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What kind of work / accomplishments have you done in the art world? I have sold numerous prints of my own work and have done a lot of portrait work. I have just recently begun to do more commercial jobs including a three page service brochure for a Silicon Valley company.

Have you won any awards for your artwork? Yes I have won a few awards. Two I am very proud are the Grand Prize and Third Prize in the Professional Photographers of San Diego First Annual College Contest

How many years have you been pursuing art? I bought my first camera when I was 17 so that i could photograph a Rolling Stones concert.

Has anyone been a particular inspiration to you in pursuing art? The Boston Globe photographers, particularly the work of Stan Grossfeld, were the first to inspire me in photography. The Globe seemed to always have a huge staff of photographers, with a number of them winning prestigious awards including Pulitzers, and they appeared to have the freedom to photograph in their own individual style and vision and were not limited to standard photojournalist type images. I think if it were not for all the wonderful images I saw year after year in this newspaper I may never have been interested in photography.

Do you do this full time, and if not, what else do you do? Yes this is a full time occupation.

Did you ever have any formal training in art? My beginning years of photography were all self-taught, but I did earn a degree in photography at City College in San Diego a year ago.

What are the two most compelling reasons someone would want to go visit your site? Well there is an eclectic group of images which I think will appeal to a wide range of people with varying interests. Another reason which I think is equally important, considering the medium, is that it is very easy to navigate and it is extremely fast. I think a slow site is very discouraging to most visitors.

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