This Amazon-Alternative Makes Ethical Shopping Easier Than Ever

With the holiday season approaching and Black Friday just around the corner, one company is making it easier than ever for people to shop ethically and responsibly. DoneGood, a certified B Corp out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, just launched a website where users can find ethical, sustainable goods and deals to go with them.

Last year, the tech startup launched a browser extension and app with the same goal. The browser extension helped users find alternatives to products they were searching for at giants like Amazon, with literally no extra effort. Users just had to download the extension and it would alert them to similar products at other sites that supported the environment or women’s education.

The new launch takes this same concept and applies it to a designated DoneGood site where people can search by product or by the issue they’re interested in, like products that are vegan, owned by women or minorities, or made in the USA.

“Our goal is to make it really, really easy for people to find the brands that are making great stuff and making the world better at the same time,” said cofounder Cullen Schwarz.

DoneGood has partnered with over 250 companies, all with a proven positive track-record of social or environmental impact. DoneGood and their partners have a symbiotic relationship; DoneGood makes it easier to find companies that might get lost in search results behind corporate giants. In return, the companies give DoneGood users a discount only available on the site.

Most of us, if given the choice, would probably choose to purchase products that are fair trade and organic. Because making products ethically is also more expensive, though, these products are often slightly out of our price range.

At first glance, this seemed to be the case with DoneGood as well. Great concept, but can we actually afford to gift our loved ones products from this site? Personally, a $250 blanket or $300 pair of shoes is a little out of my holiday budget. But I decided to give the site the benefit of the doubt and kept searching.

Then I found MataTraders, a fair trade brand whose products are made by artisans in India and Nepal and who happens to sell incredibly cute jewelry and clothing at prices I’d probably pay anyway. Sure, I can swing $24 for adorable earrings or about $60-80 for a handmade, fair trade organic cotton dress. Especially if it empowers workers.

“Most people want to know that their money is supporting things they believe in. It’s just always been really hard and time-consuming to find companies that you know are doing good for the world. We work to make it easy. The easier we can make it, the more often more people can join in, and the bigger the impact we all have together,” Schwarz said.

This holiday season, your gifts can be both unique and help remove trash from the oceans, empower victims of abuse, or ensure artisans receive fair wages.

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Glad to see a new place to shop.

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This is a good idea. It's not easy to find shops with specific ethical foundations.

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thanks for sharing

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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I definitely like Winn's comment.

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Before you start buying gifts think of the charities who need your support. How many "things" do you really NEED?

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This is like combing Black Friday and giving Tuesday! I will share this.

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