Paralyzed Dog Scales Mount Washington in Wheelchair (VIDEO)

Lucy is a dog who was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico after being paralyzed in a car accident. She received a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair and has learned to get around very well.

Her new owners decided to test out her determination and endurance by attempting a walk up New Hampshire’s Mount Washington — the tallest peak in the northeastern United States. 

In the video, you’ll see scenes from the walk made by Lucy and her canine and human friends.


Sharon B.
Sharon B.5 years ago

What a wonderful story! How lucky is Lucy? She is very fortunate to have owners that love her and share their lives with her. Now that's a story I love! May you have many more years of love and devotion together.

Karen F.
Karen F.5 years ago

Oh! And of course Lucy's people were very lucky to find her.

Karen F.
Karen F.5 years ago

Lucy is very fortunate to have found a good home with good people to love and care for her.

Margaret C.
Margaret C.5 years ago

Be sure to show this to Judy. She'll love it.

Teresa H.
Teresa Haller5 years ago

Lucy is very lucky to have the owners that she has. She looks like a very happy little dog. You could tell that they really love her when they would have occassional rest stops. Very nice story.. God Bless Lucy and her owners .

Arthur Killings
Arthur Killings5 years ago

A big THANKS goes to Lucy's new owners....... you guys just ROCK!!

Alicia N.
Alicia N.5 years ago

A big THANKS goes to Lucy's new owners....... you guys just ROCK!! and Lucy seems so happy and loved....... looove the video.

C H.
C H6 years ago

I wondered if the breaks were sufficient for Lucy. But I'm sure her human guardian knows best. A beautiful dog she is.

ChanTlalok Rain C.

thanx Cris, God Bless.

Lisa Burcher
Lisa Burcher6 years ago

I am inspired by Lucy's story, and by the commitment of her human family to provide such excellent quality of life for her. And I am confused by the people leaving comments questioning things that are VERY clear IF they watch the video. Yes, Lucy had breaks along the way....several of them where she was removed from her wheelchair and held and cuddled. She was given water breaks and even stopped to nibble on grass along the way. And at the video, you can hear one of the girls talking to Lucy about how all the "training" paid off. Obviously, this was NOT a spur of the moment decision....but a well-planned event. It is evident to me that Lucy is very loved by her family.