The GOP is Launching Even More Fake Websites to Confuse Voters

It’s about 10 weeks until the midterm election, and you know what that means.

Yes, it’s time for the standard onslaught of GOP fake websites.

For a party that prides itself as being the party of personal responsibility, the Republican party really loves to make it as hard as possible for a voter to find straight facts. In February, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) unveiled a series of websites designed to look like they were actually supporting Democratic candidates; instead they actually funneled money to their own coffer. Before that, the GOP offered a number of fake Obamacare websites to trick people into thinking they were accessing the just to be released health insurance plans.

Now, as we edge closer to what many believe could be a midterm election that may well flip control of the Senate and put two of the three branches of government into Republican hands, another crop of fake sites are popping up. This time, however, they are posing as “news.”

According to Talking Points Memo, the NRCC has created 20 fake news sites all meant to dupe voters into thinking they are reading real news, not campaign propaganda. The sites have innocuous names and come up in Google searches, but at the very bottom have a small disclaimer saying that they are paid for by the GOP.

“The stories appear on, and have site names like ‘Central Valley Update,’” reports Caitlin MacNeil. ”The fake new sites begin stories by explaining that they will analyze the candidate’s position but take a critical tone. At the bottom of each story, the NRCC discloses that the site is paid for by the committee. Communications director Andrea Bozek told National Journal that it was a ‘new and effective way to disseminate information to voters.’”

Oddly enough, itself pulls up just a blank page, making it impossible to just land on and click around to see which candidates they are pushing. Inner pages offer “top stories” that do link offsite, but, in the case of this one that goes to a Washington Examiner article, it’s hard to decide if that’s anymore credible. The most popular articles are of course pieces critical of the candidate.

A quick Google search of the site itself shows that it has “news” about House candidates in Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Iowa and Minnesota. Some, like Colorado, have headlines that come dangerously close to potentially fooling readers that they are reading something more than an NRCC hit piece. Others, not so much, such as the article declaring one Minnesota candidate fundraising with a “convicted child molester.”

Candidates being targeted are lashing out over the deception. “One of our country’s greatest strengths is freedom of the press,” said Jason Bresler, campaign adviser for Illinois Democratic Rep. Bill Enyart. “For the Republicans to mock that — it’s offensive. It’s a slap in the face to the military men and women who protect these freedoms each day.”

Republicans benefiting from the tactic are basically taking a hands off, “not my problem” approach to the controversy, benefiting while claiming distance. John Weber, a Republican spokesman, responded: ”It’s not us. We’re in no way involved with it. They just do it and we have no idea it’s coming.”

Are Republican operatives being deceitful, or just savvy campaigners? The NRCC claims it’s the latter. “Campaigning in the 21st century means reaching voters online,” NRCC spokesman Daniel Scarpinato told The Hill. “This innovative digital effort is focused on getting the truth out about Democrat candidates, so it’s perfectly understandable why Democrats would be both scared of it and jealous they didn’t think of it first.”

Perhaps. But as the sites are tiptoing along that very fine line between legal and illegality, that appears to be a place Democrats just have no desire to go. Republicans, meanwhile, appear to be growing very comfortable there.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven8 months ago

thanks for the article.

John R.
John d2 years ago


I agree with that - have you seen the list of all of the democrats in Illinois prisons ???

Betty Kelly
Betty Kelly2 years ago

Anyone making false or misleading statements, or hides the truth has no right to be in a position to make decisions that effect all USA citizens. NO VOTES FOR CHEATS.

ERIKA SOMLAI2 years ago


James Maynard
James Maynard2 years ago

Lots of straw men responses here....
not playing that idiocy......

Dale O.

It appears, that when it comes to the GOP, nothing really changes,nothing they do really surprises anymore.

So very true, Carole L when you stated:

"It's obvious gop can't win an honest race, hence their penchant for lying, cheating, misleading."

John R.
John d2 years ago

Carole L.
10:01AM PDT on Aug 20, 2014

it's obvious gop can't win an honest race, hence their penchant for lying, cheating, misleading.

The federal government is just now going to open the FEDERAL PRISON in THOMPSON IL to put all of the CROOK democrat governors there. It was built 10 or so years ago and will need 30 million in up dates to keep those democrat crooks in place and out of public harm.

good for the republican workers in Thompson Il.

John R.
John d2 years ago

Robert H
…..asks the man who says every singel thing wrong with the counttry sice day one has been a liberals fault. Take your false equivalencies somewhere else.

The topic of this post is not Perry


I hear just what you are saying and it is not with merit -- you are so correct on your evaluation ------

So what the heck are saying ???

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm2 years ago

…..asks the man who says every singel thing wrong with the counttry sice day one has been a liberals fault. Take your false equivalencies somewhere else.

The topic of this post is not Perry

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm2 years ago

LOLOLOLO John R all great political THEATER. But meaningless the way most politcal theater is.