Get Ready for World Go Vegan Week

Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.

~ Albert Schweitzer

Itís almost time to celebrate World GO VEGAN Week with In Defense of Animals (IDA). This October 25th through the 31st mark IDAís fourth annual celebration.

The purpose of this campaign is to get people to take time to reconsider the effects of industrialized farming on humans, animals and the environment by educating people about vegan lifestyles.

From IDA:

World GO VEGAN Week is also about celebrating what it means to be vegan. Veganism enables people to live in balance with all of Earth’s creatures and promote freedom from exploitation for animals as part of their everyday lives. Modern animal agriculture is cruel and violent toward the chickens, cows, pigs and other creatures used to make meat, milk and eggs. During World GO VEGAN Week, we encourage people to become conscious of what – and who – they are eating, the effect it has on the world, and that a non-violent alternative exists. †

Check out World GO VEGAN Week for a list of ways to get involved from recipes to community activities.†

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Serena P.
Serena P.6 years ago

Nice article. I like the idea of a world vegan week. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just go vegan permanently. Tara, thank you for your comments.

Tara C.
Tara C.6 years ago

Alan H., cats can be vegan. They like vegan food. I bet you aren't really going to have your cat go vegan - you don't sound like that kind of person.

Nature may be cruel, but humans don't "have" to eat meat - we can be vegan. I hear this argument over and over, along with loads of other ones, and they are simply not true. By the way, modifying nature is not an "impossibility" - we've already done it, or tried to, and we shouldn't have.

Tara C.
Tara C.6 years ago

I'm so sorry. I thought you had a cat, but I guess you don't. All I wanted to say is that cats can be vegan too. I got mixed up.

Tara C.
Tara C.6 years ago

Paulus V., cats are carnivores but I think they eat a little bit of plants in the wild as well as in captivity where they often eat grass. What does your cat eat? I'm curious.

I'm happy that your dog is vegan. I wish more of them were.

Tara C.
Tara C.6 years ago

Sarah D., none of the stuff you've thrown at us is true. We are not even in the same family as coyotes (they are canids), so let's not compare them to us.

I think you are a hypocrite who doesn't want to face the truth about meat and that you want attention because you're unhappy. You shouldn't be on this website if all you want to do is stir us up. You obviously don't care to make a real difference, which is what Care2 is all about. I'd really like to see you get up and leave.

Jon Garity
Jon Garity7 years ago

Take the Veg Pledge and get free stuff!

Jeroen B.
Jeroen B.7 years ago

Dogs eat all sorts of shit. Omnivores. You are right to say there are different omnivores. Those that eat meat;shit;plants;fungi; and so on.

Paulus V.
Paul V.7 years ago

Cats are carnivore.
I look after a dog. Dogs are omnivores like us humans.
She loves to eat what I cook and eat: vegan. And she is very healthy.
Omnivores can choose what to eat. Carnivores can not.
(there are different types of omnivores even)!

Heather Perry
Heather Perry7 years ago


Pam King
Pam King7 years ago

This is an article about trying it for a week. It's not calling anyone wrong or evil for eating meat. If you don't want to participate, don't! But why the attacks?