Where are Our Morals? Make Child Health Care a Priority

When a mother has a child with a 104 degree fever and she tries to wait it out just as long as possible before going to the doctor, you know something is wrong. And when millions of mothers around the nation are doing this same thing, you know something is terribly wrong on an institutional level. 

Our entire health care system is in shambles but it’s not going to be an easy fix. In the meantime, especially in the midst of so many budget cuts, we’ve got to keep our priorities straight. At the moment, they are looking pretty twisted because children’s health care is at the bottom of the list.

In California, for example, Swarzenegger wanted to cut the Healthy Families program, which serves the state’s lowest income children. California’s budget conference committee did reject Swarzenegger’s proposal, but settled for $70 million in Healthy Families’ budget cuts. What part of poor, sick children suggests that children’s health care should be a low-priority issue? Unfortunately, the poor, sick children are sacrificed in the name of more appealing investments from rich, healthy businessmen. I know life isn’t fair, but this is inexcusable.

Children’s health care is an investment too. And more than just in kids’ health, it’s an investment in our nation’s future. For example, socioeconomic inequalities are exasperated because poor children do not have good access to health care. Poor health directly affects cognitive development and success in school, impacting the ability to rise out of poverty in adulthood. Ensuring that all children have health care strengthens the potential of our nation as a whole- these are the kids who need to grow up and fix all the problems we’ve created, so we better treat them well.

Share your ideas on how to fix a corrupt health care system. Take action by signing the petition to Obama that urges him to ensure health care coverage for all uninsured children.


Nancy H.
Nancy H.7 years ago

Obama himself said that the "elderly take up too much of the health cost" and Tom what's his name Obama hired to oversee the system said "the elderly need to deal with getting older" What they didn't say is that the illegals in this country have costs the health care system much bigger than the elderly, but they don't want to be politically incorrect!! LIfe isn't a fairy tale and the system is broken and needs repair but the only people who will benefit will be the elite, nothing comes cheap! Canadas system is breaking down and it's been said they could return to what we have now! That doesn't say much for Universal Health Care being our saviour!

Emiayu R.
Emiayu R.7 years ago

I think universal health care is a stupendous idea. The reason for this is because most people are one accident away from being in financial ruin. I fear that if I ever get a major injury or cancer or if my dad (who is severely overweight and has poor health habits) gets a heart disease or injury, my family will go bankrupt. Most people who complain are people with great insurance. Besides, its good to help other people and with universal health care you'll be helping everyone. I noticed that people are worried about doctors not doing a good job because they get paid less with universal health care. Here's the thing though, if a plethora of money is the only incentive that will make doctors help other people then those doctors are greedy and should not be practicing medicine. Doctors should be doctors because they receive joy out of curing and healing people!

Mary B.
Mary B.7 years ago

Margaret S.
It is true that some Canadians go to the states for care. Some is elective, some has been approved by each provinces health system and some can afford to make their own arrangements with docs in the states.
If I had been turned down by my insurance for pre-existing conditions, I would be dead or financially in ruin.
I know what we have isn't perfect but it is available, affordable and I think something your uninsured would love to have.
Our system was put in place by one amazing politician, Tommy Douglas. Sadly he has gone but we still have his wonderful plan. There are many who would like to tear down our system and start a "for profit" system. Some of it has crept in and anyone with money can get their MRI or CT done immediately.
In my opinion, we have a great system in medicare.

Zoe Sodja
Zoe Sodja7 years ago

Sorry, Margaret, but we do NOT have the best health care system in the world! Our infant mortality rate is not the best in the world, all european countries plus Cuba, North Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore & others have better rates. The same is true of our life expectancy. We do have a lot of fancy machines etc. but it's not surprising our results are not so great, considering the number of people in this country who have no health coverage at all or inadequate health coverage.

