Want Child Support? First Prove To Your Ex You Aren’t On Drugs

The idea of forcing those who want unemployment benefits or government subsidize like welfare or food stamps to first pass a drug test is nothing new.

But forcing a custodial parent to pee in a cup to get child support payments?  Well, that definitely is.

Drug testing for child support is the brainchild of Iowa Republican Senator Mark Chelgren, who thinks it’s the next logical step after testing anyone getting public assistance.

Raw Story reports, “Chelgren submitted the measure as an amendment to a budget bill currently before the Iowa state senate. He claims the idea for the proposal came from an unidentified constituent who was concerned that his ex wife was using child support money to buy drugs. Under the provision, payers of child support would be able to have their former partners tested for drugs every six months if they were willing to cover the costs associated with testing.”

This might lead you to wonder if the good senator is married?  Yes he is, and with children.  Children that he is so concerned about that he has fought for parental rights to ensure kids stay out of state run preschools, because they could be “indoctrinated” there.  “[T]he Chinese are taking 2- and 3-year-olds and educating them. And as a student of history, I also know the Nazis, the Soviets, a whole variety of groups, a whole variety of countries, take their children because it’s not just up to age six they’re so malleable. The day after they’re born is when they learn the most percentage-wise. And so what question I have for this body and the question I have in general, if it is all about indoctrinating a child, I would use the exact same arguments that the Nazis used, that we should take children immediately, as soon as we recognize they have potential. What I would challenge with us instead is to put the responsibility on the parents. Because it is parents’ responsibility and families’ responsibility to make sure that in the formative year of growing the child, they are taught the values and they are taught and educated by their families and they have that bond, that maternal and paternal bond, that is developed during that time. It is not the role of this government to take that away from families and replace it with an indoctrination process by teachers.”

But Chelgren is a huge fan of parental rights.  In fact, he even sponsored “A concurrent resolution urging the members of the Congress of the United States to propose a parental rights amendment to the Constitution of the United States for submission to the states for ratification.”

Parents, according to Chelgren, should have complete control over how they raise their children, and with absolutely no interference from the government.

Unless, of course, you are a divorced spouse (and most likely, mother) trying to support your children and want financial support from your ex.  Then you need to prove yourself to the government — and your ex — first.

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

If a mom or dad is using drugs and there is strong evidence to support that drug use, then I think it would be fair and good to test... I get child support and while I would never even CONSIDER taking drugs, if ever I did my ex would have every right to be LIVID

Michael Mangino
Michael Mangino4 years ago

Thanx Thomas C.

Ira Herson
Ira Herson4 years ago

Any excuse to hurt the ex is used. I have seen over the years every measure people can dream up both men and women to find ways to not pay child support or to insult the ex.

There are already rules in place to safeguard children from unfit parents. Many are not being implemented. If an ex has a strong case that the ex is an unfit parent all he or she has to do is report them.

I am sure someone on this list will find exceptions to this statement, that happen from time to time but the systems are in place and only have to be properly used.

My apologies to Fred H. that he had to undergo the insult and shows that more legislation is not necessary.

Sharon Beth Long
Sharon Beth Long4 years ago

As someone who worked in child support enforcement for ten years I know that women receiving child support and being on drugs (at least on enough drugs that affects their functioning) is a non issue. For the most part only working women get child support because if a woman is on welfare the child support goes to the government to reimburse the welfare payment. If she is able to hold a job for any period of time and also not neglect her children whe cannot be that deeply into drugs

Michael Mangino
Michael Mangino4 years ago

Personally I don't like drug testing.I also don't like the climate in this country of being guilty and having to prove your self innocent.I thought it was the other way around.I know a young fella who had a drug accusation against him and he had to go for thousands of dollars to prove himself innocentWho got paid?The courts and the lawyers.Lucky for him he was clean.But he did not need this.I feel the climate in this country is going more and more anti women and I cannot believe some of the comments from women.If they want to drug test they should go to wall street.I heard some of the best stuff is there.America is becoming a very twisted place.

Michael Mangino
Michael Mangino4 years ago

Victor thinks I am on drugs.Thats fine.I think he's on mis information.Or he doesn't like women.

Tony C.
Tony C.4 years ago

When you try and vote the party of NO out you better make sure that you can vote. Some States have changed their voter registration laws so that even if you wanted to vote you won't be able to. PLEASE CHECK the voter registration laws of the States that you live in NOW, so that you can have the right ID when it comes time to vote. PLEASE tell ALL your friends about this, especially students, seniors, immigrants and the poor. I am sure that the 1% will be flocking to the voting booths so that they can retain their power and money. The 99% had better start THINKING about what will happen if the republicans get in again. For example, no contraceptives which will lead to more people. Right now 7 BILLION PLUS. No abortions even for sick babies, unwanted babies because of rape or incest. No Jobs, undrinkable water because of fracking, war with Iran, no health care. Abstinence programs only, which do not work and many others. Sex Education is needed so that unwanted pregnancy and abortion can be lessened along with STD’S that can KILL your child. So if you don't vote and get as many as you can to vote along with you and the republicans get into power this may and probably will happen. Here is an idea, car pool with a car full to the voting booths (saves gas) and after you vote, have a party and KNOW that you have done your best for your country. Have a designated driver. PLEASE REMEMBER, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Thomas Camoin
Thomas Camoin4 years ago

I stand corrected. Michael M. understands, most of the rest of you need to really look at why you think its ok. I will never pee in a cup for anyone ever again! It is a violation of our 4th ammendment rights pure and simple. When they came to take our rights not only did we not fight we gift wrapped em and handed em over.

Thomas Camoin
Thomas Camoin4 years ago

I stand corrected. Michael M. understands, most of the rest of you need to really look at why you think its ok. I will never pee in a cup for anyone ever again! It is a violation of our 4th ammendment rights pure and simple. When they came to take our rights not only did we not fight we gift wrapped em and handed em over.

Victor M.
Victor M.4 years ago

Are you in drugs?