What BP Doesn’t Want You to See (Video)

Be patient while Fox News’s Shepard Smith stammers at the beginning of this remarkable video.  It shows pictures secretly taken on a little island off the far west coast of Florida.

Many of the local fishermen have been added to BP’s payroll, so only one was willing to take the reporter out on a boat when no one was looking.  What you’ll see will astound and appall you — beginning with a dolphin carcass filled with oil. 

Remember these images next time you see one of those full page ads from BP telling us all they’re doing to solve the massive problem they’ve created.

photo credit: Thanks to Ingrid Taylor.


Karen H.
Karen Howard7 years ago

Our goverment lies to us all the time. The people in this country trust our government and they should not. We cannot listen to our corperate media. The truth is they dont care about the animals or people. What they dont want us to know is this is not just an oil spill. Do a search on youtube for Gulf Coast volcano!!!! They have endangered all of us. They are just used to lying to us. They can not plug a volcano! Do a search about Indonesia mud volcano. This was caused by drilling for natural gas. It has been erupting for 4 years. They are just making us feel like they are stopping it. Both parties are corrupt. If they can lie to us about this do you think they were telling us the truth about 911.

Kirri N.
Colleen B7 years ago

April 9th, just 11 days earlier, Halliburton announced its purchase of Boots and Coots (oilfield services) for $240 million -presently under contract to BP, to help stop the oil spill.
While Halliburton's revenue has plummeted in recent quarters, Boots and Coots' revenue jumped from $11 million in 2000 to $209 million in 2008, before dropping slightly in 2009.

Kirri N.
Colleen B7 years ago

Found online -- At end 2009, Goldman Sachs bank owned 4.9 million shares in BP. Between Jan & Mar this year, just prior to the explosion in April, they sold more than half of that stock- 58% (revealed in filings to Wall Street watchdog the US Securities and Exchange Commission).

Bear in mind, Goldman is facing legal action for its role in the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Until BP ran into trouble, it was perhaps the most “under fire” company in America.

This bank has a record of astute selling ahead of major disasters. It was shorting the US housing market before the real estate bubble burst.

Now to Halliburton. Be aware that Halliburton was once headed by Dick Cheney (who championed the US invasion and occupation of Iraq). Also, that there’s money to be made from cleaning up an oil spill -- and then rebuilding the rig.

The New York Times reported in May that BP was concerned about the rig's well casing as early as June of 2009. Ten days before before this explosion that killed 11 workers and launched the worst oil spill in US history, Halliburton bought an oil clean-up company.

The New York Times reported in May that a Halliburton employee warned BP three weeks before the explosion that BP's cementing method for the well casing was "against [Halliburton's] best practices." Apparently, a weak sealant was used. Explosive gas seeped through it. (Continued above...)

Anubandh Srivastava


stop adulterated cold drink.
stop being guided my multinational monsters

Inez Deborah Altar


Allan Booyjzsen
Allan Booyjzsen7 years ago

Am I totally ignorant! Why is the video not available?
I agree with you Sherri G. - Once again human ignorance, arrogance and greed will result in the loss of pristine environment and the irreplaceable lives of the amazing creatures that once called this area home.

Borg Drone
Past Member 7 years ago

Happy with the vote, 99% yes. Thank you

Eileen P.
Eileen P7 years ago

everyone seems to want to just blame BP.....but it is a system that allows this......a president who took one million dollars to get into office of BP money.....and a president who did not even visit the families of the 11 that died on April 20th till this week...
perhaps this was even an act of terrorism and with our administration not even allowing the word they probably won't even investigate....
the bottom line though is that BP is still at fault....and must do better....but so is our government at fault .....

jackie b.
jackie b7 years ago

How can the executives at BP sleep at night? Shame the video is no longer available .... now why is that????

Joy D.
Joy D.7 years ago

Grieves my gut to see animals - humans suffer from oil glut!