Who Are the 99 Percent? Occupy Wall St Stories #6

I spent 15 months without a job. †I now make $8.00/hr and only get 32 hours a week, just for health insurance. †I make ends meet with my student loans. †I am estimating I will be $50,000+ in debt when I graduate.

My boyfriend is afraid to marry me, I donít blame him.

I am forgotten. †I am hopeless.

I am a Have-Not.

I am the 99%


Photo from We Are the 99 Percent


Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith4 years ago

I hope that this woman can get a decent job after she graduates. I understand not wanting to marry, but for other reasons related to the government.

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz5 years ago

no comment

Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

We need the Jobs put into the U.S.A. In the mean time people can raise houses, grow gardens and food Organically and NGM, NGE, and raise barns, greenhouses, build their own windmills, and live off the land somewhere there is some person who has land or boat to live off. The other in groups of people who like join together to buy a large peice of land and become self-sustaining. Others will occupy.

Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

Will sign petitions for students debts to be forgiven. Will you write them and post them.

Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

Signed petition.

Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

In response to the sign. Go ahead and marry despite money -- for rich or for poor. Get the phrases and words that fight the fear. Do not let love pass you by -- or you may learn to enjoy being single for a long time. "Money can;s buy me love..." the Beatles. Love endures all things..." It is the same any way. People have avoided marrying because they did not have an income, only to find out that they stayed single and met people who married and had no money. Get on with you life and live in a tent if you have too, because many people do.

Mila Lelwis
Mila Lelwis5 years ago

@ Laurie R

I don't think anyone blames the Tea Party for anything other than being misguided, misinformed and naive.

The blame is with the system and most of that changed under your president Reagan's presidency and Margaret Thatcher in the UK. A change which gave the wealthy and corporations unprecedented power and privileges. Most notably reduction in taxation at the expense of everyone else.

You have every right to say "enough", but you have to understand that there are a lot of people, not just Americans, who have also had enough as well. Corporate creed has been sucking off the teat of the rest of us and the 99% has been sucked dry.

Keep in mind that the "Occupy" movement has snowballed. It's now a global movement with over 1,000 cities in over 100 countries around the world joining the cause... including here in Australia.

This isn't just about America. This isn't just about Obama. And it most certainly isn't about the wilful ignorance of the Tea Party who seem to live in their own alternate reality where facts just don't seem to matter.

This is a HUGE disease brought on by corporate creed and the cancer has metastasised across the world. Like it or not, the 99% are pissed... and no matter what your personal opinion may be, they have every right to be!!

Laurie R.
Laurie R.5 years ago

@Patti T Obama has taken more money from wall street than any other presidential candidate this is FACT! I am a supporter of the TEA PARTY and at the tail end of the baby boomer generation. I will never see the money that I contributed to SS and Medicare and that is thanks to the DEM controlled Congress (until Republicans took the House in 2010) that put this mess into play. Compounded by an inept leader Obama/Biden and a Fed who gave the banks their leverage. NOW the Republicans are to blame because they believe in working hard and the American Dream not Communism and the USSR. I do not care if the OWS movement wants to fight for a cause just pick one. Stop preventing people who do not agree from doing what they have a right to do. Walk down a street in NYC visit Wall Street or work on Wall Street. A friend has been spit on and punched by those who are the 99% just because he is fortunate enough to have a nice job that he has worked very hard to get. Is that RIGHT? Protest if you have a point to make then move on. Every one down there should be arrested and if their collecting unemployment it should end. I am fed up with the government but I am fed up with this idea that the TEA PARTY or the Republicans are to blame. Enough.

Patti T.
P T.5 years ago

I didn't elaborate, I am fighting for Benefit Rights of SS & Medicare that I Paid into all my Life. They want to Cut MY MONEY? HELL NO!!
I agree that everyone should pull their accounts out of the Big Banks & go to the smaller banks & credit unions--they will treat both you AND your money better!!!

Patti T.
P T.5 years ago

(cont) Who cares who there are more of.....the point is that Americans are Finally Fed Up Enough to Make Our Voices Heard, & around the World no less!
I'd be there as well....unfortunately I can't Afford It! What Irony HUH?!!!!!