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What kind of work or accomplishments have done with your artwork? My principal works come from editorial projects, both for texts and photography (I publish one or two books and/or booklets per year); my very typical fields are archaeology and environment. I think photography is one of the most powerful tools to allow people to get conscious about the danger of loosing so much precious heritage our modernity lets us ignore.

Why the interest in landscapes and seascapes? Photography is a language, and reality has a language in its turn. Taking a photo of a landscape is not just 'choosing' something beautiful: you must be able to listen to nature's and/or reality's language and translate it on the film as a "meta-language". When you succeeded in doing it, well, it's moving, whatever you're looking at!

How many years have you been pursuing photography? 10 years, come June 2000.

What year were you born and where are you from? I was born in Lecce (Italy) on 12th of August, 1961.

And, about birthdays, on 11 January 2000 I become dad of Federico! Gosh, my first (and only) son! I cannot explain what I feel, but where once there was a stone there is now a cherry pie that I call "my heart", and every time I look in his eyes the cherry pie liquefies in a vanilla cream and so on with tons of silly things like this. Technically speaking he's a pee factory right now, but... That's amore!

Do you do this full time, and if not, what else do you do? Yes, I do it full time and, the more, being the manager of a pre-press agency, I have to cope everyday with mine as well as with someone else's pictures. I think I'm blessed because my job and my hobby are the same thing.

Has anyone been a particular inspiration to you in pursuing photography? As a philosophy scholar, my principal inspirations come from philosophers much more than from photographers, although it could seem strange; anyway I love Ernst Haas, Chris Rainier and Peter Turner, great photographers, I think.

What is your goal with your photography (make money, be famous, have fun, change the world, etc..)? Rich and famous with photography? Hummm... that's improbable I fear, although money and fame are always welcome (particularly money ;-). I think photography is quite a fabulous way to communicate with people, the farthest the best. When you take a picture of something/someone, you're understanding it, and when someone looks at your pictures, he/she is understanding something about you.

Did you ever have any formal training in art? Although I am a formal trainer, often holding conferences and seminars about photography's language and semiotics, paradoxically I didn't.

What're the most compelling reasons someone would want to go visit your site? Tons of good reasons you must discover by visiting it (do it please ;-)

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