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Top 10 Reasons to Leave Pigs Off the Menu

Top 10 Reasons to Leave Pigs Off the Menu
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It’s not just Wilber from our much loved childhood tale Charlotte’s Web that is ‘some pig’. Believe it or not, there are a lot more to these farmyard animals than meets the eye. When in their natural surroundings, and not in the factory farms, pigs are playful and intelligent animals that enjoy basking in the sun, making nests and cooling off with a mud bath.

If the idea that animals aren’t ours to eat and use how we please isn’t enough to make you ditch the bacon, then perhaps the following fascinating facts will be the incentive you need.

Here are the top ten reasons to leave pigs off the menu and replace them with cruelty free alternatives instead…

1. Pigs are extraordinarily intelligent. In fact, they are smarter than the dogs we share our homes with and even 3 year old children. They demonstrate incredible cognitive abilities and are some of the smartest critters in the animal kingdom.

2. Pigs recognize their names and come when called. Well, that last part really depends on whether they like you or not. The truth is pigs are similar to dogs in many ways, they’ll come when called, they’ll play ball, they’ll sit for a treat and they love nothing more than a belly rub!

3. Pigs are extremely social animals. They are constantly communicating with each other using one of their 20 or more different vocalizations. All those oinks, grunts and squeals aren’t just for fun, they can mean anything from “I’m hungry” to “keep your hands off of my woman.”

4. Pigs suffer from depression. They are highly sensitive animals capable of complex emotional thought, and like us they can suffer with psychological disorders such as depression. It is common for pigs on factory farms to become seriously depressed because of their situation. They spend their entire lives in cramped spaces where they cannot turn around, can barely sit down and never experience sunlight or fresh air.

5. Pigs love to sleep nose to nose. They hate sleeping alone and prefer to snuggle up close. They also dream just like humans do and one can only imagine the terrors that would fill those visions for the unlucky majority that spend their whole lives in confinement and misery.

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Photo Credit: USDAgov

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5:49PM PDT on Jul 25, 2013

Great article but also include all animals....leave all meat off your menu! and save a life.

4:44AM PDT on Jul 19, 2013

thanks for sharing :)

5:51AM PDT on Jul 10, 2013

I agree leave pigs and also cows from our menus they are both mistreated animals in the meat industry

12:22PM PDT on Jul 5, 2013

Thanks for this list. I wish EVERYONE would please STOP EATING PIGS!

1:57PM PDT on Jun 19, 2013

Sharing, thanks!

8:55AM PDT on Jun 17, 2013

Thank you for this article. I share it!

6:24AM PDT on Jun 17, 2013

Awww, thanks for the article! I love pigs and leave them off my plate! I do not need to kill anything for my pleasure. I am not even going to read the other comments as I know they will be full of hate and excuses why people should eat pigs or whatever they want. There will always be those who justify the torture and murder of loving, feeling animals for food.

5:37AM PDT on Jun 17, 2013

Loredana - EVERYTHING eventually becomes part of the food chain, even people. When you die, your body will be devoured by scavenging insects, annelids, fungi, and bacteria. It will become part of the soil, which will feed plants, which will feed herbivores, which will feed carnivores and omnivores.

Dianne - the prohibition against pork and other "unclean" foods was lifted in the NT. I don't recall chapter and verse, but Paul has a vision in which a sheet contianing all manner of food, including non-kosher foods is lowered in front og him and he is told to kill and eat. He says that he has never eaten any unclean thing and the voice (presumably that of God) tells him not to call unclean that which he has made clean.
Personally, I don't look to a millenia-old book for my diet, but that's me. If you're going to wuote the Bible as a Christian, then don't cherry-pick.

11:23AM PDT on Jun 16, 2013

James H - so you can copy and paste from Wkipedia? Wow - aren't you clever. Makes my yeasr in agriculture and IT, my degree in Zoology and all the hours I devote to animal conservation and studies look irrelevant. No wonder your posts are such beacons of erudition!!

11:17AM PDT on Jun 16, 2013

James H. which post? The one that points out that you misrepresented everything I said? Everything I wrote was factual and pertinent, whereas both your postings are utterly inane. If you have the education, point out what was incorrect in what I said. Put up or shut up.

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