These Dogs Need a Second Chance


For ten years now, GREY2K USA has been changing the lives of greyhounds in America. That is why it gives me such pleasure to let you know that in the last decade we have successfully worked to stop dog racing at 26 dog tracks all across the country!

Take a closer look at the pictures on this page.  The dog below has three bandaged legs.

Bandaged Greyhound from Tucson Greyhound Park

Bandaged Greyhound from Tucson Greyhound Park

All of the dogs are muzzled, their eyes shining as the camera hits the darkness of the kennel. When they are finally let out in the sunshine to race, some will suffer injuries like this little girl, and some will even die…

Do you know which track these images came from?  Majestic greyhounds confined in small cages, lying down on old fabric or carpet scraps: no toys, no love, just hour after hour behind bars.

Sadly, this is the life of every racing greyhound, at every track, in every state.  This is how greyhounds suffer every day.

Together, we can turn their misery into happiness.  Together, we can end dog racing and bring these gentle dogs home.

Please support our efforts today. Defeating wealthy racetrack interests is not easy, but with your help, we can do it!

Let me tell you more about the photos you are seeing.  They were obtained through an open records request and depict conditions at Arizona’s Tucson Greyhound Park (TGP) in Pima County.

Caged greyhound at Tucson Greyhound Park

Caged greyhound at Tucson Greyhound Park

In response to repeated citizen complaints, a County inspector went to the track in 2010 and took these pictures.  She interviewed track manager Tom Taylor, who admitted that greyhounds were illegally fed a diet based on raw, diseased meat.  The County inspector observed the small, stacked cages and confirmed that some dogs were regularly given steroid injections to keep them racing – all violations of city law.  Yet despite these many problems, and the danger to the greyhounds involved, a report was filed but incredibly, no action was taken.

Several months later, our investigators gained access to a TGP kennel and videotaped the same cruel and illegal conditions. We released our footage to the media and filed an official complaint with the mayor of South Tucson, Jennifer Eckstrom.

But just like Pima County, the City looked the other way. Again, no action was taken.

Now we know that the only way to help greyhounds is to end dog racing.  Only by shutting down racetracks like TGP will we be able to give the greyhounds the second chance they deserve.  Won’t you please help?

We are now preparing for the most aggressive lobbying season ever and intend to redouble our efforts to end dog racing nationwide.  If we can succeed, thousands of greyhounds will be free from suffering, and thousands more will never be brought into this cruel industry at all.

Stacked cages at Tucson Greyhound Park

Stacked cages at Tucson Greyhound Park

Here’s what it will take:

  • Professional lobbying teams to represent the greyhounds in each state
  • More investigations to expose the truth about dog racing
  • Promotion of adoption and rescue efforts
  • You!

Also, check out our new video campaign to end dog racing and share it with others. Help us let the world know that this cruelty must end.

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Nikhil D
Nikhil Dutta1 years ago

Horrible thing going on! Hope this industry ends soon.

Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

LMj Sunshine

Terribly sad, thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Terribly sad, thank you for article.

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky4 years ago

"There is nothing humane about some humans - beware, it seems to be a growing fungus among us...."

Margie B.
Past Member 5 years ago

Bravo GREY2K !!!
I knew these dogs were not treated very good - BUT - I did not know it was this bad. It breaks my heart to think how these poor gentle creatures must feel.
Keep up the fight to close down all dog tracks.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

I've read that this breed has an incredibly sweet disposition and personality and make wonderful family dogs.

PETA: Animals are not ours for OUR entertainment, food, clothing, or experimentation. I agree.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

I've read about greyhound racing before, and how cruel it is, and greyhound rescues, but I agree that really the only way to stop the abuse is to stop the racing.

Colleen Stadnick
Colleen Stadnick5 years ago

I absolutely agree that all dog racing should stop forever. And horse racing too! Nothing good comes of either!

Winn Adams
Winn Adams5 years ago

I've known of these wonderful rescue groups who help the race track dogs but not much about the people who are trying to close down the racing tracks. Thank you to those people who are doing the work to end racing. These dogs deserve to be treated with love and kindness and NOT racing for their lives.