URGENT: Don’t Let Congress Fund Horse Slaughter Plant Inspections

In 2007, horse slaughter was banned in the U.S. Foreign owned slaughter plants in Illinois and Texas were shut down for good and funding for USDA inspection of plants was cut off.

Language to prevent funding has been included in every Agriculture Appropriations bill ever since. This afternoon the House Appropriations Committee will vote on the Fiscal Year 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill, and for the first time this language has not been included.

Without USDA inspections, no slaughter plants can be opened in the U.S. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for an inhumane practice that only benefits foreign companies.


Visit the Wild Horse Preservation Campaign to learn more and find phone numbers for members of the House Appropriations Committee and contact your representative to express your opposition to horse slaughter. 
You can also call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3131 or the Committee’s number at (202) 225-2638. 


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Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

(got cut off)........"walk the walk" and don't make asses out of themselves for publicity or claim they've done things they haven't. They IMPLIED/claimed they saved an Akita in Japan after the tsunami. No, they didn't. It was a newspaper reporter who did that, and they merely made the story public. They took credit for something they didn't do and it annoyed me a lot.

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

No, Sue, quite factual. You and I have gone down that road before. Everything I've said can be backed up and is on the web for verification. Two of the instances I've spoken about I've got personal knowledge of, so if you want to accuse me of being a liar, go for it. Of COURSE, PeTA denied involvement, but it was absolutely, positively stated by the woman CONVICTED of firebombing the research lab at the University of Washington, that resulted in the death of an employee, that she was acting on behalf of PeTA. The raid at the mink ranch was OBSERVED by neighbors and some of the people were identified as being members of PeTA. Because PeTA denies condoning those acts or ordering them done is irrelevant.

PeTA started out as a good organization, but Ingrid Newkirk has driven them into the proverbial toilet. "Haul me over the coals" for statng what I know to be fact? Pretty silly to even suggest. If I made this stuff up, then that would be one thing, but this was all on my local news when it happened, and on all the stations, in all the papers and known to be fact by everyone who lived in the area (around the mink ranch), not to mention watched the courtroom trial of the woman who firebombed the lab. If I'm imagining things, guess there are thousands of others who have over active imaginations as well. Be a follower of such a radical group if you wish. I think there are far more effective groups who do "walk the walk" and don't just "talk the talk", ask for money

Sue Griffiths
SUE Griffiths5 years ago

@Diane L.
Your comments on Peta are absolute rubbish. I really don't know where to start, you've made so many silly accusations. I can't make out if you are ill informed or if you have an ulterior motive for saying such things. Peta are in the business of exposing animal cruelty whenever and wherever it takes place. They speak up for the voiceless. When animals need removing from an abusive situation, Peta will sort out a sanctuary if need be. Other agencies will go in and actually remove them. Peta are not pretending to be anything they are not. Of course they stage public demonstrations and ask for donations, that's the way they educate the public. That's the way they things get done. As for donations, well how the hell are they going to be able to travel the world seeking out injustices if they have no money coming in. Get real please! No, they don't own shelters, but where have you read that they have said they do? As for your accusation that Peta was responsible for midnight raids, releasing animals from laboritories, and firebombing buildings, killing someone in the process, that is outrageous. Do you think that they'd do such things that would besmirch their name and reputation. I'm not saying that the person responsible, doesn't support Peta or she wasn't even a member, but Peta would never condone such actions and I'm surprised that you haven't been hauled over the coals for suggesting such things.

Jean M.
Jean Muise5 years ago

This is just insane. Someone is making a lot of money off these horses. We all need to protest against the slaughter of these lovely animals.

