Virginia GOP Sends Email Showing President Obama Shot In The Head

Local Republican leaders in Loudon County, Virginia thought it would be hysterical to send a mass e-mail that depicts President Obama as a zombie with part of his skull missing and a bullet through his head as a way to drum up support and participants for a Halloween parade. The e-mail had “Halloween 2011″ in the subject line and included several other images, like one of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi drawn to look deformed with one eye bulging out of its socket. Super classy.

State party officials came out against the email, calling it “shameful and offensive” and asked for those local officials to apologize. Which is nice and all, but really. How many campaign fliers, ads, and emails have we seen with some kind of violent imagery or language targeting Democratic leaders coming from the right? The apology might mean something if it were not part and parcel of how the right is running their shop these days.

When Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) was shot there was a call to cool the heated rhetoric and to strive for more civility in our national political discourse and push back against the urge to stoke, for political gain, the darkest elements of our culture. Instead, those elements have gone mainstream, finding their way back to local leadership positions just like they held prior to the civil rights movement and the eradication of de jure segregation. It should come as no shock that as these tactics resurface so too do the policies of the confederacy.

After all, violence and the political right have a long history together.

Photo from gideon_tsang via flickr.


Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Oops West claimed to have ridden with the outlaws not Cain...

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Val G
Ne crains pas mon ami, cela aussi passera. Nous devons tous être vigilants et d'appeler un raciste un raciste ou il va juste grandir. Il ya trop de progressistes pour permettre les jours sombres de racisme ou de la ploutocratie à s'implanter ici en Amérique, même si ni n'a jamais disparu complètement. Nous devons juste garder une lumière sur ces cafards partout où ils se cachent.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Oh Kutie pie....
Just what makes you think you are capable of telling where the Black vote will turn to??? This one has to be a Republican leader anywhere in America, I put his spelling on par with Dan Quayle's... LOL. Cain is an idiot, an adulterer and a sexual sadist, he claims to have ridden with a white supremacist motorcycle gang and puts down the blacks who vote Democrat as being too stupid to know what they are doing and you expect him to steal the black base voters...LMAO.. He blew it long time ago, they just did not have anyone to replace him yet in order not to have to vote for Mitt, Now they have the Newt so it's bye bye black Cain....

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

And Daniel keeps repeating the republican mantra - Blame Obama for everything. Which brings to mind Bush's invasion of Iraq -- His phony war that spread to Afghanistan, Pakistan and worsened the middle east crisis. So I wonder, where was Bush and the republicans in all this? Never mentioned - not even once - Why? because republicans are NEVER wrong or responsible for anything. Just keep blaming Obama and Pelosi and the Democrats, and revel in the lies and manipulations. Oh, and Kute's president Cain is gone, and forgotten, so I guess Obama just got "his black vote base" back again!! LOL
b/t/w Halloween is with an "a" not an "o."

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

These sick people on this site (you know who you are) make me ashamed to be an American. Their treasonous talk against the President should be reported to the authorities and punishable with prison for spewing lies and crap. But then again, they are all Fox puppet republikkklan-baggers, and are so brainwashed they wouldn't know the truth if they fell over it. Pity this country if one of the moron, hateful, lying, racist, bigot candidates makes it.
VOTE DEMOCRAT, or the American Dream becomes the American nightmare!!!

Daniel Kelley
Daniel Kelley5 years ago

The leadership over America has been grossly corrupt, massively murderous and hideously tyrannical since the founding of the USA. Jefferson was on a bent to murder the natives. EVERY president there has been, was decidedly murderous by the time they left office. Obama was a war criminal on his 3rd day in office when the CIA bombed Pakistan, a nation with which the US congress has not declared war, which is a war crime per the Geneva convention which requires war declaration before aerial bombardment AND it's a war crime per the constitution which requires DECLARATION, from CONGRESS, before any war be conducted. Bombing women and children in a foreign nation, which is what Obama did on his 3rd day in office, is an act of war, surely. So, it doesn't bother me in the least that people draw Obama missing his skull cap, limbless, with his war profiteer a$s cleaved shredded to mince meat with a whole pack of butts stuffed in face. The man is a mass murderer and has committed genocide against Libyans (50,000 murdered by some estimates) and Afghani's (LOW estimate 33,000 Afghan troops killed and 24,000 Afghan civilians murdered in a war Obama escalated).

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S5 years ago

The GOP has too much mercury in their water, and clearly, they are drinking it. There are many adjectives that could describe their behavior: insane, unpatriotic, threatening and extremely lacking in humor to name a few.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

I believe this borders on threatening the President of the United States, a criminal offense. Not only is it offensive, but criminal. More than an apology is needed. I don't look forward to another presidential election with rampant racism and disrespect, as the 2008 one was. How Obama kept his cool, is righteous.

Roberta G.
Roberta G5 years ago

A BLACK STAR to Kute. He is pathetic and he can't spell.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Well, turnabout is fair play. Anybody???? Treasonous people really need to be put in their
place. What has happened to America? If this had happened 100 years ago, the person
would have been hanged with no trial.