Unmarried Female Senator Must Hate Families

It isn’t very often that you hear a politician’s marital status used as a reason not to vote for him or her.  But when you do, the politician in question is almost always a woman.

According to the Seattle Times, Washington Senator Maria Cantwell’s Republican challenger has launched an attack against the Democratic incumbent over her signing of a letter asking the Obama administration to justify its overruling of the FDA’s decision to allow Plan B to be available without an age limit or doctor’s prescription.  Calling the sitting senator “an extreme liberal who is left of most Washington voters,” State Sen. Michael Baumgartner noted that she was “unmarried” and “frequently voted to ‘undermine the role of parents in child rearing.’”

Somehow, wanting younger girls who believe they might be pregnant to have access to contraception that will stop her from turning into a teen mom is anti-family?  Only if you consider forcing very young women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term “pro-family.”

In an ideal situation, any teen should talk to her parents if she thinks she is pregnant.  But when time is of the essence, and a girl under the age of 17 needs a doctor’s note to obtain the emergency contraception, having a safe medication that she can access immediately is even more important.  Plan B works best to prevent pregnancy the first 72 hours after unprotected sex.  Putting up a delay to obtaining it means the difference between a girl preventing pregnancy or needing an abortion or becoming a teen mom.

Saying that a politician cannot understand the importance of family or raising girls simply because she hasn’t had one is a ridiculous and sexist attack.  After all, most politicians are male and can never give birth, so how do they then feel qualified to legislate the uterus for every woman and girl in the country?

(Note: The original piece spelled the Republican challenger’s first name as Michale, not Michael, as that was how it was spelled in the Seattle Times piece.  I have corrected the error.)



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donald Baumgartner

"Petition Closed". Baumgartner lost the election anyways, just as well w/ a attitude like that!!!

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

Thanks. I loved the entire article!

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S.4 years ago

This kind of twisted logic is what continually drives me away from the Repugnants. I became a resident of Seattle about a year ago, and I will definitely be voting for Senator Maria Cantwell as will my boyfriend. I'm also unmarried and support over-the-counter availability of Plan B, so I'm sure Baumgartner would not have flattering things to say about me either. ;-)

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago


Laurie S.
Laurie S.4 years ago

In Post 4 of 4 I also lost a section of reply that said:

We live in an oligarchy, and they have the money, so yes, they really can do all that and be immune to prosecution, unless enough of us who know better can figure out how to stop them. Not an easy task.

Sorry about the mess, I won't forget that "arrows" glitch again.

Laurie S.
Laurie S.4 years ago

Also because of the systems habit of cutting off everything after the double arrows I use to quote people, my reply to the "VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE" was also lost.

I replied, "There's a good start!"

Laurie S.
Laurie S.4 years ago

@Joanne K:

++ As neither a Democrat NOR a Republican, I have just a few questions: Can anyone out there tell me what the Hell is wrong with so many people in this country? Just whose business is it if a person is gay, lesbian, hetero? ++

I would go further; whose business is it to decide that we all have to take a label in the first place? Why do I (or anyone) have to state that we are Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans or Hetero at all? I have a friend who has decided to love who she loves without regard to their gender, and if sex happens, it just does; if it doesn't, then it doesn't, but she doesn't love them any less. She's got the healthiest attitude to sex and love and family and personal boundaries I have ever seen, and as far as I'm concerned I'm with her. Why choose? If I want a man I'll have a man. If I want a woman I'll have a woman. If I want platonic relationships I'll have platonic relationships. Why label myself? Why should anyone label themselves? Your sexuality is your business.

++ Since when does someone's religion (or lack thereof) qualify [or disqualify] someone for political leadership? ++

According to the constitution, it isn't supposed to. "No religious test shall be imposed..." Unfortunately, what the rules are supposed to be and what ignorant people demand are two different things. You know as well as I do that no Pagan could ever be elected to office here, despite the rule banning religious testing to qualify for office.

Laurie S.
Laurie S.4 years ago

Post 2 of 4 (I forgot that Care Two's system cuts off everything after an arrow sign!)

As soon as his or her not being Christian were found out, the Fundamentalist Christians would be holding rallies and burning the Pagan candidate in effigy.

++What happened to the "Separation of Church and State? ++

The dirt poor and stupid in this country have enslaved themselves to the Fundamentalist and Republican Authority that has told them that if they help stamp out all freedom to to think, live and/or be anything other than what the Authority decrees, they will be protected from the terrors of life. No need to think, no need to make any difficult decisions, no need to face the fears of life. The conservative masters will provide them with a totally secure existence; eternal swaddling in the confinement of unchallenged ignorance and police state enforced conformity from cradle to grave. And if no one comes along to change the diapers and you drown in shit at an early age, so what? At least you don't have to take any risks or try to become responsible for yourself, and "Heaven" is better than here anyway, right? But to make it work, you have to stomp out the opposition. If there are any visible alternatives, people might actually start to think about which type of life the like better, and we just can't have that, now can we?

++ Do enough people out there realize what's happening to this country, [so they will become] willing to force a change? ++

Laurie S.
Laurie S.4 years ago

Post 2 of 4

As soon as his or her not being Christian were found out, the Fundamentalist Christians would be holding rallies and burning the Pagan candidate in effigy.

>>What happened to the "Separation of Church and State?> Do enough people out there realize what's happening to this country, [so they will become] willing to force a change?

Laurie S.
Laurie S.4 years ago

Post 3 of 4

Well, there are people who want to defend what is good about this country, including personal freedom, but in some places (hi, y'all!) finding someone who understands what is at stake is as hard as finding an ice cube in the Gobi Desert.

I saw a YouTube video a few days ago where someone concluded that in the event of a total collapse in the US, a sensible person would retreat to a place below the November 1st average frost line, in an area where there were few cities. In other words the Deep South in Eastern Texas, Louisiana, northern Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee. Supposedly life would be easier there.

I replied in the comments section that the earliest possible date for a freeze in any region, the actual time they happen (which changes yearly with the weather), and the duration of freezing temperatures is not on his climate map; In the Portland, OR this year our weather has been so mild that it has been below freezing for a few hours about once, and we are more than halfway to spring already. Unfortunately, you just can't get that sort of thing across to someone who thinks they can conquer a map.

I also pointed out that the people of the eastern seaboard, especially the larger cities of the South, would pour into that area looking for resources, and that even if a few of them survived, according to all standard measures, by scientific and sociological study, the natives of the area are the poorest, dumbest and fattest sector of our