1. Which of the following are true for you?
  1. I care about clean air.
  2. I want to save money on gas.
  3. I want to decrease my dependence of fossil fuels.
  4. I want to reduce my footprint on the planet.
Answer: If you answered “true” to any or all of these, you are a great candidate for owning a hybrid car.

2. I’m concerned about safety. Because hybrids are small, does that mean they’re less safe than larger cars?
Answer: Hybrids are not unsafe. See the Crash Test Results.

3. What about prices and taxing?
4. Aren’t hybrid batteries outrageously expensive?
While batteries for a hybrid cost between $1000 and $2000, they are covered under most warranties.

5. I want a roomy vehicle. Aren’t hybrids really small?
No, roomy small trucks are being designed as hybrids.

6. I want all-wheel drive. Is this available in a hybrid?
While front wheel drive has been the only available option for hybrids, in 2005 all-wheel drive hybrid SUVs will be available.