real thing but better

Cristina F.

The need to scare children into submission? Disgusting! Doesn't this count as child abuse?

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Emilykin I.
Banbha M5 years ago

Crazy! What angers me is how Christians look at what Halloween has become (a money grabbing thing) and not what it really means/meant to the ancient Celts...if they did some research they would come to find it has nothing to do with ghosts and the bogie-man. Yes it was a time when it was thought the other-world opened and the living could converse with the dead but it was also Celtic New Year and a Feast Day. If you went back a few thousand years to Ireland you'd probably find a lot of hung over Celts on November 1st from parting hard the night before. On Halloween I don't think of pumpkins/costumes and all that crap...I think of the potatoes that had funny faces carved on them...a lot of poultry and pork being served up with beer or wine...I remember what October 31st meant to my ancestors and what they must have looked forward too all of October. It was a fun time and it was meant to be jolly, not scary or devil possessed. The Celts were pagans remember...there was no devil for them to worship...like Christians like to point out.

Claire Towers
Vanessa T5 years ago

OK apologies for my recent post there. I appear to be implying that all of Christianity is this way but I know it's not. There are many good Christians who have taken the message of love from the Bible and are gently helping others, living by a peaceful code of tolerance, respect, a wish to do the right thing, and - well are lovely people who touch the lives of others in a positive way, whether they share their beiliefs or not.

It's the kind of Hellfire and Damnation, aggressive Bible-pushing, do-as-my-God-tells-you or suffer eneternal torture people who would happily rule you with the use of fear that my post is referring to, these are the types who tend to let you think that God is full of vindictiveness, and I think deceiving children and scaring them like that is bordering on the Hellfire and damnation group.

Yes I'd go as far as to say it's abusive. How do you trust a Church leader who will use deceipt and fear to draw you in?

Leigh Anne Burnette-Turne

I think it's fabulous and kudos to that church for taking the time and energy to spread the word.

Claire Towers
Vanessa T5 years ago

(sorry cut my post off at the wrong point)

Is this God? I know if I were God I'd be highly embarrassed that these people were claiming to know me, and for making out that I would happily smite everyone left, right and centre for almost any reason!

Surely it is some kind of sin to be deceiving and scaring children like this?

I'm glad that I am on my own path, and not a sheep to the fear-mongering "God will smite you if you make a mistake" brigade.

Claire Towers
Vanessa T5 years ago


Surely it is some kind of sin to be deceiving and scaring children like this?

I'm glad that I am on my own path, and not a sheep to the fear-mongering "God will smite you if you make a mistake" brigade.

Claire Towers
Vanessa T5 years ago

There will always be gentle and respectful religious folk, who help others to find faith if they wish to be guided, but do not push or even suggest it if not. And I believe this to be so of all religions.
There are also those who are so convinced that the way they live is the ONLY way to live, and that any other way displeases God, so therefore are convinced that anyone who does not believe as they do will be condemned to Hell, or such-like. Therefore they will do anything possible to convert people, and will view it, not as abuse, but an act of mercy, to convert and save them from hell. And sadly there are STILL those in some religions who believe that those who cannot be converted should die.
Oh yes and there are those who don't really believe this but use religion as an excuse to be a total psycho!
It's the 'must convert you to save you from hell' brigade that scare me. Why? Because they can't see that their God is a narcisist (I must be worshipped), unforgiving (Oh my child, I see you were born into a different religion and just never ended up turning to me? Well I'll just smite you into eternal Hell. Goodbye my child...) prone to tantrums and will take them out on the innocent (You failed to do what I asked? Oh I'll make all of your descendants suffer for your mistake) Contradictory (I'm the God of love, those who love their neighbour will be rewarded, but then again it's fine to make war on the none-believers across the sea, it's also fine to rape your wife).
Is th

Liz S.
Liz S.5 years ago

Very outnumbered in this forum.....Yes, I agree that I know nothing about atheism. I am a Christian and support the laws of God. I do however, disagree with "fear" tactics. My God is a loving God, but I do believe you must follow the laws set forth by him in the commandments. I've never logged in here before, but I find it difficult not to take a stand for organized religion. Not all Christians go to these extremes...Talking about extremes, though.....some on HERE need to seek help.