Murkowski Dirty Air Act Unfolds

Remember “Connect the Dots”? Those pages of seemingly random points that, when connected properly, formed a picture? Well, I’ve been reminded of this game while watching the Murkowski “Dirty Air Act” episode unfold.

Considering Sen. Murkowski is from Alaska, where the impacts of climate change are dramatic and costly, one might think she’d be at the forefront of the Senate’s efforts to reduce carbon pollution. She’s even acknowledged the very real impacts of climate change on her constituents, saying “My home state of Alaska literally has villages falling into the ocean.” As the ranking member of the Senate’s Environment and Natural Resources committee, she’s certainly in a key political position to put America on a clean energy course.

Connect these dots and you might expect to find a picture of a true climate champ…but that’s not the whole story.

According to Sen. Murkowski has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from polluting companies, and some of her biggest campaign contributors in recent years include firms with fossil-fueled motives like Exxon Mobil Corp. Add those dots into the mix and a different picture emerges — and it starts to look like a person who is poised to introduce legislation next week attacking the Clean Air Act.

As early as Jan. 20 Sen. Murkowski is looking to spearhead efforts to delay the real action we need for America’s economy and health. Rather than returning from recess ready to help pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that creates jobs and protects our communities and natural resources from global warming, the Senator is expected to lead a full frontal assault against long-overdue and much-needed climate action.

Right about now you must be saying: “What can I do about it?” I respond with: “Connect the dots.”

You now know about this serious threat to our health and economy (Dot 1). You have access to your senators who you can ask to reject any attempts to delay unlocking America’s clean energy potential (Dot 2). Add to these points: sharing this information with your friends and family, writing a letter to your newspaper about this issue, calling your senators to drive home your concern — and all of a sudden we have a picture of democracy that works for people and the planet, rather than just polluters.

JP Leous is a climate change policy advisor for The Wilderness Society


By JP Leous


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Julie P.
Julie P.6 years ago

She and Sarah Palin are "Enemies of the Earth". Take a look at my share entitled: "Once Upon a Time ... Man Walked the Earth" which was inspired by the Alberta Tar Sands, but applicable to everything happening today. If you don't know about the Tar Sands, please watch the videos of "The Most Destructive Project on Earth"

Doctor V.
Doctor V.6 years ago

WE DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE AND ACCOUNTABILITY for GEOEngineering and Climate manipulation that has been going on for years!!!

Are you aware that the government admits to the deployment of aerosolized particulates of known toxicity over America for training in military applications and other purposes? Geoengineering? Climate Control?


HAARP and Beyond - Dr. Nick Begich VERY INFORMATIVE...

Jesse Ventura investigates HAARP

"I can’ t believe that people spend time on the internet arguing about “contrails versus
chemtrails” when this has been going on openly for decades. Call it what you want, the
military has been spraying us without our permission for generations."
the full article -

See the "Contrails in the Media" section near the bottom of the page... KNBC 4 in LA, the Weather Channel, PBS

Signs of toxic chemicals used to Modify Climate showing up in drinking water??? Hmmm... on KNBC 4, LA and KTVU 2, SF Bay area...

Terry S.
Terry S.6 years ago

Sorry Lionel, you are wrong. This is about putting America back to work. We allowed our manufacturing to be exported as well as the jobs that paid the bills. For our good faith efforts we have been screwed. The healthcare problem is a direct result of the Clean Air Act of 1977. While you may believe that your politicians are not on they take, the rest of the world knows better. All politicians are on the take. Please do not kid yourself.

While I would admit that Alaska has something to gain by moving industry back to the US, from their perspective, it really does not matter where they sell their oil. China and India must have more energy. China is building anything and everything to produce more energy. The last I heard, 3 coal fired plants a week, plans to dam every river in China. The damage done to the environment is worst then lowering proposed standards. That is not to mention the damage that is done shipping the junk to our shores. Not just the US, but also Europe. Trains run back and forth across the US 24/7/365. much of what they carry is loaded back on to ships and carried to Europe. Panama is digging more locks for bigger ships, thus doubling capacity. While at the same time destroying more rainforest. Yet for some reason, nobody takes issue.

The fact is, we need to restore manufacturing to our economy in the US, as does Europe. The ecological damage done by shipping, has been ignored for too many years. I am referring to all modes of transport.

Eco Warriors

thanks for the useful and interesting postie.

Dhaval M.
Dhaval M.6 years ago

this is the reason that america should outlaw the participation of corporations in elections

Robyn L.
Robyn L.6 years ago

Lisa Murkowski is in the back pocket of the big oil companies. She really does not care about her constituents or the health of the climate in Alaska. Between her and Palin not only are women politicians getting a bad name but the voters of Alaska are probably second guessing their votes.