Way To Go, GOP! Keep Those Teen Pregnancies Coming

Last week, Mitt and the Republicans listed some of their top priorities for this coming election season. One of those priorities is making sure students around the country never find out what a condom is. They’re much more interested in teaching the kids that holding hands is a gateway to devious sexual acts. And that a sexually active woman is like a dirty shoe. And that taking birth control pills will make you infertile.

In other words, Republicans want to ensure that our students don’t learn about safe sex practices, because if they learn that stuff, they will take it as a go-ahead to have sex morning, noon and night. No, no, no. The only thing kids need to know about sex is that they shouldn’t have it.

And how is that working out for us?

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Aileen C.
Aileen C.3 years ago

I cannot believe that these attitudes are still; being discussed in the 21st Century, in the Leading Country in the World. Get a grip people, EDUCATE.

What does it matter if all the safeguards are in place and consent is mutual, sex is fun.
For goodness sake....

Amanda G.
Amanda Geras4 years ago

Well, I waited for marriage to have sex and I am Republican so.. it is possible. :)

Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick4 years ago

Has it ever dawned on anyone that the reason that many young people have babies or abortions is simply "because I can"; "because you are all enabling me." " I don't have to pay the consequences."

"If I want to keep the baby; the State will pay for it. If I want to continue to party and play, my mother or grandmother will just have to take care of the kid; it's not going to slow me down."

"If I don't want the kid some nice couple will pay for my pregnancy and delivery and I'm outta here." "If I want to finish school, no problem, the school will have to provide a daycare center for my kid."

" If I don't want to go the 9 month trip I will just get an abortion, paid for by someone else; it's no big deal." " So you see, so long as all of you are going to enable me, then why not have unprotected sex????"

Perhaps if both the boy and the girl knew that there was no way out and that they would have to marry and raise that kid, they would think twice about it.

Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick4 years ago

Jez W says: "Teenagers are sexual beings."

Well that's true. They are also junk food eaters and soda drinkers, but the government has no problem denying them the possibility of making that decision for themselves. No. Mrs. Obama knows what's best and Mayor Bloomberg knows what's best and those products won't even be for sale. So why don't they discourage young people from having illicit sex in the same way?

I hear many on here saying: " Oh, but condoms don't always work and birth control pills don't always work....." Well then. What YOU ALL are telling me is that abstinence is THE ONLY GUARANTEED PROTECTION AGAINST STD'S, AIDS AND PREGNANCY. That's what you are telling me, not what I am telling you. So if your really love your children, that's what you should teach them; or are you more concerned about them drinking a sugary drink ????????

Louise D.
Louise D.4 years ago

The thing about Abstinence-only education is based on the spurious theory that teenagers shouldn’t be taught anything about sex because they shouldn’t be having sex. As a form of birth control, it is highly effective when used properly, but notoriously difficult to get the hang of as Bristol Palin proved conclusively. If Republicans are so keen on keeping teens from having non-marital sex, let’s just see them try it first.

Penny Bacon
.4 years ago

Very ignorant!

Jez wildmoon
jayne turner4 years ago

Teenagers are sexual beings. Call it anyway you like, you can frighten and repress them but this is still true. Therefore, the best way forward is for parents to talk openly to them, to make young men understand that they too have a responsibility towards contraception and 'protection', and for young women to understand that while motherhood is wonderful, it is hard work and is a lot of sacrifice. And ditto on the contraception and protection. Once all the bases are covered, yup, sex is fun!

Suzanne B.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thank you Pat B.......Today, I am feeling too worn out by all of this nonsense to think of anything original to say.

Sue T.
Susan T.4 years ago

Don't have sex .... don't get pressured to do it. rap/hip hop is all BULLSHIT. Man I am amazed that this Care2 site would not be totally against unprotected/unloved sex. Why would you want to promote unwanted pregnancies?

Sue T.
Susan T.4 years ago

what are the Democrat's doing to dis-encourage? boy's don't use condoms! Boy's/Men are pigs. Girls/Women need to be smart. but most young "girls" ain't. and then I am called a racist for callin that shit out. it ain't me it is them.....when will someone stand up ?