US Pays $46,000 For Each Victim in Afghan Shooting Rampage


Afghan families who lost relatives in the March 11 rampage in Kandahar province are receiving $46,000 in compensation for each person killed from the US government. Families will also receive $10,000 for each person injured.

US Staff Sgt Robert Bales has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder in the killings and is currently being held in solitary confinement in a military prison at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.

Families were informed about the payouts at a meeting with personnel from the US military and the NATO-led ISAF forces. They were also told that some witnesses will be flown to the US to provide testimony during the trial of Bales; other witnesses will be asked to participate via video link.

Reporting from Kabul, the BBC’s Bilal Sarwary says that such compensation payments are often made in cases of civilians deaths by foreign forces. Monetary compensation is “traditionally offered in Afghanistan in a bid to soften anger among a victim’s family and also as a gesture of good faith and healing.” One tribal elder in Kandahar who was interviewed said that, while the payments have been accepted, they have not forgiven the killer and still “want to see him tried and … punished for his crime.” Some tribes, says Sarwary, refuse such payments and prefer to “take revenge.”

Military investigators say that the killings that Bales has been charged with were carried out in two separate operations. An anonymous US official said that Bales left his base on March 11 and carried out the first set of killings, then returned to the base before leaving a second time and attacking another village; he was then detained when he returned to his base. The US officials said that this reconstruction of events “seems to support the United States government’s assertion that the killings were carried out by one person,” in contrast to claims by Afghans that there was more than one shooter.


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Will Rogers
Will Rogers4 years ago

With all the heroin they're taking from that country you'd think that they'd be able to afford to give them more. With the countless millions that they've spent on on weapons killing them you'd think that they'd be able to give them more, it's not even the cost of one cruise missile! But then again America has not got a lot of money, they've spent the surplus in their constant war for world dominance. While other countries overtake it in the only battle worth fighting, the economic war. Germany and Japan are two countries that did not have armies after WW2 and per capita is amongst the top countries in the world! War is an expensive drain on a country's resources unless it's intentions and actions are to loot and pillage. And let's face it all they've got is the best painkiller (heroin) on the planet and a legal and illegal trade worth billions dollars.

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Russell, You wrote, "$46,000 can't by a life! What about all the other civilian casuties and their families?"

Baby Bush has stated that he brought democracy to Afghanistan, perhaps this group were democrats, had they been a Repugnants the bribe would have been much higher.

After all, the Repugnants love you until you are borne. If we allow the Repugnants to have their way we will all find ourselves living in a medieval version of Afghanistan and we will call it post apocalyptic America, god knows...we are on our way.

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Marilyn, I just realized that you are one of those who Baby Bush choose to refer to as his base, that mindless body of "Americans" who fell for the line, "Either you are for the war on terror or you are with the terrorist."
To allow our troops aboard to make a game out of senseless killing for sport, there were teams that did just that or did you chose to change the channel so your sensitivities not be subjected to such un-"American" lies.

Actually, you were never among his base, that is made up from the 1%, of which you will never be counted. Don't worry...thats a good thing. As to your behavior and your words, keep it up and we will find ourselves in another mindless, senseless series of wars w/o end and we will go on to kill another 1 million of the innocent.

I don't know about you but I think we should all stop what we are doing and breakout in song, something with mother, apple pie, killing the innocent, an "American" flag, a big truck, and pissing on a Koran in it. I don't know about you but I am getting motivated for our next senseless war of terror, this time let us keep it closer to home...perhaps New Jersey, they have been asking for it for a long time.
The top it off with a round of God Bless America, personally, I believe that God is watching and she is pissed, at you.

Allah Akbar, Marilyn, God save Mohammad مُحَمَّد‎

Linda McKellar
Past Member 4 years ago

Just a thought Haleene, of course the terrorist backers never paid for 9/11. As terrible as that was it was, in essence, payback. You may say the US has never done such a thing. How about bombing Libya years ago in the failed attempt take out Ghaddafi? How about drones? Just one of many examples.
American soldiers, by the command of the rich guys who have something to gain & lie to the soldiers that their cause is just, have killed many more foreign nationals, innocent civilians, than the terrorists ever have. Sad but true. We just hear more about terrorists because, of course, western lives are SO much superior! This element is always hidden from the American people who are propagandized that what they are doing is fair, just & bringing democracry & freedom to other lands. That is crap. They don't want you there in most cases & that presence just foments hatred. How many foreign bases are there on US territory? How many US bases are there on foreign territory? Think about that for a moment. As for paying back, the event should never have happened in the first place. Other events like pissing on dead Afghanis & burning the Koran are sure to cause hatred just as burning a US flag pisses you guys off. The US is far from innocent in many cases.

