Turning Our Lenses Toward Marine Protection

NOTE: This is a guest post from Devin Harvey, Manager of Visual Media Initiatives at SeaWeb.

Imagine yourself leaning over the edge of the National Geographic Endeavor, a Lindblad Expeditions ship, the Galapagos Islands in your viewfinder as the sun rises over these ecologically critical islands. You capture the iconic photo and the excitement swells as you anticipate the days ahead filled with kayaking, snorkeling, photography expeditions and much more.

Beautiful images of nature and wildlife can inspire awe and raise awareness, but their power to affect change is limited and often they paint a false picture of the health of the environment. In order to advance the discussion around protecting marine environments we must turn our lenses in a different direction — toward the hard truths about what is happening in the ocean. Guy Marcovaldi understood the impact that a single photo can have and submitted the Grand-Prize winning photo to the 2010 Ocean in Focus contest and here is what he had to say about it his conservation photography:

“These kinds of photographs allow people who probably wouldn’t have access to the marine environment to see the problems and care about marine conservation. The marine environment was always an interest of mine, and I wanted to work in marine conservation since I was a kid. I used to dream that I would be like Jacques Cousteau!” — Guy Marcovaldi, 2010 Contest Winner

Like Cousteau, you can help raise awareness about the plight of the ocean by participating in this one-of-a-kind photo contest. This contest calls on photographers of all skill levels to compete and donate photos illustrating the many human impacts on marine life and marine ecosystems as well as ways in which people are working to turn the tide on ocean degradation. Photos contributed to the Marine Photobank will be available to download for free for our membership of teachers, students, researchers, conservationists, scientists and other non-commercial users as well as media members under specified media usage terms.

For more information about the contest, please visit the contest homepage.

The Marine Photobank, a project of SeaWeb, encourages ocean conservation by collecting and providing compelling, high quality marine photos, images and graphics at no cost for noncommercial use as well as for media use under special terms. The Marine Photobank aims to illuminate pressing marine issues and human impacts on the ocean through imagery.

Photo courtesy of Guy Marcovaldi, Projeto Tamar Brazil/Marine Photobank


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This is such a wonderful project!! Thanks !!

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This Marine Photobank Project is interesting to read about; but I personally do not have the life skills, talents or professional requirements to render participation viable for me. However, this might be a perfect venue for a grand niece of mine. I will FWD this article to her. Glad someone is documenting what's going on in the ocean depths so that everyone can be informed & be a better caretaker of this awesome environment.

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Thanks for posting.

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What a great project

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Agree with Carol H entirely.

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Agree with Carol H entirely.

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Don't forget when man gets involved with nature nature always loses I just wish that weren't true but unfotunately it is and that has to change.

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