Watch Out: Gay Wedding Songs Cause Biblical Floods

International anti-gay history revisionist Scott Lively has said this week that gay wedding music was the final straw for God and that it precipitated the great Biblical flood. This comes as Lively faces an international human rights case for his involvement with the Uganda Kill the Gays bill.

Lively, in an interview with Sandy Rios of the hate group the American Family Association on Tuesday 8, said that acceptance of homosexuality “is the issue of the End Times,” adding that he believed that the end was near. His proof? Why, one only need look to the “days of Noah” and the Old Testament god’s actions for proof. Apparently, the deity isn’t a disco fan:

We need to remember that in the time leading up to the Flood what the rabbis teach about the last straw for God before He brought the Flood was when they started writing wedding songs to homosexual marriage and Jesus said that you’ll know the End Times because it will be like the days of Noah. There’s never been a time in the history of the world since before the Flood when homosexual marriage has been open and celebrated, and that’s another sign that I believe that we’re close to the end.

Presumably, Lively is referencing his religious right clique friend Rabbi Aryeh Spero who, indeed, has pontificated that the sin of homosexuality was so offensive that the Old Testament God just had to murder millions of people, though incidentally the wedding songs bit might be Lively’s own special creation. Spero, for the record, certainly doesn’t qualify as a consensus from rabbis and, to put it politely, his reading of the texts isn’t precisely orthodox. Oh, and he’s very worried about hard-core socialists like Obama.

Lively went on to say in the radio interview that gays are God’s clue that he’s going to kill you all, or something:

We’re entering into a time in which standing for the truth of God is going to cost you more than just a few people walking out of your congregation and the temptation to compromise with the world, especially on this issue. I think this is the issue of the End Times, homosexuality. It’s present, if you do a careful investigation of all the scriptures dealing with this from the beginning and all the way to the end, God is painting a very clear picture that this represents the outer extent of rebellion against Him in a society and the last thing that happens before wrath comes.

Lively, as touched on above, is currently embroiled in a first-of-its-kind international human rights case being held on US soil.

Campaigners from the Uganda gay rights group SMUG, as represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights, have invoked international law against Lively claiming that, since 2002, Lively has systematically worked to stoke anti-gay hatred in Uganda and therein provoked his contacts in Uganda to formulate the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009.

Lively, facing a judge in Springfield, Massachusetts, this week offered a First Amendment grounds for protection and asked the court to dismiss his case.

U.S. District Court Judge Michael A. Ponsor on January 7 told lawyers acting on behalf of SMUG that they needed to show a concrete example of how Lively’s preaching created illegal acts perpetrated against Uganda’s LGBT community, adding that he needed to see the stark “misbehavior” in order “to justify continuation of the lawsuit.”

However, Judge Ponsor didn’t appear wholly convinced by Lively’s request to dismiss the case on First Amendment grounds either, saying that the case represented a test between the right of the defendant to freedom of speech and, crucially, the right of plaintiffs as part of a sexual minority.

Judge Ponsor has indicated that he will rule on the motion to dismiss in the near future but has yet to set a firm date for that judgement.

Usually it would be wise to brush off much of the more extreme voices on the religious right. While certainly offensive, they are for the most part only harmful so much as we pay them attention.

There are a certain number, however, that don’t just obfuscate but have actually made good on their anti-gay preaching. Given Lively has preached in both Uganda and Russia, both apparently to support their moves to further criminalize homosexuality, and his predilection for pretending gays are the source of all evil, such as his assertion Nazi Germany was orchestrated by gay people, we cannot simply brush off Lively’s remarks as easily as we would like.

We can however raise awareness of what certain US citizens are exporting to other countries in terms of ideology and hateful rhetoric disguised as a religious message.


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Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick3 years ago

To Scott Lively: Actually Nazi rule was orchestrated by a very nice Family man with family values who was also a Vegan and a Catholic in good standing. He didn't smoke; didn't drink; loved children and put prostitutes and gays into concentration camps. His name was Adolph Hitler.

Susan T.
Susan T.3 years ago

Robert P - come on now don't you know the earth is only 6,000 years old? Stop talking about the dinosaurs and meteor strikes and all that sciency mumbo jumbo. Just read yer damn Bible - everything you need to know is there. If it's not in the Bible you don't need it - especially all that sciency stuff.

Susan T.
Susan T.3 years ago

Lively is a total kook. I seriously hope the lawsuit against him continues to have traction. I would think there might be grounds of hate speech? Not sure how that figures into international law though.

These guys are always telling us it's the end of times - then they re-set the date when it doesn't happen. They just can't wait - it can't come soon enough. They can't wait to see all the sinners burn right in front of them while they are transported in the Jesus bus to wherever. Or am I confusing rapture with end of times? Is it the same?

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton3 years ago

Who ever said this is an retarded idiot!!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.3 years ago

Well said, Robert.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.3 years ago

Do they sing as loudly as the Jericho trumpets? LOL!

Monika E.

If the nazi rule was orchestrated by gays, as Scott Lively believes, then why did they put gays into concentration camps and why did gay prisoners have to wear pink corners on their clothes and why is there a commemoration monument in Germany for the gay nazi victims today?

Allan Yorkowitz
.3 years ago

Could you at least hum a few bars? I don't know of any gay wedding songs - Here Comes the BRIDES? No, that can't be right.
Why do I feel like Cary Grant in a Howard Hawks movie?

Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick3 years ago

To all of the fundamentalists out there. Let me ask you this: When God caused meteor strikes and the Ice Age which killed 90% of the known species on earth, whose sins was he raging against then? That was way before Adam and Eve, so what happened there? Didn't God care about any of his creation? Plus this proves that the earth was hardly a paradise. What did He do back then? Kill off all the dinosaurs in preparation for Adam, knowing that someday down the line we would need their decaying bodies along with all the decaying plant life for fossil fuels?

Mary B.
Mary B.3 years ago're back with the same sermon you usually give......