Trump Encourages More Police Brutality

It’s not often that you hear someone come out in favor of police brutality. Even those who help perpetuate the problem by turning a blind eye to the epidemic aren’t typically callous or dumb enough to publicly encourage bad police behavior.

Ah, but we live in a land where Donald Trump is president. Speaking to a group of police officers in Long Island, he instructed them to “please don’t be too nice” when shoving apprehended suspects into police cars.

Trump explained, “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know the way you put their hand over… You can take the hand away, OK?”

Alarmingly, the police loudly cheered Trump’s suggestion to allow arrestees’ heads to bang against the top of the car. At this point in the arrest, suspects are already in handcuffs – there’s no reason to try to inflict pain on them.

Are these officers here to protect and serve or behave like bullies? It’s long past the point of obviousness as to which mode the president operates from, but I’d like to think police officers would take their oaths more seriously than to get excited at the idea of getting to beat up on people more.

In scattered thoughts, Trump compared the need to hire “rough” police officers to the need to appoint rich people to the Treasury Department, since that’s supposedly what it takes to do the job properly.

Unfortunately, this speech continues from there. Trump also called out “pathetic” mayors that don’t “allow [cops] to do their job.” Does he perchance mean the “job” of ignoring cops who decide to punish suspects on the spot rather than allowing for due process in the courts?

“For years and years, [rules have] been made to protect the criminal… not the officers,” said Trump. “You do something wrong, you’re in more jeopardy than they are. The laws are stacked against you. We’re changing those laws.”

Certainly, a lot of people would dispute the laws being too strict on police officers. Time after time in even the most egregious scenarios of brutality and even murder of unarmed suspects, police are rarely criminally charged for their actions.

It’s not particularly surprising that Trump shows no interest in cracking down on police brutality. Early into his term, Attorney General Jeff Sessions proclaimed that the federal government would stop monitoring police departments that have been in trouble because of accusations of police brutality.

At a time when a good portion of America – particularly people of color – are begging for additional accountability from the police, it’s discouraging to watch the commander in chief egg on the police to behave more violently and recklessly.

Take Action

This is unacceptable rhetoric in a country with an already out of hand police brutality problem. Suffolk County is already the site of incredible civil rights violations. Former Police Chief James Burke was charged just this week. Sign the Care2 petition to demand the Suffolk County Police Commissioner and the Police Association disavow this call for violence!

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FOTEINI horbou3 months ago


Margie F
Margie FOURIE3 months ago

Dont believe it

Karen H
Karen H3 months ago

If Trump's comments to the police were (as Sanders said) a joke, and other comments he's made have been labeled as "joking", maybe it's time he left the White House and got a late-night talk show.

Kathleen E
Kathleen E3 months ago

Feel sorry for the USA to have such a man at "the helm"

natasha s
Past Member 3 months ago

Just surreal. Signed

Elaine W
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Regus Slantei
Regus Slantei3 months ago

.......its like attempting to talk to a circular brick wall. other words, its like talking to the Bronze-Hued $hitgibbon himself.

Brian F
Brian F3 months ago

Regus Nancy Pelosi is worth over 100 million dollars and refuses to support single payer universal healthcare. I wonder how much big pharma and our criminal healthcare industry pay her. It’s clear that the Democrats are just as corrupt as this fraud Trump, and the Republicans. If you can’t see anything wrong with corrupt Democratic establishment politicians like Nancy Pelosi, who has gotten crushed by the Republicans, then you’re a complete idiot. Corporations own both corrupt parties, and the Democrats who cheated Bernie Sanders out of his primary, are blocking him from having any power so they can continue their corruption, and make millions from Wall Street, banks, big pharma, and corporations.

Brian F
Brian F3 months ago

Regus I don’t know what I failed to address. You said Obama didn’t stand in front of the police, and tell them to attack protesters. While he did nothing to stop the thug police from beating the sh&t out of protesters at Standing Rock and the Occupy protest. What’s the difference? You never address any of my points. Hillary took 13 million dollars as a bribe, from our criminal healthcare industry, and refuses to support single payer universal healthcare, and you think its ok? The only moron here, is you Regus, who like all corporate fake Democrats refuses to admit that the Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of his primary, lied about the Nevada convention, the Wikileaks e-mails show Hillary was a liar, with close ties to Wall Street, for the 21 million they paid her, and Obama took $400,000 for a speech as a reward from Wall Street for not prosecuting one banker, and corporations own both corrupt parties, and the Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans.

Regus Slantei
Regus Slantei3 months ago

Brian F.,

You really didn't answer my question, nor address any of the issues I raised.

But, no real surprise NEVER have, in any of your responses to me. You are a proven intellectual peckerwood.

In all these months, in all of your sophomoric screeds, you haven't raised a single issue about Hillary or Obama that rates a criminal charge, and indeed none has ever been brought. But that doesn't stop you or your snuggle-buddy Trump from endlessly repeating the Russian-fed name -- "crooked Hillary" -- like some brainless wind-up toy, fit for a 3yr old.

You are indeed one of Trump's trollops. Is there anything you wouldn't do to pleasure him?

Oh yea, and Bernie says: go f**k yourself, if you can get in there before Trump does.