What’s Next In Wisconsin?

Late this afternoon the Wisconsin state Assembly passed Gov. Scott Walker’s union busting bill after a month of protest that has brought the cause of worker’s rights back to the attention of the middle class.  The bill now heads to the Governor where he will sign it as soon as he can.

The final vote count was 53-42 and was not without its own controversy.  First the Assembly session was delayed due to a “security” lockdown of the Capitol.  Then debate on the measure was limited to only two hours despite the fact that this was a purportedly “new” bill.

Democrats showed up wearing specially printed orange T-shirts declaring their solidarity with labor and once the vote was over, went to join protesters in the street and Capitol rotunda.

The bill already faces legal challenge by both Dane County and Madison City officials for violations of the open records law as well as a likely constitutional challenge.

Meanwhile the protests only increased.  Wisconsin firefighters withdrew their funds from M&I Bank, a major supporter of Gov. Walker’s and encouraged other protesters to do the same.  The move was so effective the bank shut its doors during the day to prevent a run on the institution.

The movement now looks to local elections on April 5 and the recall efforts while the legal challenges sort themselves out.  The possibility of a general strike also remains on the table.

Despite the actions today, this fight is far from over.

Take Action: Tell Governer Walker, “Shame on you!” by signing this Care2 petition.

For more of our coverage of the labor battle in Wisconsin and elsewhere, click here.

photo courtesy of Brandon Bauer


Don Isaksen
Don I.5 years ago

Forgot to include the link to the video mentioned in the previous comment I posted, so here it is.


Don Isaksen
Don I.5 years ago

@Steven B,
And I suppose YOU haven't been brainwashed at all by the leftist ideology and propaganda being tossed around.

Here's a little video for you to watch. See what's happened since the Union got their toes stepped on in Wisconsin. I only hope some of the money the state has saved will be returned to the teachers in the form of a small raise in pay. Especially for those teachers who are new hires, or are on the lowest pay levels. It would be a big incentive for them to stay with teaching. Since the only thing the union can negotiate for the teachers, I hope the teachers demand their union dues be lowered commensurate to the representation the union will not be providing them with. That would help increase the teachers take home also.

Don Isaksen
Don I.5 years ago

@Steven B,
I don't watch television at home because we don't own one, but having seen Fox News, as well as MSNBC, at my daughters house every once in awhile, I find it incredable that you would claim FOX News is the one doing the brainwashing. Every time I've seen FOX News, they've had representatives discussing various topics from both liberal and conservative sources. MSNBC has yet to have anyone but left wing liberals on any of the news or media shows (such as The Ed Show) representing any topics being discussed. To me, MSNBC's lack of representation from both sides of the issues smacks more of brainwashing than what FOX News has been doing. It's been awhile since I've watched television at all, so maybe things have changed, but somehow I really doubt it.

Michael Cunningham

"There are still some out there who believe Saddam had WMDs just before we invaded and even when you tell them that even Bush admitted there were none,"

So the efforts by Saddam to convince Iran, through the world that he did have WMDs is to not be considered at all?

Michael Cunningham

"The goverment, once again, is making policy where they should't even have a say."
Since when is an employer not to have a say in the benefits & working conditions of those that work for them?

"It should be up to the people they represent."
I believe the people of the state of Wisconsin spoke during the election when they took the Assembly, senate and Governorship away from the Democrats.

"If our goverment can take away our right to have a union, what's next???"
No one is taking away the "right" to a union. Though it really is a "right of the people peaceably to assemble". This is not beuing taken away!

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Carole Lindsey
I get upset because I have been doing this for ten years. There are no 2 truths and it is not that hard to learn the real truth unless you want to listen to the talking heads who get paid to feed you a line of BS. There are still some out there who believe Saddam had WMDs just before we invaded and even when you tell them that even Bush admitted there were none, they cannot be swayed otherwise, thanks to FOX brainwashing them with the Bush administration's propaganda. It is sad to see so many Americans believe that FOX is a news organization when their pundits have admitted to a direct link to the Bush White House. If you cannot see anything wrong with what Walker and the other governors and the Republicans are doing and have been doing for 30 years now then I have nothing but pity for you. To take and take from the working classes of America (even doing so now without the fascade of trickle down economics) while giving everything to those in the top 2% is outrageous. Every American should be up in arms against such a travesty and probable would be if not blinded by ideology and conditioned by propaganda. It is really sad that you cannot see what is happening before it goes betond the point of no return. Either open your eyes and your mind or step aside because the people are now banding together to stop the power grabs and the selling off of public properties in no bid sales to corporation for payback of political contributions received.

pam w.
pam wilkerson5 years ago

Noted! thanks for the infor.

Charlotte Perry
.5 years ago

I thought this was where I could get information on this cause, but it seems to be for Carole, Ken and Michael. I understand the need for debate, but you guys are obsessive. I think this is a great cause. Everyone should have the right to have someone with a bigger voice to stand up for them and negotiate. The goverment, once again, is making policy where they should't even have a say. It should be up to the people they represent. If our goverment can take away our right to have a union, what's next???

Carole Lindsey
Carole Lindsey5 years ago

Cora B: I'm not signed up to give you a green star unfortunately, but good for you!! If all the folks who disagree with us would simply state their opinions, this site could be so much more interesting and informative. They would rather let you know how uninformed, nasty and smug you are. I'll be curious to see what kind of response you get from Ken....get ready. He's completely out of control.

Cora B.
Cora Bird5 years ago

I applaud Scott Walker and Wisconsin and hope California can follow suit. Taxpayers need relief from the heavy burden government employees and their unions put on us. These people are supposed to work for the taxpayers, not the other way around.