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Haleene, Why are you choosing to insist that the Taliban pay for the "sins" of Al Qaeda, they are two separate entities, but you knew that...right. If not, you should refrain on speaking of issues that you have no knowledge.

I truly love your comments on the Taliban hiding out in Afghanistan...I nearly fell out of my chair.
It is rather amazing how geographically challenged the average "American" is.

Well, Haleene, you may be not be able to find Afghanistan on a map, but I will wager that you can find a Dunkin Donuts with blindfold on.

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S.4 years ago

Payment of blood money is part of Islam's system of retribution. Those who accept it ($46000 is more than anyone there could earn in a lifetime) are then bound to not take revenge. Islam teaches an eye for an eye etc, unlike Christianity, where Jesus taught to turn the other cheek, harm no one & forgive. It's a different mentality than most westerners have.

Now, we wonder who is going to pay the blood money for the tens of thousands of non-Muslims who are being burned out of home, church/temple & shop, driven out of their ancestral lands belonging to them long before Islam conquered them (like the Copts in Egypt, the original Egyptians), & murdered?

One of the highest Islamic authorities has just issued a Fatwa for Muslims to destroy all churches in the Gulf Region! Who will pay the the 1.5million Christians that that effects, who will probably be driven out & lose their homes & shops too?

Who's going to pay for those nonMuslims being ethnically cleansed & killed in Thailand, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia et al as Islamists conquer & cleanse more land for Islam? Will our cowardly leaders, like Obama, demand any accounting for these barbaric acts of intolerance & hate? Don't hold your breath.

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Haleene & Marilyn, It appears that your combined drug therapy is not working.

Heleene, America was not "asked" to help out in Afghanistan as you have stated, we just needed to fulfill a blood lust. We had a plan for Afghanistan long before 911. You state that the Taliban used Afghanistan to hide and this forced us to kill. Now that is one rather dumb statement.

Where do you think the Taliban originate from? Who had offered to surrender Bin Laden to the West? What was the date in which the Taliban invaded America? Complete nonsense. Heleene, could you point out where Afghanistan is located on the world map...A hint, it is not in Europe.

Marilyn, Do you think that this is the first massacre committed by these cowardly, little American murderers? Your government has covered up many such atrocities, all in YOUR name.
You state that my words are a rant...why are you so afraid of the truth. America is a serial murderer. I stated these words about America and you know that these words are true. "You go in and blow the place up, kill and enslave its people, force Afghanistan and Iraq to sign documents prohibiting the arrest of American soldier for war crimes and now you wonder why they are mad at us." Yes...What a country...of maniacs.

What is clear at this point is that neither of you are thinking with a clear or educated mind and for that, I am sorry, your pain must be great. Willful ignorance is surely at the foundation of your remarks.

Haleene W.
Haleene W.4 years ago

Michel C
We were asked to help there, but refuse to take it over, or do it all. The Taliban used Afghanistan to hide and forced this move. We payed dearly to go in and take Osama out. They paid nothing for killing all the adults and children that were innocents but died in the Twin Towers.
Enslaved their people? One day this war will be behind us all, but we will never forget the events that devastated both sides. Take out for the deaths they endured and they will still be in debt to us for 911.
Now IF it was found that our country sent this man in to do this and used him in a "If you get caught, we don't know anything about it" scenario (doesn't just happen on TV), then those people should also be up for killing innocents. That would be a political move not a move by the people.

Haleene W.
Haleene W.4 years ago

Sorry... That was NO ONE HERE CONDONES IT.

Haleene W.
Haleene W.4 years ago

Luvenia V. No. I believe we pay for everything that ever happens in any war were in, but who is paying us for all of our innocents killed?
We have people that are just citizens there and else where that have been taken prisoner, tortured and killed, 911 is a great example, but who is paying for that?
We pay for fighting their problems and it goes on years after the problem is behind us, but they all keep a tab running on us. It's horrible what happen in that village, I think anyone here condones that, but everything that has been happening there is horrible. This man has been arrested and is going to court and may loose his life over a war that had caused his breakdown in the first place.. That is all we ever get for justice from them, and we end up the once that have to go catch them. You all cut us a check for what America has done for you and what it has cost us in dollars and lives, and we won't be in debt anymore, but the terrible loss from slaughter of "our people" will still be there.