Walker Losing Support As Protests Continue

The only bit of union support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is evaporating as the executive board president of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association expressed regret for their earlier endorsement of Walker.  The union went one step further and even apologized for it..

By in large the budge bill contains a significant carve out for local police officers, firefighter and the Wisconsin State Patrol–groups that supported Walker in his election bid.  Critics have called the carve out political payback and a key step in trying to pit government workers against each other.

Meanwhile members of the police and firefighters unions member marched Sunday in a sixth day of protest and in support of those unions whose benefits and rights are in the cross-hairs.

And the Madison Chamber of Commerce is losing patience with Walker as well, suggesting his remaining supporters come from outside of Wisconsin, such as the powerful Koch brothers, Walker’s second largest campaign contributor.

Here’s where the story stands now.

So far the unions have agreed to all the financial concessions in Walker’s bill.  The remaining fight is over the rights of workers to negotiate with their employer.  That’s it.  It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with breaking the union.

Despite those concessions Walker refuses to negotiate with anyone, even moderate Republicans.  And Walker refuses to answer why he’s seeking to end collective bargaining rights if this is solely a matter of balancing the state’s budget.

For their part the “Wisconsin 14″ have vowed to stay out of the state until Walker negotiates.  They are doing this despite Republican threats to begin passing non-budgetary bills that do not require their presence for passage.

For more on the Wisconsin protests, click here.

photo courtesy of marctasman via Flickr

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Petra Luna
Petra Luna4 years ago

Why doesn't this Walker just negotiate with his people? This whole mess is preventing April's Law to go forth in Wisconsin.

Helen Delahunt-Avila
Helen Avila4 years ago

Individuals need to contact John Boehner and express your distress at the way the GOP is heading. Instead of Jobs they are attacking women's health issues, the unions and protecting the wealthy. Write your grievances to AskTheLeader@mail.house.gov
Please spread this email address to your friends, ask them to write a polite but pointed letter to this guy. He won't care but he won't like emails pointing out the stupidity of their stance on everything and failure to act like responsible citizens and public employees. (we do pay their big fat wages, cadillac healthcare and bloated pensions)

Patricia S.
Pat S.4 years ago

Craig C,
Steven Brewer doesn't appear to be the brighest bulb around!

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Craig C
I don't have to play you like a fool son, you are doing a good enough job at that. As for the multitude of your other questions you do know how to use "the Google".

Craig C.
Craig C.4 years ago

It's called a federal mandate to the cost of a ticket i dare not say tax, please don't try and play me like a fool steve, and tell me why they are there in the first place! Do you know the difference between a private sector union and public and why we should have one and not the other? Cause i would like to hear how the koch brothers run my state and local governments from my tax dollars. And please explain to me why schools should have a major police force is that not why i pay for local police protection? Be it out in the country or in the city! Even FDR had one thing right there should be public unions period, i could see a evil corporation but your own local, city, state and federal government? How is it that all these corporations are causing my property taxes to raise the way they do? when did public unions become corporate unions?

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Craig C
P.S. You do know that TSA agents are federal government employees and any increase in wage and benefit packages they negoiate for would not affect the price of airline tickets and therefore anyone with half a brain would indeed get angry with the airlines for said increases and not a unionized TSA force...lmao

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Craig C
You do know that school police must have the same basic training as any other police force and that does cost money. You do not say how much the local police make in your area but instead compare those school police's salary, you seem to look down upon, to your own pitiful income without saying what you do or what training you needed to aquire the job you hold. I think you show some very real symptoms of penal envy...lol.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Scott R
I used to be a member of the Teamsters and got worked to death so I quit after being buried and now I don't get to drive at all laying here in my casket. Both public and private sector unions have one stated prupose to ensure safe working comditions, wages that are actually livable and any helath and pension benefits they can get through collective bargaining for their members and if you had truly been in a carpenters union you would have known that those union members not only work for for profit entities but also work where ever the work may be i.e. non-profits and governmental entities as well. Your use of the statements of " purpose of private-sector unions is to get workers a larger share of the profits they helped create. But government is a monopoly and earns no profits. All government unions do is redistribute more tax dollars from taxpayers to unions" is straight out of a right wing handbook... redistribution of wealth (i.e. profits) and the evil unions pocketing taxpayer monies without doing anything for the workers. You are so full of BS your eyes must be brown. If you are a Walker plant in these forums you best go back and tell him to send someone with any knowledge of unions at all.

scott r.
Past Member 4 years ago

I was in the carpenters union pay was good and so on to bad there was never work to go around so I left and woked all the time made more money and still today my friends that are union hardly every work yet all of us who are not do. so let me add this post to mine its pretty much were i stand.Walker is right: Government unions are inherently different from private-sector unions. The purpose of private-sector unions is to get workers a larger share of the profits they helped create. But government is a monopoly and earns no profits. All government unions do is redistribute more tax dollars from taxpayers to unions. The left used to understand this. Not only did President Franklin Delano Roosevelt write in 1937: "All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service," but as recently as 1959, the AFL-CIO Executive Council stated that "government workers have no right [to collectively bargain] beyond the authority to petition Congress—a right available to every citizen."

Corina R.
Corina R.4 years ago

Anyone who thinks this is just about the unions is either crazy or ignorant (note that I *didn't* use the word "stupid"). Does anyone remember in September and October of last year all the talk about the Republicans wanting to get rid of or lower the current minimum wage? Anyone remember? That's not the unions we're talking about...that's middle class jobs. What makes people think that if, after they bust the unions, they won't be coming for YOUR job next? Do you REALLY believe that the GOP is interested in the everyday, common, working-man taxpayer? Hmmm...if they set the people on each OTHER, they have already divided and conquered, and they get "we the people" to do it FOR them! All that will be left is for them to keep feeding their followers whatever they think they want to hear and keep getting richer. Did anyone see the graph from Mother Jones? Did you look at it? The RICH get RICHER all the time, and who pays for it? Who paid for the billion dollar bailouts? Folks, the surface statement about this being about how wrong unions are and how they're leeching off the middle class is just a cover-up. It's really about class warfare, and the continuation of the Plutocracy that America has become. Remember who is TRULY "leeching off of the middle class" when you hear about the next million dollar bonus for a big corporate CEO.