The Ad Romney Wants You To See, And The Ad He Doesn’t


GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney has a new ad attacking President Barack Obama on the economy that he can’t wait for everyone to see. This, he believes, is the story of businesses struggling in the Obama economy.

Then there’s the ad that Romney doesn’t want you to see — an ad that never got aired back in the 90′s but is just as poignant now.

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Photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi


Olivia D.
Olivia Dawson2 years ago


Michael A.
Michael A.2 years ago


Jill C.
jill c.5 years ago

this guy is a socieconomic rapist. He needs to go away.

Joseph Belisle
Joseph Belisle5 years ago

Looks like everyone here has the gist of Romney. He was my governer for 4 years and I've seen him do alot of crappy things. Not that any Republican in the race should be even let inside Washington DC but certainly not Romney.

William Y.
William Y.5 years ago

Romney was a bad governor, bad governors make bad presidents.

Patrick F.
Patrick f.5 years ago

Wonder what Romney's dog was thinking when it was strapped to the roof in a dog cage? Think he was thinking weeeee or more like, holy crap this guy is not only a bad driver but an A$$HOLE too!

Sound Mind
Ronald E.5 years ago

This blood-sucker made his fortunes as an axe-man in down-sizing American jobs. He belongs in the lineup for the Guillotine.

Rachel Beckford
Rachel Beckford5 years ago

Par for the course, a good looking man with no morals running for President - no surprise there.

Hope S.
Hope Sellers5 years ago

I already knew this from my recent research into his background as well as his cruel treatment of his dog Rusty. He may be good looking but he has no empathy for people or animals.

This type of person does not get better with maturity, only more hardened and entrenched in their pursuit of more money and power.

Louise D.
Louise D.5 years ago

I was getting worried it was going to be the one where he comes out of the shower singing the Divynals song "I tough myself" whilst hiding his wang between his legs and I would have to gorge out his eyes on a matter of principle. Still, this sort of proves that there needs to be a serious cleaning out of political corruption especially on the businessmen who use politics to bail them out at the expense of the tax payer.