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

(cont)......Susan, just two occasions that I know of personally involved PeTA going into the University of Washington's property and doing a "midnight" raid on one research lab that supposedly used animals for their research. They fire-bombed the building and an employee ended up dying afterwards. PeTA denied responsibility, but the woman caught, tried and who later admitted setting the fire was a member of PeTA. PeTA also was responsibile for "raiding" a mink farm in Monroe (Washington) a few years back and setting loose over 250 hand-raised mink, all of which were found dead within days........mauled by predators or starved to death, since they were hand-raised, had no sense of self-defense or knowledge of how to hunt for food or protect themselves. Again, PeTA denied doing it, but they were caught on tape by neighbors and individuals identified.

Another case involved supposedly "rescueing" many dogs from a kill-shelter in the guise of re-homing them, and all were found dead and discarded in a dumpster a bit later. Two PeTA volunteers were responsible, and PeTA claimed it was only two dogs that were too sick to survive. There were far more than two dogs, and there obviously was no intent to re-home any of them.

If you only "Google" PeTA, you will probably only find those websites put out by PeTA, promoting themselves. You need to do a bit of homework by putting in "anti-PeTA" or ask specific questions.

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

Sue, if you read my comments, you'd have the answers to those questions you just asked. Yes, we need the jobs, and there are differences between companion animals such as dogs and cats, and horses which are considered to be livestock. You missed my point in that I AM a horse owner myself, have been since 1976, and would never, EVER consider sending any horse I had responsibility for to slaughter, and in fact, own a rescued TB mare myself. However, I am also realistic in that I'm not "everyone" and I just believe that others should have the option to do what they feel they need to do, IF they are not going to keep animals they no longer want or can provide for. I know from personal experience that euthanizing a horse is a lot more costly than having one's old cat or dog PTS, and there is also the issue of disposing of the body. Not everyone has access to a bulldozer or the land on which to bury the animal. With me, it cost almost $800 by the time all was said & done to have a very old and very sick mare put down.

As for PeTA, just "Google" the topic. The links are all online and available. PeTA does NOT operate shelters and they do NOT rescue animals. They do little else but promote themselves and ask for donations and protest "events". They've committed many acts of "domestic violence" resulting in deaths of innocent animals and even the death of humans. Want specifics? (to be cont).

Susan T.
Susan T.5 years ago

@ Diane L
"They've [PETA] been responsible for killing more dogs and cats than they've ever "saved"."

While I am not always enthusiastic about everything PETA says, I am baffled by your statement. When and where was PETA ever responsible for killing so many dogs and cats? Without any citation or reference to a particular story, that is a pretty irresponsible and inflammatory statement. Citation please?

Susan T.
Susan T.5 years ago

Fundamental question - is a horse a commodity like a car or a tractor, or an animal you want to treat humanely? If we (as a society) regard horses as commodities, as are many unfortunate animals in factory farms, the law favors the economic factors (altho much legislation has been passed to improve conditions for animals when people are made aware of them). If, however, most horse owners feel a connection w/ their horses the last thing they would want to do is send them to slaughter, & would instead choose to euthanize them.

I'm certain many ex-race horses end up in slaughter because they are too old or don't win. There are rescue organizations trying to place them just as w/ Greyhounds, but a horse is a big commitment & some race horse owners don't want to donate they want a few bucks.

We need the jobs? Are ya kidding? Are you in favor of slaughtering cats & dogs too - after all, more jobs & we could export that meat too. Jobs? How about taking the bloated defense budget plus subsidies for oil/coal & using these to reward solar & wind start ups made in the U.S.A? How about reinstating tariffs, which did good for this country from 1771 until Reagan started to dismantle them & Clinton finished w/ NAFTA?

BTW - those who say its a longer, more stressful journey to slaughter now - distance costs $$ so making it cheaper to get horses to slaughter just means killer buyers can outbid more people looking for a pet who can't afford to pay a lot.

Vanessa B.
Vanessa B.5 years ago

we don't need more slaughter plants....

colleen p.
colleen p.5 years ago

yeah yeah, and those stupid little girls who cry and beg mommy and daddy for as horse when they can't aford other things and can't even keep a cactus alive.

thow them in jail for being neglectful psychopaths!

or people who to "aww my ________ will make cute babies with _____"