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'I have been photographing for over forty years. I made my first prints with my father's old enlarger in a bathroom.

I have had no formal training in photography, but I did train as an architect, which I did not enjoy (I was hopeless!). I switched to computing, in which I am now employed, concentrating on web developments on my employers (Local Government) Intranet, and acting as webmaster on their Internet site.

My photographic interest has always been in the Mountains, especially the Mountains of North Wales, which I visit several times a year. I find that by exploring a region intensively provides more inspiration than visiting different places, in which you can never quite get beneath it's skin.

No wonder, as I was born in a region which was declared the first 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' in England and Wales. I also live within easy driving distance of two National Parks - the Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire Coast.

All I try to do in my photographs is to show how wonderful this world is, and that it should not be wasted. If I can convey my feelings to the viewer, then I am satisfied.'

the photographer - Peter Fry

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