Worried About Plastic Pollution? Try This (VIDEO)

We all use too much plastic and we all know it.  Here’s one way to do something about it – and create something (easy) at the same time!

The International Plastic Quilt Project and Create Plenty.org


Dominik Erne
Dominik Erne5 years ago

Its quite easy to cut plastic: shop similar products and prefer the one with less plastic packaging! Soon the manufacturer will act... And of course a reusable shopping bag is a must... Whenever i am in the US i m shocked how many bags they use in the supermarkets - just ridiculous. 15 products - 8 plastic bags, when everything could fit into 3 plastic bags, or one reusable one... Here in Austria you get extra points when you bring your own bag, and you have to pay for every single plastic bag! Really helps!! Everybody can do their share!!!!

Kathleen Conroy
kathleen Conroy5 years ago

although I wish I could say I do not use plastic I am guilty of using it for my garbage. Is there anything leak proof and cheap other than plastic? I do use the big reusable grocery bags which I purchased for my weekly shopping.

Jean M.
Jean M.5 years ago

How may be encourage stores to refuse to have plastic bags at the checkout? I always take canvas bags to do my shopping, but I seem to be one of few who do this. So many people just shop and use plastic. I gather that they tried to ban them in San Francisco grocery stores and it did not work.... we must do something to stop this usage. Plastic bags are so totally unnecessary nowadays, given that some canvas bags roll up really small and can be laundered.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago


Klaus P.
Klaus Peters6 years ago

No matter what craft you use to recycle, it is still plastic and eventually it will be discarted. Most young people are un-educated or don't care what happens to our planet, the streets are lined with plastic litter and eventually it will find its way into the drain and finally into the ocean.
My mother lives across the street of a high school, every week I collect a bag full of bottles, juice containers, wrappers of all kinds, food items, even condoms and a syringe. The front lawns of houses near the school are rubbish dumps. Some of the parents are no excamples either, while waiting to pick up their ignorant kids they empty out their car ash trays. It is becoming a polluted world, young people not even listening. Let them have it, I did my best and will untill I say farewell.

Anastasia F.
Anastasia F.6 years ago

It's great that people try to find creative re-uses for plastic, but I certainly don't want to put a plastic quilt on my bed or carry a juice-box purse.

Grace A.
Grace Adams6 years ago

Actually I like plastic because it is less breakable than glass and less COLD or HOT to handle than metal. Failure to recycle cheap disposable items is more of a problem that plastic versus other materials anyhow.

Grace A.
Grace Adams6 years ago

I get my plastic bags partly from them being part of the litter to pick up and and partly from raiding Stop & Shop's bag recycling bins for fairly decent bags to take to my local soup kitchen and emergency food pantry and to my local community clothes closet, furniture bank, and other household goods (NOT food) pantry for those two organizations to use for clients to take stuff home in.

Bill K.
Bill K.6 years ago

i actually ask for plastic bags at the store because i use them to gather trash from natural areas while hiking and kayaking. i pick up so much i even have to ask other people to save me theirs. if more people did this there would be less plastic and trash in the environment instead of more. i would of course prefer to someday see stores required to use 100% plant-based plastic bags.

Kelly Stephens
Kelly Stephens6 years ago

Why do they allow this?