The Rich Get Guard Dogs And The Poor Get Food Stamp Cuts

Need a further understanding of how bad the economic gap is between the rich and the poor?  Meet Julia, the $230,000 “executive protection dog” of Minnesota businessman John Johnson.  In perhaps one of the most disgusting sign of our “supply and demand” economy, the prices for guard dogs in the world is skyrocketting because the wealthy have that much more in assets to protect.

So what does Mr. Johnson do that requires him to need so much protection of himself and his estate?  Why, he owns a debt collection agency, of course.

The price tag on the dog doesn’t just make regular people squirm, however.  Even Julia’s own trainer finds it a little uncomfortable.

At her new home in Minnesota, Julia has a part-time trainer, Jeremy Norton, who also works as a firefighter in Minneapolis. Mr. Norton agreed that Julia was a special dog, but he smiled a bit uncomfortably when asked to explain the $230,000 price.

“It’s in the eye of the beholder,” he said. “That’s as politic an answer as I can muster. I mean, Julia’s nice, but that’s half my house. There’s no way to wrap your head around that.”

That’s not just half a house.  The amount that the debt collector business owner spent on one of his guard dogs (Johnson says he has six), is the equivalent of what at least 157 Minnesotans will receive in food stamps for one year.

That is, if those benefits don’t get cut.

Photo: via Wikimedia Commons


William C
William C5 months ago

Thank you.

J C Bro
J C Brou5 years ago

When the rich get tax breaks and the poor [and working class, for there is no longer a middle class] get cuts in gov't services, then the correlation between food stamps and overpriced dogs is perfect!

Kerry K.
Kerry K.5 years ago

It`s time that Americans start thinking about another american revolution. France had theirs over the same basic principals that exist today here in the U.S.A. life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a thing of the pass for most Americans. We struggle just to get by from pay check to pay check. Most wealthy haven`t got a clue what it means to be poor or to worry that a person is just one pay check away from being homeless. People say another civil war can`t happen again in the United States. Just keep pushing the people around until the can`t stand no more and see.

Mark Barfield
John Barfield5 years ago

@Sheri B... Agreed. So much wealth has shifted to the 1 and 2 percenters the rest of the country is bordering on poverty. That's a recipe for class warfare far beyond what the TeePeer fascists envision.

Sheri Bender-Schongold
Sheri Schongold5 years ago

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Molly F.
Molly S5 years ago

One has nothing to do with the other, but the ever widening wealth gap in this country is sickening. Thank you GWB and the spineless congress.

Daniel Kelley
Daniel Kelley6 years ago

@Grace A.

You underestimate the depth of their depravity, billionaires, thinking it's their intention to economically murder just the poor. By union busting, over seas outsourcing call center work and overseas manufacturing, they're steadily eroding the middle class. Apparently their aim isn't just to murder a few of the poor with lacking healthcare and mercury in high fructose corn syrup. They're apparently trying to divide the whole of world society into just 2 classes, billionaires and poor people, and then murder all the poor starting with who ever complains the loudest.

Daniel Kelley
Daniel Kelley6 years ago

What some vapid nonsense Mark B.

The universe is all connected. Gravity binds us all.

For decades, CEO pay has been growing, while inflation adjusted wages have been stagnant, the gap between the hoarders and the have nots has swolen to record proportions. CEO's have been downsizing during a series of contrived recessions, each recessionary downsizing ratcheting down wages and stoking poverty. Now Billionaire cash has bought political influence that is gutting union protections and intends to gut the social safety net, exactly when it's most needed by the most people since the great depression. If you want to divorce yourself from reality and claim billionaires security spending isn't related to billionaires class warfare on the common man, feel free, but don't expect any of us who live in reality to lend credence to your obviously bogus claim.

Mark Barfield
John Barfield6 years ago

It's disappointing this has been brought up again. What is deemed to be wasteful spending by a private businessman has nothing to do with what the state decides to spend on food stamps. Now, if the number or cost of guard dogs is a factor in the calculations used to fund food stamps, now there you got something.

Use you head, not your emotions.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

It is actually cheaper in the long run to treat the poor at least halfway decently than to try to neglect them. Even the Romans had "bread and circuses". We have food stamps, soup kitchens, and commercial broadcast television. We need affordable health care, low-income housing, help with food including child nutrition programs, and some sort of employer of last resort program--and enough of all of the foregoing to meet the needs of all those who need them.