U2 Helps Save Wild Horses With Powerful Music Video

Wild horses have been part of the North American ecosystem for nearly 500 years, ever since the first mustangs, descendants of the horses brought by the Spanish conquistadors found their way onto the plains (Britannica).

Recently, wild horses have become a “nuisance” for ranchers, range managers, and government officials that want to keep grazing lands all to themselves, especially in places where there seem to be as many horses as humans.

This problem is the most obvious in Wyoming, South Dakota, northwestern Arizona, and, notably, Nevada, where the wild horses form great herds and are often rounded-up and slaughtered by the federal government.

To draw attention to the plight of these historic and beautiful animals, award-winning filmmaker and wild horse activist, James Anaquad-Kleinert recently released a star-studded documentary called Wild Horses & Renegades that examines the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) controversial policies on public lands, and the systematic elimination of America’s wild horses and burros.

Internationally-acclaimed band U2 lent their support to the film with the re-release of one of their best songs, “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”. Watch the powerful music video here.

“If the public could view what’s being done to wild horses, the public would stand up and take action, this is just not a film about America’s Wild Horses this is a film about what is happening to America itself!” states Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves.

Since 2001, the BLM has removed more than 90,000 wild horses off their federally protected land. More than 24 million acres have been withdrawn from wild horse and burro use despite the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act. 40,000 wild horses are currently in government holding facilities instead of roaming on the land designated for their use. The BLM’s roundup and removal policy is leading to the extinction of wild horses and burros in the West. This costs the American taxpayer $120,000 per day.

To learn more about the film and how to help save America’s wild horses and burros, please visit: theamericanwildhorse.com

You can also sign the Care2 petitions below:

Save Our Wild Horses!
Nevada’s Wild Horses Are An Endangered Species

Image Credit: Flickr - treeday77


Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Z6 years ago

Signed petitions from other sites & Shared all horse stories on Facebook!!! :(

Linda S.
Linda S6 years ago

Another reaason to love U2.

mari s.
Mari S6 years ago

Horses need a place to live -- being held in holding facilities indefinitely for slaughter is absurd and cruel -- land should be designated for them -- no excuses! Cattle ranchers cannot think it's ok to push horses out into extinction because of their meat business -- the Government should be there to protect the horses -- these wonderful animals have a right to their lives -- God says so!

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

"The standard diet of a meat-eater is blood, flesh, veins, muscles, tendons, cow secretions, hen periods and bee vomit.
And once a year during a certain holiday in November, meat-eaters use the hollowed-out rectum of a dead bird as a pressure cooker for stuffing.
And people think vegans are weird because we eat tofu?"

- vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke"

..........It's statements like this that are so offensive, so inflammatory, and so irrelevant to the topic, I often find myself wondering why I bother to read articles that come across as being of interest, so I go to comment, and find they've digressed into mantras for a dietary lifestyle, and not much else. This discussion is about a corrupt government agency, specifically the BLM, and about the efforts of a few celebrities to draw attention to their plight. It's no place to hawk one's nutritional choices, and frankly, it sure would turn me off to even considering it if this type of verbage is what they often sink to in order to make their points. Being vegan or vegetarian is a choice, and I'm sick of it being stated in such a way as to lay a guilt trip on those who disagree. BTW, chickens don't have "periods", and eggs are laid every single day, regardless of the "time of the month". Neither do bees vomit. The attempt to "disgust" is truly disgusting, but not in the way intended.

Carrie Anne Brown

Signed both petitions and voted =], thanks for sharing =D

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

Love U2 even more than I did before now. :)

Jean M.
Jean Muise6 years ago

BLM should be abolished. They are disgusting. Why is the federal government paying them to chase and harass the horses with planes? It is just sick to see these animals in holding pens. I wonder if they are using these lovely horses for cat and dog food.? Someone is making a lot of money off of them.

Chloe M.
Chloe M6 years ago

And that's one of the reasons why U2 is my favorite band!

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

I love how feral horses are worth more to people, than native species. they act like the buffalo massacer was one thing when it wasn't. and that nobody fights to protect pronghorn antelopes. that N.A was missing an important species for the ecosystem. we could introduce elephants and lions too. but those have no historical significance

the same with a Brumby. those are more important than the Australian ecosystem(which say they fufill an important ecological nich that makes the land much more complete)

Europian horses have great symbolism. we should all embrase that. maybe if I had a horse, and many people, I can ride in and take over lands.
then let their decedents free.
then those people will celebrate my horses and they will be an icon of a bygone day, and embody true freedom.
maybe we can attach misses to Mustangs and have them fix Libya. and have horses win their war. or something

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Thanks for the video!