Vucko The Dog: Face Blown Off With Firecracker

Here’s the horrible tale of what happened to Vucko, the German Shepherd.

Two drunken teenagers in Bosnia decided to have “fun” by duct-taping a firework in a German Shepherd’s mouth and blowing off his face. Having done this, they took off, leaving the helpless creature to suffer.  The poor dog, known as Vucko, apparently wandered in agony for five days, unable to eat. Finally, he was picked up by authorities and taken to a vetenarian’s office, but had to be euthanized after vets were unable to perform reconstructive surgery.

Watch Vucko Being Examined On The Operating Table

Click here to see some footage of Vucko being examined by vets on the operating table, but be warned that it is extremely graphic. Notice the firework’s shell casing still embedded in the dog’s head.

Vucko’s death doesn’t have to be in vain. This tragedy is a perfect opportunity to promote animal abuse awareness in Bosnia, where animal rights are virtually non-existent, and to work to deter anyone in the future from committing such horrible crimes.

From The Institute For War & Peace Reporting:

In a country racked until relatively recently by savage ethnic warfare, few appear to have time or emotional energy to consider animal welfare.

Nor do the courts offer much guidance to the zoo authorities. Bosnia has no distinct law on the statute books concerning cruelty to animals.


Humiliation of animals for public entertainment is routine in Bosnia. A television report last October, for example, told the story of a restaurant owner on Mount Vlasic who kept a caged bear to amuse his guests.

His piece de resistance was to intoxicate the animal with liquor every day in front of the diners, claiming the bear “simply loves it”.

Take Action Now!

Given this situation in Bosnia, advocates need to show the world that atrocities such as this won’t simply be seen and then forgotten.  Vucko never harmed anyone and his cruel death must not be in vain.  He deserves that much from the compassionate people on this earth.

Click here to sign our petition urging the Bosnian government to draft stronger animal cruelty laws, and to hunt down the guilty parties in this tragic case.

Rest in peace, Vucko.

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Nicholas Janke
Nicholas Janke10 hours ago

Those two boys should get the death penalty! They don't belong on this planet!!!! MOnsters!!!!

Teresa W.
Teresa W.11 months ago

Who on earth voted 'no'?

Teresa W.
Teresa W.11 months ago


Irish Cornaire
Irish Cornaire11 months ago

Oh gawd I cant stop sobbing!

Ken O.
Ken O.11 months ago

Something is bound to happen to these two 'boys' and the sooner the better. What is getting into people?

Fi T.
Fi T.11 months ago

What if the victim is our family?

Angela P.
Angela Padovani12 months ago

OMG. That poor dog. Who thinks of stuff like this to do and thinks something like this is funny. Then the poor dog running around for 5 days with no face. Horrible.

I wish people like this could get the death penalty.

lynne kennedy
lynne kennedy12 months ago

Just too horrible and sad for words, that beautiful dog must have trusted those kids and look what they did to him.
I too have a German shepherd who is loyal loving and protective of his family as are most dogs. They would sacrifice their lives for us and many do.
People and society have to teach their children to respect and care for all animals and to never never abuse them.

JD She
JD She12 months ago


Jean G.
JeanisAWAY G.about a year ago

This is such a senseless attack on a poor animal! The two should get max penalty.