Wading Among the Climate Deniers (Video)

Peter Sinclair, the producer of the YouTube series, “Climate Denial Crock of the Week,” attended last week’s “Denia-Palooza,” organized by the Heartland Institute. They’re the Koch Brothers funded group who compared climate scientists to terrorists and are now losing mainstream business support hand over fist.

The noticeably older and male gathering at the “alternative reality” 7th International Climate Conference of the Heartland Institute was also noticeably full of empty seats.

He speaks to Brian Sussman, right-wing talk radio host, who says that if you care about the environment, than your parents are probably socialists and communists — a theme running through the proceedings he witnesses. Asked about one famous environmentalist, POTUS #26, Sussman says:

Teddy Roosevelt? No comment.

Sinclair reports open discussion of Heartland’s plans, recently uncovered, to distort school science curriculum’s “pushing back” on behalf of what they call “traditional science.” Efforts in Louisiana on that score draw their praise.

He says they were “gripped with excitement” when on the second day of the gathering the nutty Lord Monckton (pictured) arrived. Monckton, who is actually a Viscount not a Lord, which means he’s not a member of the British House of Lords, recently announced that he’s also a Birther.

Monckton is the climate deniers’ rock star. At this event, grifter Monckton opened with his new Birther routine “to the obvious delight of the crowd.”

Sinclair reports that Heartland President Joe Bast made a “plaintive” appeal for funds in his closing speech “leading many to wonder about the Institute’s future prospects.”


After Sinclair’s trip to the Wildside, he writes:

I went to the Creation Museum to get my bearings.


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Photo credit: Lord Monckton Youtube screengrab


Don H.
Don H.4 years ago

I apologize for the errors in my previous post. I'm not a good proof reader. It should read:

The science of human human caused global climate change is sound. These articles on Wikipedia provide accurate information

Don H.
Don H.4 years ago

The science human human caused global climate change is sound. These article on Wikipedia provide accurate information. Do not believe the false information peddlers. They are here to support the fossil fuel industry.



Don H.
Don H.4 years ago

James Lovelock is hardly considered to be the final word on climate science. Not to say that James Lovelock doesn't make an interesting hypothesis.

Don H.
Don H.4 years ago

Charles T, you also claim that sea level was "MUCH" higher 1000 years ago than it is today.

You are wrong about this. According to the experts, sea level has been steadily increasing for the past 6,000 years. Rather than continuing to make these childish arguments read this article on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Current_sea_level_rise

Don H.
Don H.4 years ago

Charles T, you claim that Greenland's ice sheet is a recent phenomenon. I suppose you say this to support the claims of the climate change deniers. In any case, you are wrong.

Greenland had not been "mostly green" before the 11th century. Yes, it might have been warmer but it was hardly "mostly green".

This from Wikipedia: The ice in the current ice sheet is as old as 110,000 years.[4] The presence of ice-rafted sediments in deep-sea cores recovered off of northeast Greenland, in the Fram Strait, and south of Greenland indicated the more or less continuous presence of either an ice sheet or ice sheets covering significant parts of Greenland for the last 18 million years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenland_ice_sheet

Charles T.
Charles T.4 years ago

You seem to be silent after I sent you the James Lovelock interview. It must be hard to accept how wrong you are when the Gaia guy bails on global warming.

Charles T.
Charles T.4 years ago

Wrong again a contradiction is not an answer. It only proves you have nothing to defend. Your side is lacking in empirical proof.

Charles T.
Charles T.4 years ago


Answer my questions.
I asked the questions first and you need to answer them. I know you are worried that I right. You still need to answer every one of my questions. You just do not have the intelligence to engage in a debate without using fallacy as your argument. I do think you are a bit worried about anyting contrary to your belief system. You blocked me ROTFLMA.

You can't reply unless you engage with a premise and conclusion.

Charles T.
Charles T.4 years ago

No I have stated several arguments on why Global Warming has nothing to do with Carbon.

You are the one avoiding all of my questions. It is a fallacious argument to even attack my credentials. You need to ANSWER every one of my points. You are bereft of the ability to engage in a real DEBATE.

You are telling me that you are confused. Your profile states you are agnostic. You require empirical proof of an ethereal being. You are so lost without a belief system you went on the belief there is global warming. I can see why you have stubbornly avoided all my arguments. It will challenge your weak belief system.

Charles T.
Charles T.4 years ago


Do you know who James Lovelock is? You know the founder of Gaia. On MSNBC he was interviewed. I will just post a small part. He pretty much says OPPS MY BAD I was a bit off on the global warming issue.

“The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books – mine included – because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn’t happened,” Lovelock said.

Here is the entire interview. I understand that Mr. Lovelock is still an avid environmentalist and I agree with a lot he has and had said.


So if you really are trained in any critical problem solving you will. Read this ad reply with your counter arguments if you have any.
You still have not brought up one piece of evidence you can only BLA BLA BLA BLA.