Walker Appointee: It Should Be Legal To Harass Gays In the Workplace

If organizers manage to get the 560,000 plus registered voters to sign the petitions, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be up for recall and could possibly be replaced with a new governor sometime next year.  But that doesn’t stop the damage already done to the state by Walker’s appointees, conservatives who have made it a mission to dismantle union rights, roll back reproductive health, sex education and birth control access, and even fight against basic civil rights.

One such appointee?  Commissioner Laurie McCallum, who believes that gays cannot be harassed in the workplace, because sexual orientation is not a protected category in the workplace.  According to the Wisconsin Gazette, “…McCallum, the politically connected wife of former GOP Gov. Scott McCallum, defied nearly 30 years of precedent in state law by asserting that sexual ‘preference,’ as she put it, is not a protected category in workplace discrimination cases.  McCallum’s stance alarmed civil rights advocates as well as her fellow commissioners, who warned that her view could upend legal tradition and ‘make it permissible to harass an employee based upon race, national origin, religion, age or disability,’ as well as sexual orientation.”

McCallum was outvoted, but as opponents noted, Walker can continue to appoint commissioners with the same anti-homosexual views for as long as he is in office.


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Photo from WisPolitics.com via flickr.


doug s.
Past Member 5 years ago

shan d., you said:

"...And Charity, I'm straight - but if I weren't, I wouldn't touch YOU for all the proverbial tea in China!..."

lol!!! shan, i am straight too, and i still wouldn't touch her!!! :>)

Shan D.
Shan D5 years ago

"Oh, did I touch a nerve? ... I never solicit anyone for friendship. Christopher, you can call me any name you like. WORDS do no harm. The dumbass solution to not use a word and call it the "n" word is as asinine as you folks who want to force homosexuality on everyone, including kindergarteners. They have invaded our elementary schools, our entertainment media, and force their propaganda on everyone.... If you did not act like one, no one would notice you. ... I will never accept these perverse defects of nature. Go whine to the moderator now, I hurt your tiny feelings." - Charity B. -

Charity, the only one here with tiny feelings is you. Your level of compassion and respect for other people is so low as to be nonexistent. And of course you don't ask for friendship - you're not capable of understanding what it really means.

Nobody FORCES homosexuality on anyone. You're either born with it or you're not. And Charity, I'm straight - but if I weren't, I wouldn't touch YOU for all the proverbial tea in China! There has to be a CONSCIENCE within a person for me to consider having any sort of friendship with them, and that's something YOU DO NOT HAVE.

And how do gays "act" anyway? I've known some people for many years and never suspected even once, until somebody else mentioned it in passing. It was a mild surprise, but nothing shocking. I simply filed it away as "something else I know about this person that makes him/her who they are."

Adrianna Richardson

i know everyone has their own opinions on what they say, how they feel, and what they prefer, but we have the choice of freedom. it hardens me that others are cruel to differences, like gay or any other sexual orientation. i know some people who are just as different, some have a certain medical condition that is not controlled, klienfelters syndrome. i may not fully understand why so many people are judgmental or anything related to criticism, but i don't like seeing comments that are mean and harsh. i'm severely physically disabled with no arms and legs-only hands and feet, i don't see differences as unequal. everyone, disabled, race, etc. are supposed to be treated equally. what if you were treated unequally and you were judgmental to others, you wouldn't like it and feel upset/mad. i get treated like i don't belong sometimes, it hurts to know that there are disrespectful people out there who don't see differences as good. i don't judge opinions, but i do dislike hatred. my friends are equal and nice, i respect them for their differences, i see good qualities in them. please, if you want to be treated nice and respected, don't treat others badly. i may not always like my differences, but i see good in what i can do despite my disability. gays are no different, think about this.

doug s.
Past Member 5 years ago

charity, you vomited:

"...They have invaded our elementary schools, our entertainment media, and force their propaganda on everyone. I am so tired of hearing the noise from these twits. Shut up, go back in the closet, or behave as a regular person and not a drama queen. If you did not act like one, no one would notice you. Therein lies the rub. You folks cannot stand to be ignored. Get over yourselves. I will never accept these perverse defects of nature..."

damn, what an ignorant a$$!?! "they have invaded our schools/media"?!? "force propaganda on anyone"?!? YOU are the only one forcing propaganda on anyone! have gay folk been trying to force you to be gay? gay folk haven't inwaded anyone or anything - they have simply been born. yust like ignorant a$$holes such as yourself. these folks - normal unperverted non-defective folks, in spite of your PROPAGANDA to the contrary - have every right to go thru life w/o being harrassed and insulted. especially by ignorant cretins such as yourself. these folks ARE regular folks - YOU are the aberration! fyyff!

John D.
John D5 years ago

Any name that you have been called is well deserved. It is venomous scum like you who murdered black Americans until persons like myself said enough and stood up for what we ALL are part of; HUMAN equality. As GOOD always ULTIMATELY wins over EVIL, WE SHALL overcome and scum like you will lose in favor of GOOD....

John D'Ambra

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

Perhaps I can say it another way to avert your censorship.
"It should be legal to harass" Walker, the bully. and it shall be done by recalling him and preferably banning him from ANY future public service. He is a puppet of the kochroach brothers (is that permissible?) and some might say he is more to be pitied than censured. However, I can't bring myself to pity a bigot and worse. Thank goodness Wisconsinites have mobilized against him and we all stand with them. Hopefully, next election, the people of Wisconsin will elect a Democrat to get back their rights that Walker and his republican bunch have trampled on, and continue to do so. The recall can't come soon enough!

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

Pray tell, what happened to my comment? It was certainly expressed no differently than any other comment on this site, including Christopher C, with whom I totally agree.. I'm beginning to wonder about this.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago


Redgie H.
Redgie H5 years ago

Funny that no one seems to have a problem with identifying them as an UNprotected group. Like when they're verbally harassed on the job. Like when they're denied leave to care for a sick child because its their partner's child, not theirs. Like when they're repeatedly passed over for promotion in favor of people less qualified, or fired outright specifically because of their sexual orientation (yes, its legal in many states.) Or how about in the Iraq war, when the DOD fired all of the gay translators at a time when they were absolutely critical to the success of the mission?

Christopher C.
Chris C5 years ago

Walker is a psychotic mental case who's an obvious closet-case as well. Anyone who points fingers, bashes the LGBT community almost always has a few skeletons in their closet! Look at the countless politicians and ministers/pastors who have bashed gays & lesbians, then get caught with their hand in the ole cookie jar! Larry Craig, George Rekers, Eddie Long, Ted Haggert...just to name a few!