Top 10 Places in the World for Beautiful Weather

Raise your hand if you’re sick of winter. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Although it’s officially spring, the cold weather is hanging around for as long as possible, with several states enjoying a new dusting of snow this week. Well if you’ve got a bad case of cabin fever, and are itching for the days of sunglasses and sandals, have I got a list for you.

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a place where the temperature is always perfect and there’s virtually no danger of severe weather, you and Ed Darack have something in common. Only instead of just wondering, Darack did some serious research. What he found was that while there are no guarantees when it comes to weather (especially in a time of accelerating climate change) there are several places with a better track record than your city.

The results of Darack’s research are published in the article “The 10 Best Weather Places in the World,” which is featured in the March/April issue of Weatherwise magazine.

Using Darack’s article as a springboard, we’ve decided to give everyone a mental break from the winter blues. Enjoy these images of ten places where the forecast is almost always perfect.

10. Manjimup Region of the Extreme South West Region of Western Australia

Manjimup Western Australia

This is a piece of lush land that borders the southern Indian Ocean. In February, the average summer temperature clocks in at 81°F during the day and 56.1°F at night. In the winter, the coldest month, July, records an average temperature high of 58°F and low of 43.5°F.

9. Coastal Western Cape, Southwestern South Africa

Grotto Bay

Located where the South Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet, this strip of coastal land almost experiences below freezing temperatures. July, the coldest month on average, experiences a mean nighttime low of 44.6°F and an average daily high of 63.5°F. February, the warmest month, sees an average daily high temperature of 79.7°F and a mean low at night of 60.3°F.

8. Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide South Australia

This city is the capital of the state of South Australia. Its residents must be pretty content, as February, the warmest month, witnesses a typical daily high temperature of 84.7°F, with an average nighttime low of 62.8°F. The coldest month, July, experiences a mean daily high temperature of 59.5°F and a nighttime low of 45.5°F.

7. Coastal San Diego Region of California

Coastal San Diego Torrey Pines State Park

San Diego’s beautiful weather is partly the work of the cool Pacific Ocean. According to NOAA data, the region experiences an average annual daily high of 69.7°F and an average annual nighttime low of 57.5°F, with an overall daily mean annual temperature of 63.6°F. It doesn’t get much more perfect than that!

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

Similarly to San Diego, proximity to the Atlantic ocean helps to moderate Lisbon’s climate. Lisbon’s warmest month, August, sees an average daily high temperature of 82.9°F and a mean nighttime low of 65.5°F. Lisbon’s coldest month, January, experiences an average daily high of 58.6°F and a nighttime low of 46.9°F.

5. Barcelona, Spain


Located in northeastern Spain along the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona experiences an average daily high temperature of 69.1°F over the course of a year, and an average nighttime low of 54.9°F. Even during the coldest month, January, Barcelona experiences an average nighttime low of just 41.4°F and a daily mean high of 56.5°F.

4. Sassari, Sardinia

Sassari Sardinia

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea on northern Sardinia, Sassari experiences what we all lust after in the postcards. The average annual daily high temperature for Sassari is 66.4°F, and the mean annual daily low temperature is 53°F. Even in the coldest month, January, the daily average high in this city is 54°F and a nighttime low of 43°F.

3. Northwestern Coast of Morocco

The Northwestern coast of Morocco, where Casablanca is, experiences an average daily high of 63°F and a mean nighttime low of 45°F. Even during the hottest month, August, the average daily high is still only 80°F with a nighttime low of 70°F.

2. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Las Palmas Gran Canaria

As the largest city in the Canary Islands, experts say that Las Palmas experiences one of the healthiest climates for humans. The annual daily mean temperature at Las Palmas is 69.3°F, with an annual daily high of 74.7°F and an annual nighttime average low of 63.9°F, according to the Spanish Meteorological Agency.

1. Viña del Mar, Chile

Vina del Mar, Chile

“With an average annual high temperature of 66.2°F and yearly average nighttime low of 55.1°F, and with only slight variation in temperature throughout all of the months of a given year, Viña del Mar, on the central coast of Chile, ranks as the best weather place in the world for humans,” writes Darack.

Have you ever visited one of these temperate places? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Warren Webber
Warren Webber2 years ago

Live long and prosper!

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Janice Thompson3 years ago

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Alelieh Ramirez
Alelieh Ramirez3 years ago

thanks for sharing

Marion W.
Marion W3 years ago

I lived in the foothills in So. California and visited Barcelona, Spain where the climate reminded me very much of So. California. I also remember Barcelona as being beautiful and very clean.

Simon Tucker
Simon Tucker3 years ago

Lawrence and Lisa - I will accept Malta is worth a visit when your countrymen stop their disgusting slaughter of migrating birds, when Maltese "hunters" stop attacking conservationists and abide by the laws you signed up to when Malta joined the EU. I spent a week on Malta and was disgusted by how little variety of birdlife there is on the island.

Lisa D.
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Lawrence! was about to say the same thing! Are you Maltese?

I am..

We have amazing weather in Spring, Summer & Autumn, the winter is wet and cold however it doesn't last very long. And then Spring & Summer are beautiful - very hot in the middle of summer but nothing beats it better than a quick swim on the beach :)

I love Malta!

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Visit Malta. island&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=2yU7U_r0C5DT7Abm3IH4Bw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&

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I've learned to love all four seasons. All the same, maybe I should move to Lisbon. I already speak the language, and it's beautiful.

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I don't like hot weather at all... I love snow and a warm summer rain :)
And we here in Germany didn't have ANY snow this winter, we have had spring temperatures since February this year (not all the time, sometimes in between it got a bit cold, but definetly not winter temperatures)

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Wow ... I'm not near anything.