Weekly Resistance: How To Take Action June 19-25

Happy summer, gentle readers! We’re just a few days away from the solstice, and things are getting pretty toasty — so don’t leave your dogs in the car, and set a reminder on your phone to call your reps after a long day at the beach.

I’ve rounded up some actions you can take this week to make the world a better place, but remember to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest! 

You did it!

It’s Pride Month, and Kelly Wright, a Washington, D.C.-area Care2 member, asked the city to install LGBQT pride crosswalks, akin to the famous rainbow sidewalks in the Castro. Almost 13,000 of you supported her, with Care2 member Micelle S. commenting: “[A crosswalk in Pride colors is] a clear and visible challenge to anyone who would promote hate and intolerance.”

The city agreed – and though the decoration is temporary right now, it’s a great first step for permanent LGBQT pride colors for our nation’s beautiful capital.

On the phone

Health care, health care, health care! We still haven’t seen the Senate version of the AHCA, and Republican leadership shows no signs of wanting to make it available to the public. We can’t tell you what’s in the plan but we can guess that it’s probably not good. Given that reality, it’s critical to contact your senators, and encourage your friends to do the same.

  • If your senator is a Democrat, ask what they’re doing to hold Republicans accountable and delay the vote until everyone’s had time to read and consider.
  • If your senator is a Republican, note that voters overwhelmingly support the Affordable Care Act and don’t want to repeal it.
  • Think about your health care needs or those of a friend or loved one: How might the AHCA affect you? Tell your story!

Gun control: It’s on everyone’s minds again, so contact your senators and representatives to ask them what they’re doing to address gun violence in America. You can also contact local and state officials — your city, county and/or state have considerable leeway when it comes to certain types of gun laws.

  • Universal background checks could make the U.S. much safer — and most gun owners support them.
  • Limiting gun ownership for people with a history of intimate partner violence, stalking or harassment could radically improve conditions for U.S. women.
  • Commonsense gun safety can prevent terrible accidents: Ask officials what they’re doing to promote gun safety education.

On the local level: The Grenfell Tower disaster in London is a sobering reminder of what happens when cities don’t adequately invest in building safety, much like the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. Fire season is coming to much of the American West, and it’s always a good time to call local officials for a chat about fire prevention. Consider contacting your city council members, your board of supervisors, your community development department or the fire marshall.

  • Does your city use a complaint-driven method of code enforcement, or does it conduct random inspections?
  • How easy is it for tenants to file complaints and access archives of inspection reports?
  • If your city is planning developments, what kinds of fire safety measures do they require? Are they consistent with the latest recommendations from fire safety organizations like the National Fire Protection Association?
  • Meanwhile, are your fire extinguishers in good working order, are your smoke detectors functional and are shrubs and grasses trimmed or eliminated close to your house to promote a firebreak? Take a minute to check!
A mixed race crowd holding black lives matter signs and looking grim.

Citizens gather in a spontaneous protest after the verdict in the Yanez trial, which found the Minnesota police officer not guilty in the shooting death of Philando Castile. Photo credit: Lorie Shaull.

On the streets

Resist Trump Tuesdays continues across the nation, so show up at the offices of your elected officials — appointment or not — and ask to discuss legislation that concerns you. Remember that staffers are people too, even if they’re working for politicians you don’t particularly like, so be friendly, but firm.

POTUS is on the move! Trump has a big rally planned for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Wednesday, June 21. Local organizers plan to roll out an Iowa welcome for him, and they’d love you to join — you may also be able to score tickets if you’d like to enter the rally itself.

The Westboro Baptist Church is also on the move — check out their protest schedule to see when they’re showing up in a city near you. Reach out to local groups if you’re interested in participating in a counter-protest or escorting people safely to their houses of worship.

In writing

You can always find our latest Trump administration-related petitions – and start your own – over at our Stop Trump clearinghouse, but here are some current favorites:

Challenge yourself to write a letter to the editor this week! Your newspaper’s guidelines are often listed in the paper or online, and they’re also available by request. Pick a local issue that matters to you and write an actionable letter asking your fellow citizens to help you accomplish a goal. Maybe it’s a request to comment on a proposed municipal ordinance, to turn out at a local meeting about homeless issues, to push your police force to adopt a use of force policy or to join in on a parks cleanup day.

Protesters gathered in front of a community center to speak their minds on the verdict in the Philando Castile shooting.

Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue

Brace yourself

This July 12, organizers are spearheading a Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. Get your voice heard as the Federal Communications Commission debates changes to the policy that undergirds a free and open internet!

What are you doing for the solar eclipse, which will take place on August 21? Are you using it as an excuse to visit one of the beautiful national parks that lies in the path of totality? If you are, drop a certain president — or your favorite member of Congress — a postcard or two from your journey to let them know how much you value our natural wonders.

Are you ready for the Indivisible March on August 26th? Across the country, organizers are holding marches in cities large and small to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, and ask some questions of their elected officials.

Weekly “did this actually just happen?”

Is the president of the United States blocking everyone from Stephen King to veterans’ advocacy groups on Twitter? Well … funny story.

In King’s case, he got a little offer of help from a friend:

The Knight Institute claims that Trump may be violating the First Amendment by blocking constituents, arguing that his Twitter account constitutes an “open public forum” and should thus be readily viewable by all. The group has even threatened to sue.

Photo credit: Daniela Kantorova


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A good habit to keep - until there;s a change

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Resist the corrupt corporate owned Democrats as much as the republicans. Diane Feinstein took 2.1 million from our criminal healthcare industry, and refuses to support single payer universal healthcare. Obama had a filibuster proof majority his first two years in office, and the Democrats controlled both houses in 2008-2009, and yet Obama the sellout liar, gave us a republican healthcare plan, instead of Medicare for All, which is what we need. So this crook and liar Obama and most of the corrupt Democrats are bought off by big pharma, and our criminal healthcare industry, and just as corrupt as the republicans.

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RESIST??? More like DIVIDE!!! SAD,SHAMEFUL & continued with and because of MIS-GUIDING ADVICE!!

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Nothing new here. Same old people spouting the same old propaganda. Puffing themselves up like cartoon balloons, gonna pop, and won't even realize it was their own bubble bursting. But good riddance.

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The resistance against the resistance is overwhelming the resistance.
Keep it up liberals, and the midterms will be a Democrats disaster.