Margaret S.
Margaret S.7 years ago

The Aloha State implemented a program called “Keiki Care,” which was ostensibly designed to provide health insurance to children whose parents’ income was too high to qualify for Medicaid (over $73,000) but too low to afford private coverage. The result of this coverage offering was an avalanche of private policyholders dumping their insurance coverage and enrolling in the “free” program, crowding out private insurers and so overwhelming Keiki Care that Gov. Linda Lingle (R) was forced to close the doors on the entire program only seven months after its inception.
“People who were already able to afford health care began to stop paying for it so they could get it for ‘free,’” said Dr. Kenny Fink, an administrator for Hawaii’s Department of Human Services.
In all, a staggering 85% of children enrolled in Keiki Care had previously been enrolled in private insurance programs, which their parents had dropped like a hot rock when given the opportunity to have their neighbors pay for their children’s health coverage instead of doing so out of pocket. Seeing this, Lingle correctly judged that, in the face of massive budget shortfalls and a staggering economy, using taxpayer dollars to provide health insurance for people who already have it was not the best direction for the state of Hawaii to take.

Margaret S.
Margaret S.7 years ago

America has the best health system in the world. There are more Canadians coming than any others. Lately, because of complaints about long waits and people who die before they can be seen, has made the Canadian government again allow private doctors as well as the universal health care.
Anyone here, who thinks our Universal health care wouldn't be as dysfunctional as the Brits and Canadiens are deluding themselves. As far as children are concerned, no one here seems to know about SCHIP, recently expanded by our government to cover even more (and wealthier families) than before. Now, families making up to $82,500 are eligible and 'children' to the age of 25. SCHIP was created in 1997 and has grown, with 41 states and has over 6 million enrollees nationwide. SCHIP and Medicaid together currently insure 45% of all children in America. 2/3rds are now eligible with the expanded SCHIP. Hawaii had such a program...............continued

Nancy H.
Nancy H.7 years ago

Gov has always put health services for the young and old on the back burner for more appealing high yield investments, it's always the first to go and it's always the BIGGY in the campaign BS to do more for the health of our children and elders, HA HA untii they take office. It will never change, children may be our future but in the present our big health cost and that is what they look at, children are not tax payers yet so they don't count as much in the human scheme of things. IF the Government had it's way, ABORTION would be legal up to the age of 18 when they go out and work and pay taxes!

Mary B.
Mary B.7 years ago

Bob C

I didn't suggest our system would work for you. You have many different things to consider but the system as YOU have it now isn't working either.
When I go take care of my health, I don't think about politics.(I really don't need more stress:-) It seems a bit like the blame game and STILL your fellow Americans are literally dying from lack of care.
Each country that has a system similar to ours has adapted it to their needs.
When you or your loved ones are ill, I'm sure you don't think Liberal OR Conservative.
My brother is American and has had health issues. I think our system looks pretty good to him now.
It shouldn't be a competition between anyone.Just good, affordable care for those who haven't got ANY coverage. Perhaps preventative care along with it.
I am still positive that one serious illness can and does bankrupt some Americans particularly if it is an existing illness and your claim is disallowed.


Bob C.
Bob C.7 years ago

Mary B,

All you Canadians who claim your health care system would work in the USA forget that there are only about 30 million Canadians but there are about 300 million Americans. That makes a big difference.

If we (Americans) first made sure that the fathers and then the mothers were covered by health care then fathers and mothers would be healthy and both would be able to work to pay for their children's health care.

However, I'm not surprised that liberals want to do things bass ackwards. I used to be a liberal and also wanted to do things bass ackwards until I stopped smelling the roses and started drinking the coffee.

Mary B.
Mary B.7 years ago

As a Canadian with major health issues, I am forever grateful for my health coverage through my employer. I would be equally grateful if I was unemployed and Medical was covered by a plan based on my ability to pay.The care would be the same.
Every man,woman and child is covered. There is NO co-pay except (as an example)if you exceed the number of visits allowed for things like Physio,Podiatry, etc.(and the number of visits is generous)
The ONLY bill I paid for a recent 2 week stay in hospital, was an $80 ambulance ride.(and that has been reimbursed by my extended health benefits) There is NO charge for doc visits, lab work,x-ray, meds while in hospital, etc.
I take out additional coverage through BCAA if I travel to the USA. I could NOT afford to be ill or injured there.
The gentleman who said "the fathers should be covered so he can pay for health care" could be devastated with the cost of one major illness in his family.
Americans NEED to have an option. "Big brother does NOT dictate my care here, and I chose my own Doc.
I am an RN and I could not work in a system that could turn folks away for not being able to pay.